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Best Practices for Digital Signage Employee Engagement

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 22, 2022
May 29, 2024

Digital signage employee engagement is quite a mythical concept. On the one hand, it involves the screens and the content you’re showing through them. Straightforward, right? But the other side of this approach is how exactly you are engaging and what effect this has on your workers. This article will walk you through the nuts and bolts of digital signage employee engagement to help you make the workplace better. 

The shifting nature of the workplace

We’re not where we were before. 2020 has become a turning point for workplaces worldwide and changed the way people approach work. Limitations, social distancing, and fear of the virus spread, all of it has given the classic office setting a bad name. 

The coronavirus pandemic has shed a light on the whole range of problems in the employee-employer relationship. Remote work has shown an alternative way of doing things for people who were not familiar with it before. New hybrid combinations have taken over. 

The numbers weren’t in favor of the classic workplace either. “The return-to-office date has died,” proclaimed BBC earlier this year highlighting the uncertainty of the situation and the reluctance of the employees to go back to the old ways. 

There was a survey of executives and employers done by The Future Forum where 44% of the executives said that they wanted to come back to the office every day while only 17% of the employees desired the same. 

And then there’s a new trend of 2022, the so-called “quiet quitting”. It’s a new movement, a philosophy of our times that sees employees doing exactly what is required of them strictly within working hours. That, in turn, signifies a big disconnect between the workers and employees and includes negative things like distrust and disconnect.

The new meaning of employee engagement digital signage

With all the aforementioned workplace issues in mind, we’re approaching the employee digital signage concept. And we have to admit that it’s not quite what it was before 2020. Today screens play a vital role in the organization of work. They are not mere motivational details, they are a full-scale part of the employee-employer relationship. 

While all the work won’t go remote, there’s a big trend of it steadily going in that direction. It doesn’t mean that offline offices will disappear entirely. It means that they should be transformed to survive. The old approaches don’t work anymore and it’s high time to bring digital solutions to the table.

That’s exactly what employee digital signage stands for. A tool that gives workplaces a new look. A solution that boosts engagement, nurtures trust and increases productivity. These are all big words, we get it. But Kitcast has been in the business for almost a decade now and we know that digital signage employee engagement can do magic. The next part of the article is about how exactly can it help. 

Why digital signage is great for the workplace?

Every company is different. It’s just how things are. And while there are general tips on how to make it all work digital signage-wise, it would be a lie to say that there’s some kind of one-size-fits-all approach. 

Our first and most important advice to you would be: know the needs of your employees. You’re deploying a digital signage communication system for them, to benefit them. That’s why it’s essential to put them first when designing the structure.

Once you’ve got this figured out, start planning the engagement and the content that would go with it. And here come the fantastic capabilities of the screens. 

The versatility of the display technology allows you to realize various content ideas. You can show textual content, videos, images, and interactive pieces. All of it brings more connection between you and your workers and make things more effective.

What are the best employee-engaging digital signage ideas?

Here are the hottest types of digital signage content for a better workplace today. 

1) digitized communication

Big or small, it’s always about communication at the workplace. Drop the countless printed memos, emails with no end, and ineffective leaflets. Show everything on the screens, and use digital signage as an ultimate communication tool. Messages are sure to be seen and read when they are shown on displays. 

2) bridge the offline and online

With the rise of remote work, there might be instances where your teams may be dispersed. That requires a system for bridging the gap between the employees and ensuring a smooth working process. Screens are ideal for that. 

3) uplift

Morale is important in the workplace. Belonging to something great also helps. The displays are very visual and can create the right atmosphere around teh workplace. Broadcast company-related content, recognize best employees, give virtual hands-ups, share milestones, and celebrate successes. 

4) motivate

Nothing works when there’s no motivation. That’s a fact. Display technology makes motivation easier to achieve. You’ve got a whole arsenal of content tools to make sure that the employees are motivated and happy. Ask questions, promote social media channels, show quotes, and share positive stories. 

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