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Why Modern Churches Use Digital Signage: TOP-5 Examples

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 13, 2021
May 29, 2024

Digital signage for churches allows houses of worship to step into the 21st century along with achieving brilliant results using technology. Let us guide you through the examples of screen use in churches.

As the world rapidly changes, churches can too, adapting to the challenges of modern technology. The majority of worshippers use devices and look at screens of different sizes every day. The way they consume information has transformed too and that means that people are more receptive to what is familiar to them. In the case of a church visit, it is technology. And digital signage for churches can build a new bridge between the messages your house of worship delivers and technology-friendly minds. 

Of course, it is not enough to just put up a few screens. For reaching the best results with display technology, it is important to know the capabilities of digital signage software for churches and use it according to the needs of your particular congregation. The more you know the people who come, the more effective your interaction with them.

Let’s review TOP-5 examples of digital signage for churches. 

1. Perfect information tool

Forget about the static boards and outdated paper-based announcements. Digital signage solutions for churches allow you to create a state-of-art system of communication with the worshippers. It is flexible and you can adapt the information you’re showing through screens in a heartbeat. That makes all the physical boards obsolete and gives you the power to interact better with the congregation. 

Without screens you have to devote a big chunk of your time to printing, designing physical announcements, disseminating them by hand. It is a tiring and time-consuming process that can be completely avoided with the installation of the screens that give you unlimited opportunities to communicate with the worshippers. 

Here’s how you can use digital signage for communication at your church: 

  1. installing outdoor digital signage for churches
  2. It’s a perfect way to capture the attention of people and win the hearts of potential new worshippers as well as a tool to keep current ones updated about upcoming events or important dates
  3. providing wayfinding
  4. running announcements, informing congregation about events
  5. gathering feedback, promoting your social media
  6. showing citations from the Bible, sharing important facts and trivia

As you can see one screen can fulfill multiple tasks and that’s the beauty of it. With digital signage for churches, your hands are untied and you are free to experiment with the information you’re showing. 

Also, the screen technology is very visual so it instantly captures the attention of viewers and allows you to interact with them much better and more directly. In the context of churches, it is a great advantage. Digital signage can be an important factor in nurturing the community connection and ensuring trust between the members of the congregation.  

2. Ensuring safety during COVID-19 with digital signage software for churches

It hasn’t been easy for churches during the coronavirus pandemic. And as the end of it is still not seen, the houses of worship should do everything in order to prevent the outbreaks. As places where people get together, churches are at risk. Screen technology can help with ensuring safety and giving the community a feeling of security when visiting the church. 

Social distancing is one of the main precautions against COVID-19 infection. Digital signage for churches gives you the power to make sure that all necessary steps are taken in fulfilling all the requirements. Screens are perfect to organize people, to run important health announcements and alerts. Use them for the benefit of your church and avoid the outbreak. 

For example, give people social distancing directions from the moment they enter the church. Remind about the mask use, broadcast COVID-19-related info. 

3. Drastically cutting costs 

In 2021 printing shouldn’t exist. It is costly, it is harmful to the environment and it is stressful. Also, it is very outdated. Once you get acquainted with digital signage you understand how much money could be saved if you turned to it earlier. And we’re talking about thousands of dollars spent on brochures, event flyers, sermon leaflets, and promotional materials. 

Start saving by going digital and achieve much more. Leaflets as a way of disseminating information may have worked in the 80s when people haven’t had any exposure to technology. Today it’s time to face the fact that everyone is more accustomed to digital than to the printed medium. 

That’s why digital signage allows you to cut costs on one hand and make the most out of content marketing using screens on the other. 

4. Making fundraising better 

Raising funds is an integral part of church functioning and it’s high time to improve it. Take your fundraising campaigns to the next level by making them digital. 

Of course, there are different age groups and some may not be techno-savvy. But the beauty of digital signage is that it doesn’t require any understanding of technology, it just works as it is. Through capturing attention and engaging with the viewers. Use it to your benefit while organizing funding calls. 

For example, you can have an online funding campaign and introduce a QR-code that will allow people to directly send money for the church cause. Use the screen to announce this campaign and place the QR-code on the screen where people are guaranteed to see it. 

5. Expanding your congregation 

Make your church popular and frequented by taking its technological side to the next level with digital signage. If you’re doing it right it will inevitably get people going. If they like it they would want to return. Also, they will spread the word and more worshippers will come. 

Screens are perfect to create trust in the community. By adding technology you’re showing that you care about the comfort of your visitors. Such a gesture will not go unnoticed and your church will only win from such a transformation.

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