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How Digital Signage Can Help Enhance Customer Engagement?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 23, 2021
May 29, 2024

With digital signage customer engagement, it becomes much easier to sell more. It takes great content, timely delivery and a well-researched audience to score big in this department. Let’s walk through the most important aspects of this process. 

Sure, screens are great. We can’t stop saying that as a digital signage company. But you know what’s even better? When screens are used to the full force. That’s what we love the most. And it’s the right usage that makes happy clients, not the presence of displays at your business. Making it all work is an art in itself. Thankfully, you can master it with these tips and extensive industry expertise.

Engagement is a tender thing. In order to say how really your audience is interacting with your content, you should study it carefully and analyze how people consume what you’re showing. It is a work in progress if we may, a constant striving for a digital signage customer experience. Because you don’t want to just interact. What you’re looking at here is a healthy conversation with your customer, the one that eventually leads to a sale. Also, the one that nurtures trust. 

Choose your digital signage software carefully 

The first and most important thing to think about when creating digital signage engagement is the software. We can’t stress this enough. Throughout the years of our work, we’ve seen clients that came to us after using different tools, the horrible ones. The problem in choosing the digital signage software is two-sided. 

  • You can choose a crappy solution that simply can’t fulfil what you want it to 

Result: money and time go down the drain. You will spend hours trying to figure out how to make this thing run your content. Then, frustrated, you will try to contact support (that will be nonexistent). Also, the videos and photos this bad software can broadcast are lagging and your clients notice. At the end of the day, it’s a disaster. 

  • You can choose a good solution but it’s not good for your particular business

Result: it may seem like a good fit in the beginning but then along the way you realize that many features it offers just don’t work for you, you’re overpaying for features you don’t use. In the end, it sort of did its job but the feelings are bittersweet. 

So, our advice to you regarding the digital signage engagement software will be the following: do your homework before choosing the solution. Look for the features you actually need and read about the reputation of the company online. Don’t rush with that. Take your time. 

Show content that’s actually interesting 

Content marketing is a big deal. While from the outside it may look like the screens are simply showing a few videos here, a few photos there. Great companies know how to utilize visual material to influence buying decisions. You should too. And that means that you must have an adequate content strategy. 

It shouldn’t be random. Everything you’re showing through the screens should have a purpose. It’s important to understand your customer’s buying journey from A to Z. If you run a brick-and-mortar clothing store, for example, and you have different sections and different screens for each section, you’d organize your content around the ways customers interact with your store. That means that the entrance is for one type of content, the display for another, the cash desk for another, etc. 

The organization is key to digital signage engagement. It is a glue that sticks your marketing together and makes sure that the system is working properly. Think strategically about what you’re showing, how your customers are consuming it and what you get out of this interaction. If all the pieces are collected, you will have a puzzle of new sales and business growth figured out completely. 

Put social to interaction 

Digital signage customer engagement can exist in two dimensions: 

  • The physical one

It is your store or a place where you directly interact with customers. Screens are initiating this conversation and content facilitates the sale. 

  • The virtual one

Businesses that are not active online on social media, websites, and messengers don’t live long nowadays. Although it was a fact even before the pandemic, coronavirus has accelerated digitalization and the online became the new normal for commerce. 

Surely, digital signage exists only limited by the premises of your physical store. But is it so? If you use display technology to integrate your online presence into a physical one, the magic starts to happen. 

The visual medium allows you to promote your social media profiles, let people know about your website, ask customers to participate in conversations on your messengers. You can use the screens as super-effective call-to-action boards that engage with your customers and give you new devoted followers. You can run various surveys, promote specific hashtags, organize special competitions, announce online-exclusive deals. Basically, the way you use screens for digital signage customer engagement is limited only by your creativity. 

At the end of the day, your business wins big time and your customers get the premium experience that will make them come back and buy more.

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