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Best Ways to Save Money with Digital Signage in 2024: Content Production

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 31, 2024
May 29, 2024

Digital signage costs vary. It all depends on many factors. When businesses or organizations just start using this solution or are on the way to deploying it, many price-related questions arise. Like “How much does digital signage cost?”, “Are we getting the return on investment?”, or a simpler “Is it worth it?”. We’re here to address these questions.

This article has a special content focus on calculating digital signage costs. You will learn how digital signage software can optimize your marketing efforts and minimize paying for outside services. For the general advantages of this technology and the basic information about the cost of digital signage check out our blog article devoted to that.

How much does digital signage cost?

Digital signage is a complex marketing solution. That means that calculating its cost is dependent on various factors. For example, you can easily get low-cost digital signage software for basic needs but your business would require a bigger investment for more sophisticated content necessities.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of digital signage when counting how much you’d have to spend on it. Two main ones are on-site and cloud-based. Here’s an article explaining why cloud-based digital signage is the best choice.

In the case of the on-site digital signage, you have to include the server in the cost, the maintenance, and the IT team in calculating the final price. 

Cloud-based doesn’t have these expenses. Digital signage price usually operates using the subscription-based model. To use Kitcast digital signage software for Apple TV you would pay per screen. We have a transparent pricing model, you can calculate your expenses using our website price scaler HERE.

Digital signage changes the way content is produced. And saves money

There’s hardly any company that doesn’t do marketing in one way or another. Some have a few people working on it, and some operate teams of hundreds. In every case, it’s about content production and content delivery using various channels. So where does digital signage stand in this system? 

The screens act as a direct channel of communication, and the software enables a smooth delivery. That’s digital signage technology in a nutshell. That’s the reason why hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide use it. This solution is one of the best tools to reach your audience on the market. But in order to do that you need great content. And that can be hard to get. Also, it’s costly.

Digital vs Static

When you don’t have the digital signage in place, you’re working with a static offline medium. 

For example, you’re running a restaurant without screens. Your marketing and digital signage costs will mostly be directed at printed materials like menus, signage announcing special promotions, and various flyers.

Not only it’s an obsolete way to do things, but you’re also constantly spending money on a) designing the content for printed materials; b) actually printing them out. It’s inefficient, has a very bad level of adaptability, is boring, and takes a lot of time to prepare. 

Now with screens, it’s completely different. Your menu is digital now, no need to print anything. The outdoor and indoor displays are showing custom-designed announcements, promote your social media channels, and highlight special propositions. All the content is produced in-house and only by using digital signage software.

At the end of the day, you’re getting rid of the printing and designing digital signage costs and enjoying a beautiful, engaging, and effective tool.

Digital signage software does the job for you

The revolution has been made with cloud-based digital signage software. It has given an ordinary internet user the power to create and design any kind of marketing content. Yes, that’s right. Take Kitcast for example. 

Everything on our app is done intuitively. You won’t have to spend hours trying to understand complex tech lingo or actions. It’s user-friendly at heart and you’ve got all the tools for producing killer content at the lowest cost. Not only does a subscription give you a ticket to the exciting world of digital signage, but it also ensures that you spend a minimal amount of time doing it.

Get into our state-of-the-art Dashboard, design different content types according to the needs of your business, schedule them, and voila. The software will do the rest controlling each screen and guaranteeing the smoothest performance. 

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