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Nuts and Bolts of Manufacturing Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 25, 2022
May 29, 2024

Digital signage for manufacturing is not just a fancy electronic tool. It’s a key to a more secure, more efficient, and more cost-effective facility. Manufacturing digital signage’s popularity increased drastically after the pandemic, and it is the new exciting trend for factories worldwide. We’d like to guide you through the nuts and bolts of digital signage for manufacturing.

What is manufacturing digital signage?

It’s the screen technology that enables the broadcasting of specialized content in the manufacturing industry. 

To put it in easier terms, it is a system of displays around your facility that show relevant content. 

The advantages of digital signage in manufacturing are numerous. By deploying this technology you’re getting a reliable solution that is capable of positively changing the way your facility is operating. By creating a digital signage system you’re getting a reliable communication tool that is also uber-versatile.

It allows you to experiment with different content types, adapt the content according to the day-to-day needs, engage with the staff, and save money in the process. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ways you can use digital signage for manufacturing.


Screens are ideal for announcements, alerts, and informational messaging. When we’re talking about such a high-risk facility as a factory, safety is crucial. And by introducing a digital component you’re making sure that the workers are duly protected and informed. 

Signage technology gives you the power to effortlessly and quickly run informational content. It can be the animations about the working requirements, the service messages, the PSAs, the division-specific information, etc. Basically, you can use screens to show any kind of safety information without the need to print materials or organize countless safety meetings.


Teamwork is key to the successful functioning of a manufacturing facility. Digital signage is considered the most effective communicational tool there is on the market at the moment. Why not use it for your manufacturing? 

With screens, you’re getting the ultimate way to exchange information with your workers, gather feedback, talk to your employees and make sure all the information that you want to be heard is heard.


Every manufacturing facility is complex. Some are made bigger and more sophisticated than others. You don’t want your building or factory to feel like a labyrinth. That’s exactly why you’d love to deploy digital signage for wayfinding. 

Screens are great at showing directions, providing map information, and making sure that everyone is getting from point A to point B without stress. Your manufacturing facility would definitely profit from that so why not install a digital signage wayfinding system right now?


Manufacturing needs data to be visualized. Screens are fantastic just at that. Get all the important metrics, numbers, and dynamic data out there for everyone to see. This is sure to improve the KPI and overall productivity. This will also guarantee that your workers have an access to real-time data that is constantly updated.


Working at a manufacturing facility can be a more risky environment than some of the other industries. Screens can minimize this risk by ensuring that your employees are duly informed and have a quick way to react to danger. That takes us to the “Safety” part of the article, but "Wellbeing" is a broader term. It’s not only about the physical but also about the mental. 

You can regularly do mental health checks by using the communicational capabilities of the screens, ask questions, ask for answers about wellbeing, and show various tips on general health-related matters. This brings trust and trust is something that defines a safe and comfortable working environment.


Yes, you’re reading that right. By going with the digital signage technology at your manufacturing you’re saving money. Getting the screens means that everything is digitized. That in turn leads to huge savings on printing costs, distribution, and meeting times. You’re getting all the content that would’ve been printed into digital form. 

And you also get a super-effective tool to distribute it without the need to spend time on meetings or introductory sessions. This way the money is saved and the expenses are optimized. Isn’t it a piece of great news? It certainly is, digital signage for manufacturing is a perfect tool to upgrade the way things are done. 

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