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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Vaccination Centers

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 13, 2021
May 29, 2024

Digital signage for clinics has never been more important. In the times of COVID-19 when social distancing is a new normal, it is the screen technology that can help healthcare providers to stay effective and safe. As vaccination centers are at the forefront of the battle against the novel coronavirus, display solutions can make their functioning better.

With more than 2.66 billion doses given across 180 countries according to the latest Bloomberg statistics, the vaccination campaign is currently at its prime. The vaccination centers and pop-up clinics around the world steadily distribute the shots and millions of people go through this process daily. COVID-19 vaccine distribution comes with a few risks too and digital signage for clinics can address them. 

Effective queuing system for safer COVID-19 vaccine efforts

While vaccination centers vary in size, their purpose remains the same. It is absolutely essential to ensure that: 

  1. social distancing rules are being followed
  2. visitors know exactly where to go and the queuing is fully organized
  3. the important health information is broadcasted

Only if all these matters are taken care of we can talk about the safe vaccination experience. Digital signage for clinics is there to facilitate this process and give vaccination centers a powerful tool to ensure a smooth procedure. 

Queuing comes first. And there are few important factors to keep in mind. 

As the vaccination process may be quite complicated for some and intimidating for others, it is essential to guide people and clearly show them where they should go and how the process will be done. By installing displays at the entrance and implementing a queuing system, pop-up clinics can drastically improve the waiting lines time and make the whole vaccination process much more pleasant and hassle-free for the visitors. Screens are ideal to give people the queuing number and reduce the stress related to waiting. 

Wayfinding done right

When you’re in a new place it’s easy to get lost. When you add the vaccination-related stress to it it becomes even more difficult to handle. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with digital signage for clinics. By installing an ecosystem of screens, the clinics can take their wayfinding to the next level providing clear information about where the visitor should go. 

As displays are very visual and can fulfill multiple functions at once, it makes them a perfect pick for the digitalization of healthcare. 

Effective communication for pop up clinics

There is a big ongoing debate about the COVID-19 vaccine. It is quite natural for such an occurrence of planetary scale but practically it makes the work of vaccination centers more complicated communication-wise. In the world of social media, different information channels and lots of misinformation, sincere and straightforward communication is a must. That’s what digital signage is absolutely great at and here’s how the vaccination centers can make use of it. 

By installing screens, clinics are getting a powerful communication tool that can be used to spread important information, gather feedback from the people, roll out the videos and images, and show the relevant content about the vaccination efforts. As displays are versatile, the healthcare providers can always change what content they are showing according to the need and the interaction. 

Great investment for the future

It is inevitable that one day the mass vaccination will be over and this day will come very soon. Naturally comes the question of the purpose of digital signage post-COVID. And the great news is that it will be as relevant and important for clinics as now. 

Screen technology is an investment that only keeps on giving. Because of its flexible nature and unlimited content capabilities, digital signage can be used in many ways. For example, if the system of screens were implemented in pop-up vaccination centers, it would be extremely easy to locate them in a stationary clinic and make the most of it using displays for wayfinding, communications, queuing and content distribution.

That’s why when you’re opting for such a technology as a clinic, you’re looking further ahead. A clinic with digital signage benefits from the wide range of visual capabilities the screen technology can offer. 


How to practically implement digital signage?

With Kitcast it is a very easy and intuitive process. In order to start using display technology, you would need 3 things: a screen, an Apple TV and Kitcast app downloaded. First, you plug your Apple TV to the screen. Secondly, you download our app from the AppStore. Thirdly, you go through a quick installation process. 

What content works best for healthcare providers?

It all depends on the size and the content purposes you’re looking for. As for the vaccination centers, three things are absolutely essential: queuing, social distancing content, and wayfinding. As for the private clinic, for example, you can add promotional content as well as some entertaining videos and photos.

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