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How to Use Digital Signage for Instagram Growth

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 12, 2022
May 29, 2024

Two questions are popular among those who resort to screen technology: how to grow your Instagram account and how to properly organize digital signage for Instagram. On the surface, the screens and the omnipresent social media don’t have much in common. But they absolutely do, and work perfectly well together. How is that? Let us show you this article.

The basics of social media promotion with screens

It’s hard to imagine a business without an Instagram account nowadays. Being active on social has become such an important part of operations as having a menu when you run a restaurant. If you don’t have an account that means you either have been living in a cave for the past 10 years or you are simply not interested enough in growing your business.

Because social media is one of the most effective ways to be online. Everyone is online these days and acing this medium opens up countless opportunities for product promotion, interaction, trust-building, and communication. It is a must. 

What’s the place of the screens in this process? Social media channels and signage technology share the same space. We’re talking about digital here. Both exist in the same universe and more or less follow the same patterns of audience engagement. 

The difference is that digital signage is a more sophisticated physical tool that is serving as a bridge between the online and offline. That’s why it’s very natural to use digital signage for Instagram growth. Moreover, it’s absolutely necessary when you’re running a network of screens.

Using Instagram feed for digital signage purposes

One of the most straightforward ways to get new Instagram followers with screens is simple. Show people what they’re going to see by visiting your account, and give them a sneak peek of the kind of content you’re posting. 

By using the Instagram feed for digital signage you’re definitely winning the promotion game. On one hand, you’re saving on advertisement in the app itself (and we know how time-consuming and money-draining may be dealing with Meta's ever-updating ad guidelines). On the other, you’re applying a new way of audience engagement with the help of the screens. 

Digital signage is loved and respected by business owners around the globe for its versatility. You are not tied to one static kind of content, you can experiment and do different things at once. 

That’s why when you will broadcast an Instagram feed in, for example, the lobby of your hotel, it will only be one type of content you can show for a limited amount of time. You are in control and can adapt the broadcast times according to your content strategy. Isn’t it a perfect tool to have?

Digital signage for Instagram promotion: best practices

It’s not only feed sharing. In fact, the screens allow you to do much much more when it comes to growing your Instagram account. It depends on your industry and the Instagram you’re promoting, but the following ideas are quite universal and can be used by different businesses for the same successful result. 

So, here are the best practices for using screens for Instagram promotion: 

- don’t be afraid to include your handle in existing digital signage content

For example: let’s say, you have a retail store and are already showing engaging videos to create the right mood inside. Why not add an Instagram handle to every single video you’re showing? This way you’re getting the right kind of attention without being very intrusive. 

- use QR-codes to ease the passage from offline to online

People are busy and they don’t have time to type your handle in the search box. Make it easier for them by operating QR codes with your digital signage content. 

- running competitions

Who doesn’t love a good brand contest with the possibility of winning prizes? Make Instagram key to the competition. You can use screens to announce the rules, and ask everybody to follow you (or to do other actions on social in line with your strategy)

- asking for user-generated content

Works every time and is long-lasting. Start a trend, ask your customers to take pictures, share those pictures using your Instagram, promote the hashtag, and use screens to facilitate this whole process. Going viral has never been easier with digital signage in place. 

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