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5 Awesome Ideas to Use Digital Signage at Your Gym

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 13, 2021
May 29, 2024

It’s time to turn to digital signage for gyms to transform your business into the technologically upgraded content beast. By using digital signage for fitness centers your content delivery gets seriously ripped. Here’s how to do it with the best efficiency.

If you think about it, a gym is a perfect place for content broadcasting. People are sweating themselves out to reach better results and it takes time. Also, it takes a lot of staring in the same direction when you’re on a treadmill or doing weight lifts. Why not occupy their eyes with something that might be of interest and work for your business too? It can be motivation, entertainment or promotion. At the end of the day, it’s a business opportunity and digital signage for gyms lets you seize it and rip the results. 

How to start with digital signage for fitness centers?

Many businesses are hesitant to turn to signage technology because there’s a stereotype that it’s complicated and expensive. Sure, it used to be that in 1999 but today with cloud solutions like Kitcast it’s no longer an issue. Our technology is made with a plug-and-play philosophy in mind. And it’s super easy to deploy, no matter the scale of your gym.

Here are the steps to start using digital signage for gyms 

  1. Connect your device (Apple TV/ Android device/ Amazon device) to the screen
  2. Download the Kitcast application from the app store
  3. Link your device via the dashboard in the app
  4. That’s it. Really. Now you have implemented the digital signage technology for your business and you’re ready to show stunning content.

As you can see, digital signage for fitness centers is not complicated at all on the installation side. So once you have it, it’s time for the magic to happen. We’ll now show you 5 awesome ideas on how to use digital signage at your gym. 

1. Give your lobby a technological facelift

The gym lobby is the first thing everybody sees when they enter your place. By everybody, we mean both new and existing clients. That’s why it’s essential to make the experience stand out, to show that your fitness center is the best place they can come to for training. Screens will help do just that. 

Sky's the limit of creativity you can employ at your lobby with digital signage in place. The flexibility of content means that you can change it according to an audience. For example, if a potential client comes you can run the inspiring video. If it’s an existing one, you can show a few promotions or announce a new drink at the nutritional bar. The great thing about screen technology is that you can switch between content in a matter of seconds and show it when and where you want. 

2. Create the right vibe at your gym hall

Give people a motivation boost and show entertaining content in your exercising room. You can use screens to broadcast educational videos and training recommendations, show endorsements, run funny clips and experiment with different formats. Make sure that your gym is all about positivity and having a great time and people will want to come back to that atmosphere. 

You can use Kitcast content creator to craft the videos and photos that work for your place. Make your fitness center a digital powerhouse of motivation with digital signage. 

3. Upgrade the bar experience with digital menus

If your gym has a snack bar or a cafeteria, digital signage can completely transform the ordering experience. With switching to digital menus you’re getting a powerful boost in sales driven by the visual content and effective delivery using screens. 

Announce special offers, promote certain items from the menu, inform about the product benefits and deploy a contactless ordering system to eliminate queues. Screens are there to help make the customer experience better and quicker. 

4. Using powers of social media to the full force

Unleash all the potential of social media with screens. With displays deployed at your gym, it’s easy to create a 360-degree experience of your brand promotion. As digital signage is a perfect tool for customer engagement, you have a chance to effectively boost your social media following by asking customers to check out your profiles, running special competitions, introducing hashtags to nurture the user-generated content.

For example, if you’ve got a new training at your fitness center, you can initiate a challenge for the people that participate in it encouraging them to post on social media with a special hashtag with a chance to win a prize (for example, a full year membership). Then you can use screens to promote this challenge and run the ads during the training. 

Also, with digital signage, it is much easier to ask for feedback and get positive reviews from your satisfied customers. 

5. Save money and cut costs on printouts 

It’s the second decade of the 21st century, all the printouts should die already. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but they are also bringing unnecessary costs. You can save money by going fully digital bidding long-overdue farewell for the leaflets, static signs, and promotional materials. Displays will serve as an ultimate announcement tool and you will not spend a penny on printing again. 

By running everything digitally you will have the speed and efficiency that exceeds printouts by a mile and cuts your costs too. All the saved money you can invest into areas where it’s needed more.

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