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Best Ways of Advertising Your Business with Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 2, 2022
May 1, 2024

Digital signage for business is a fantastic advertising tool. While it’s not always about showing ads, it’s without any doubt one of the most powerful solutions for this kind of content distribution. Whether you’re deploying indoor or outdoor digital signage for business, you’re up for the best results. Why? We’ll show you in this article.

What’s the relationship between advertising and signage technology?

To put it in simple terms, advertising uses the capabilities of digital signage to reach the audience. 

The display technology itself doesn’t do marketing. It enables it. You can’t just install the screens and wait for results. You have to run the content through them.

Without the ad itself, the screens are useless. They give you a digital medium for the most effective marketing. It’s up to you to use it in full force. 

When it comes to advertising, there are different ways to look at it in correlation to digital signage. Traditionally, we talk about outdoor and indoor advertising. Both types are fully exercised with the help of the screens. Moreover, displays are regarded as the best way to realize your ad goals.

Why digital signage is perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising?

Before the advent of screens, we had static. The advertising industry was limited to billboards to convey the message. Times have changed (fortunately) and now the marketing world has become much more versatile. 

The main advantage of the screens is their high visual capabilities.

When it comes to a static billboard, there’s only one thing you can show, your hands as a marketer are tied. The digital medium gives you much more capabilities to impress and engage. 

Today advertisers can make more exciting campaigns, work with various content formats, and put even the craziest ideas to life. All of it with the help of the screens.

While you can run traditional images and videos as ads using the displays, the new technologies also allow a broader set of audience engagement techniques like holograms, AR, VR, and experiential campaigns. 

In other words, digital signage for businesses gives much broader access to creative opportunities. The ads sparkle, the audience is amazed, and the products are duly promoted. Isn’t that a dream come true for marketers? 

And as display technology is versatile, you can be equally great at indoor and outdoor advertising. Just choose the right screens, opt for great software, and run the best ads.

What are the best ways to advertise with digital signage?

While digital signage for business is not only about advertising, running ads is something it does really, exceptionally well. 

The great thing about screen technology is that you can combine ads with other types of content (like wayfinding, informational messages, PSAs, etc.). That makes it a cost-effective and experiential tool that allows you to reach more marketing goals with spending less on changing content.

For example, if you have digital menus at your restaurant, they can also be used for promoting special positions or putting the focus on products. If a retail shop uses displays for branding and creating the necessary atmosphere inside, they can be equally good for running clothes-specific ads. 

As you can see the screens serve as a jack-of-all-trades kind of technology that any advertiser would love to add to their possibilities roster.

Costs of digital signage for businesses

This is one of the most important questions business owners ask when it comes to adopting screen technology for advertising. The answer depends on many factors. 

It’s important to understand that digital signage doesn’t work on its own, it’s a marketing tool tied to your strategy. That means that calculating the costs of starting with the screens will be correlated with the size of your business, the number of screens you want to run, and the kind of content you want to show. 

If it’s a small business looking to adopt up to 5 screens and run simple visual content, it will have one price. If it’s a mega resort with a broad network of 100+ screens and the need for AR solutions, the cost will be slightly higher. 

We can’t talk for the other digital signage software providers, but Kitcast has a clear and straightforward pricing system. You can use our calculation tool to get the price for your specific case. 

Also, we offer a free trial without the need to give a credit card, so be sure to try our software for advertising before making a full commitment. 

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