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Retail Digital Signage of the Future: Best Ideas

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 8, 2022
May 29, 2024

Are you already using digital signage for retail? If not, you’re missing out on exciting opportunities to transform the customer experience. Let us show you awesome ways to use it in your business and achieve more. But this time we’re focusing on all things futuristic.

Being in retail is a challenging thing in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the face of the industry and businesses have to pivot to technological solutions for salvation. Because the battle with the virus is uneven and the online medium is at the gates taking away clients from the offline. Still, retail isn’t going anywhere, it’s definitely here to stay. 

Static signage may have worked well in the 80s but it’s a new millennium now and digital is the medium that has the biggest potential and impact. 

We would like to talk about the solutions of the future in digital signage for retail. Of “what’s next”. It is important to have that focus in order to see the silver lining in these challenging times. Such events as the recently held NRF 2022 in New York City are giving us the picture of the next steps for the industry. So let’s see what’s good. 

Bridging the gap between physical and digital 

Online shopping is booming right now. It has become so powerful, catalyzed by the uncertainty of COVID, that whispers about the death of classic retail have slipped into the industry conversations. But it’s no surprise to those who were keeping a hand on a pulse of the interconnection of physical and digital mediums.

Here is an unpopular opinion: maybe the legacy ways retail is done should die altogether. And “die” here is used in the meaning of “reborn”. Like a phoenix, the staggering industry should rethink itself to become stronger and more confident. 

Digital signage for retail stores is the bridge. A versatile, flexible bridge that can be used to experiment and test out different approaches. Here are some sobering stats on e-commerce. 

“In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 50 percent over the next four years, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.”

Source: Statista

Online is growing and will keep that way in the foreseeable future. That’s why instead of fighting e-commerce, the stores should integrate it into their way of operation. Displays are a great way to do it. It is a familiar technology for the majority of tech-savvy customers and it allows businesses to show content that engages directly.

Digital signage in retail stores can be used to: 

- provide wayfinding

- promote social media channels 

- run videos and images 

- create the right visual atmosphere

- show informational alerts 

- ask for feedback

- do queue management

What’s great about digital signage retail is that you can use screens to do all the aforementioned simultaneously without spending extra money. 

It immediately makes your store up-to-date and customers are sure to notice the change. 

Great experience is everything in 2022 and beyond

Retail stores are there for customers. Those who are going against this statement are doing it wrong. Because at the end of the day, providing a positive experience is what matters and what creates sales and loyalty. 

Let’s do a little comparison game. There are two stores. One is relying on good-old static and doesn’t have anything digital or interactive inside. The experience here is narrowed down to boring browsing through the clothing stalls without any attempt of engagement or entertainment. 

Now, there is a second store. It has decided to deploy digital signage technology. The work with a customer starts from the windows, two huge video walls showing masterfully crafted brand videos that make it look sexy and desirable. Once you enter, it’s like coming into the branded world of this clothing company. Everything around you is glowing, there are many screens creating the right visual atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm you but is nice to be around. There is another video wall at the cash desk with cool imagery. It feels good being here, it feels fresh and you feel welcomed. Also, you’d like to spend more time here because it’s comfortable. 

And that’s exactly what we are talking about. While e-commerce is stronger than ever, it’s the physical that can create real brand connections and evoke real emotions. And emotions are the primary reason for purchase.

Innovate or die attitude

While we could tell you that digital signage will solve all your marketing problems. It’s a usual line. However, let’s be frank, today’s marketing is an ever-changing beast and it’s at times extremely hard to keep up with what is happening and how to actually make it right. 

What will definitely solve the majority of your marketing problems is the willingness to adapt and learn. This is extremely important. And innovation is at the core of this process. Without innovation, you’re a dead *retail* man walking. 

Adopting digital signage technology is already an innovation. But it’s not enough to just have screens. What is much better is to make screens yours, tailor them to your business and create an individualistic experience for your customers. Experimentation is what helps. 

You can combine signage technology with robots, AI, machine learning, weird in-store designs,  and mannequins. Just don’t stop innovating. This is what will keep you moving and afloat. 

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