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7 Great Digital Signage Projects In Colleges

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 11, 2018
May 29, 2024

Technology is swiftly shaping education by giving more possibilities for effective learning. Digital signage is at the forefront of this process. It offers colleges numerous amazing solutions to improve the learning experience for students. Digital signage for colleges can bring a positive impact on campuses and resolve many learning issues.We have collected 7 great digital signage projects in colleges to get inspired by.

1. Coker College

Coker College - Kitcast Blog

Digital signage has helped liberal arts college in Hartsville, South Carolina to effectively convey their message. Coker’s marketing department chose Kitcast’s digital signage solution and incorporated the screens into their innovative Access Coker digital technology. The results came swiftly: students paid significantly more attention to the content shown on the screens, their learning experience was better personalized, and college cut spendings on ink and paper for leaflets and posters.

2. Virtual Cadaver Lab at Moravian College

Unique digital signage project from Moravian College’s team in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In partnership with Christie, the college introduced an innovative virtual cadaver lab. The educational space features two LCD panels and 11 DHD599-GS laser phosphor projectors that can simulate a full dissection in order to provide a comprehensive learning experience for the students without dealing with actual cadavers.

3. Wellesley College digital signage system

Wellesley College digital signage system

Screens can be a perfect medium for spreading the news, showing important information, and making announcements. That's exactly what Wellesley College uses their video screens for. This private institution, located in the town of Wellesley (Massachusetts) has installed displays around the campus to give the students and staff a way to share their messages in a structured and efficient way.

4. Misericordia University Interactive Walls

Modern students expect colleges and universities to be technologically advanced. That's why it's great to see the educational institutions that keep up with the times and integrate digital solutions into their learning process. Misericordia University has revamped the study rooms at their library: partnering with T1V, they deployed eight 55” Interactive Walls running ThinkHub interactive collaboration software. Installing such a digital signage solution helped the university to improve the teaching activities as well as to innovate the learning process.

5. Digital Signage for Colleges - Georgia State University

An impressive center is functioning in the library of the Georgia State University – CURVE (stands for Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment). It features one of the most fascinating examples of college digital signage in the learning space. Students and staff have access to brilliant pieces of technology like 24x4.5 feet interactive video wall, collaborative computer workstations as well as an 84-inch 4K resolution workstation. An amazing case of a university using digital technology the right way.

6. Carleton College digital signage network

Driven by the desire to go paperless and minimize printing costs, Carleton College has successfully implemented digital signage solutions for their campus. Currently, the screens are installed at numerous locations around the college broadcasting useful information and keeping students updated. It is a perfect example of how college digital signage helps to reduce the environmental impact as well as digitalizing the educational experience.

7. Indiana University Immersive Showcase Classroom

digital signage for colleges classrooms

More and more universities are turning to high-tech solutions for education enhancement. Indiana University has created an unconventional educational space with its Immersive Showcase Classroom. Their multi-touch video wall is state-of-the-art digital signage used effectively for the benefits of hands-on student collaboration and learning.

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