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How to Discover your Digital Signage Audience

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 25, 2021
May 29, 2024

Finding the right digital signage audience for your business is one of the most important marketing goals that is guaranteed to bring you positive results in the future. 

It all starts with the “who”. Who are the people you’re going to show your content to? If you have this figured out at the very beginning of your digital signage journey, the rest will be smoother and easier. If you think first of the “what” and start figuring out the audience afterward, then there might be a problem of misfired targeting and inefficient marketing as a result. 

Digital signage audience measurement is an essential part of the content marketing process and the earlier you nail it the better it is for your business. Because the screens don’t bring magic on their own. It is the combination of the sparkling content and the right eyeballs that does the trick. Of course, when we are talking about display technology we’re aiming for more sales, better engagement, and business growth. However, it only works this way if all the elements are in place and the whole system is working properly.

Let’s go through the essentials of audience measurement for the digital signage process in detail. 

Digital signage audience measurement from scratch

There may be two scenarios when you start with digital signage at your business.

1. You have already started your journey, your marketing is working and you have all the necessary data. Digital signage in that case is an extension of what you already have as a content marketing model. 

Here, it will be relatively easy for you to optimize digital signage content for the audience. You just need to do your homework analyzing what audience you’re showing content to and what interests them. Once you have the full portrait, you can start chasing attention by broadcasting various types of relevant content using display technology. 

2. You just start with your business and want to incorporate digital signage into your marketing plan straight away. 

Starting is never easy. In marketing terms, it means that you lack the data and analytics on your audience simply because you couldn’t have collected it in the first place. Such a situation calls for experimentation. Try out different approaches, gather feedback, look out for the right time and see the clear picture of who your target audience is and how they interact with your content. 

It’s all about the analytics

Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, metrics matter. We cannot overstate the importance of working with analytics. All you need is there in the numbers. Take your time and make sure you understand who exactly looks at your content, how they interact with it, what are their interests, what they don’t like, what is their age and what would they like for you to improve. 

Also, never stop analyzing as everything constantly changes and what was relevant years ago may be obsolete today. 

Use social media 

One of the best ways to keep the hand on the pulse of your digital signage audience is to go social. Social media websites offer a treasure trove of vital data that can be used for the benefit of your business. Also, you can track your audience with digital signage. Install screens and use them to promote your social media profiles. This way you will get people to subscribe to your channels and use this information to find out the important marketing information about them.

Run competitions, create special hashtags, ask people to submit their own content. Create a digital ecosystem inside your business that works to grow your audience and improve your content marketing. Screens are a perfect medium to communicate with the customers and broadcast what matters most to them. By doing that you’re entertaining your audience on one hand and winning trust on the other. 

So use the power of digital signage to the full force in order to level up your marketing and grow your business. 


How exactly can I use digital signage for marketing?

Digital signage allows you to show content using screens. The process of making it work for your business is easy. You just have to install displays, plug in the Apple TV and download Kitcast. After a simple installation process, you’re ready to show stunning content.

How do I know if my audience likes digital signage?

It’s all about communication. Ask for feedback, run surveys, interact with your customers and make sure to know what interests them and what they don’t like.

What if I chose the wrong digital signage audience?

Don’t worry, you always can adjust your digital signage marketing strategy. As display technology is flexible and versatile, you are always free to experiment with content to find out what works perfectly for the needs of your business.

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