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Digital signage as a magic pill for IT

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 30, 2020
May 29, 2024

There is a misconception that digital signage can be a headache for IT departments of companies. While you could have said that a decade ago, today's digital signage technology has become a pill for that headache, a very smooth and easy tool to grow your business. Let us show you why.

We are not talking about all the digital signage solutions on the market right now though, the industry is big and there are different players. We would like to focus your attention on the so-called cloud segment of digital signage, the one Kitcast is operating in. Of course, it's not easy to be impartial here being a digital signage software solution ourselves but the main object of this article is for you to look at the current signage technology in a different light, to show you how it can be an extremely easy-to-use and effective tool to apply in your day-to-day operations. 

For us, it all comes down to the four components:

  • simplicity
  • effectiveness
  • reliability
  • security

Every single one is extremely important for Kitcast and we have developed a digital signage software that combines all these four components in a state-of-art way. "Why state-of-art? It's such a broad term!" you can rightfully say. It is all in the versatility, our software can be used by both small businesses and the corporations having thousands of screens in their network. And each time we are absolutely confident that Kitcast will fulfill all the demands. 

But let's get back to the pill, a magic pill for IT. Here's how you business could benefit from this digital medication. 

Integration that takes literally minutes

The word "integration" is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, it makes IT hearts pumps faster when heard in regard to the future plans of the company. However, it is not the case if you're dealing with Kitcast. With our software, integration becomes a pleasant process that even a child can master (if the child would carefully follow the instructions). 

Here are the instructions: you connect your Apple TV to the screen, you download our app, you do simple integration steps within Kitcast app and basically that's it. The plug-and-play in it's simplest and least time-consuming form. Because we believe that you cannot afford to lose time in today's ever-changing landscape, that's why it's important for us as a software provider to ensure that your integration is as intuitive and easy as possible. 

Again, plug the Apple TV, download the app and connect your screens inside the app to control them. As easy as A to Z. 

Easy management

Digital signage is all about the content and using screens to show it. Businesses opt for this technological solution just for that, this is the primary reason our industry exists. However, in order to show content, you should, well, have it. And it's important to not only have it but be able to show it at the right time, at the right place. So here's when the management comes into play, digital signage management that the IT department would be most probably tasked with. 

If the content management withing the software you're using it slow, unpredictable and confusing, having to deal with it every day could be IT's worst nightmare. Fortunately, Kitcast doesn't think that anyone should ever have a hard time with content management while doing digital signage. That's why we pay a lot of attention to the smoothness and the hassle-free nature of the managerial side of our app. We're striving for the development perfection to make the experience of IT specialists around the world as good as possible. 

What does it mean in practice? The cornerstone of our app is the dashboard, it's the control room of Kitcast. It is a place where you have the power to create, change, design, alter, schedule, cut, copy, well, everything in order for your content to shine and stun. Needless to say, it's all smooth and quick and it doesn't require any special designer knowledge. You are operating with templates that give you countless opportunities to creatively express yourself and produce the type of content that fits your company's goals. 

Let's take an example. There is an IT department of a big shopping mall. The venue has a network of 200 screens all over the premises. While at a first glance, such a number of the screens may sound overwhelming, with Kitcast you have full control over every single one grouping it by locations and deciding which content it will show and at which time. A small team of IT specialists can basically control such a huge network using only our app and this will be a simple and clear process. 

Support that cares about you

Technology is often unpredictable. IT can sometimes be frustrating. We get it and we're always there to help you with the issues you might be having on one hand and to consult on digital signage application on the other. Our digital signage support team lives and breathes the technology and it's virtually impossible to find a problem it can't resolve when it comes to the application of our software. 

Because let's say it, things happen. For us, communication is extremely important and each case is different. That's why Kitcast has a very personal approach to every client and our development team is there to help you with the issues you might be having. 

All of it combined makes a new level of digital signage simplicity, the one that puts your business aims first and is there to accompany your company journey and make it better and more profitable with the signage technology.

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