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It’s 2023, what’s the role of digital signage in education?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 20, 2023
May 29, 2024

Some industries innovate more than others. Retail, for instance, has always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies. When it comes to education, things traditionally move slower and new things take time to adapt. That brings us to the topic of this article. We’re in 2023, what’s the role of digital signage in the education sector?

Screens and education: match or mismatch?

Schools, colleges, and universities strive to give the best possible experience for their students. At least on paper. In reality, the education sector works similarly to other ones. The competition is present and there are many issues with quality and countless opportunities to become better.

In order for the educational institution to come across as high-quality technology alone is not enough. A great college has effective management, skilled professors, comfortable learning facilities, and diverse extra-curricular activities. Still, the technology plays a big role in the experience. That’s where digital signage in the education sector really shines.

Having screens on campus is an advantage. It broadens the limits of what the institution can do technologically, and how it can communicate with the students. When a college uses it correctly, it’s a sure match that will bring positive outcomes.

Today the young generations are inseparable from the technologies they use. It’s the smartphone, the TikTok, the YouTube, the streaming, the internet. When you operate the screens within the educational process you establish the familiar grounds. This familiarization is fantastic for engaging with the students and enhancing the limits of what good learning environments can be.

Digital signage network in education: choosing your approach

As displays are extremely versatile, the ways you can deploy them within your classroom and premises are many. That’s why before opting for the signage technology or paying for the digital signage app for education an institution should assess the needs and understand how exactly the screens will be used. 

Planning is crucial. Planning allows you to see the full picture and tune your content radar directly to the needs of your target audience, the students. 

And deploying digital signage is not a one-time process. It requires constant monitoring, adapting, and transforming. 

For example, you decide to use screens in the classroom learning sessions. After three months you may see that students are not reacting to the content you’re showing the way you thought they would. In order to improve the experience you will have to change the content and rethink the usage of the displays. 

Choosing an approach in content delivery is a key to success with education digital signage. You should think carefully about the placement of the screens, the way students and professors interact with them, and the content that you’re going to run.

Digital signage app for education, how to choose the right one?

Software matters. Good software will ensure that your network works as it should. Bad software will only bring pain, headache, and budget expenditure. You don’t want that. 

That’s why choosing the right digital signage app for education is of the utmost importance for your institution. 

Factors to keep in mind when choosing the digital signage app for education

- Functionality

You want to make sure that the solution you choose is up for the job. See if the functionality meets your content needs. 

- Security

Data is gold in the 21st century. Digital signage options are different and they treat your private information differently. Choose the one that is reliable and secure.  

- Specs

Know the specs of the digital signage software you're choosing by heart and you'll avoid the surprises you don't need. Want it to be touch-based? Or maybe AR-enabling? How about some AI integration? Digital signage software differs and you should do your homework when choosing one.

- Support availability 

When it's the technological solutions we're talking about, things go south sometimes. Because of a glitch, because of an error, because of a human factor. When they do (and they will for sure because there's no such thing as an ideal solution in our ever-changing world), you want to know you have support to talk to. That actually talks back to you and does that in respectful and a timely manner.

- Reviews

By reviews we mean the whole media spectrum. You don't want to go with a no-name. You want a well-establish software that has made rounds in a press, participates in the leading conferences and has some kind of stance in the industry.

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