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Why Digital Signage Advertising is Great for Your Business

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 30, 2022
May 1, 2024

Digital signage advertising is one of the most effective tools that exist on the market today. It is powerful, it is versatile, and, most importantly, it helps businesses to evoke emotions. We will take a look at the reasons that make screen technology stand out among other solutions for marketing.

What makes digital signage for advertising so special?

It’s always about the static vs. digital comparison. The first is still very much present, the static billboards are not going anywhere (at least for now). But when it comes to visual power, digital is a much more flexible medium. And flexibility for advertisers means that you can experiment with formats, achieve more, and create more creative campaigns. 

For example, with a static billboard, you’ve got just this. A piece of paper that costs a fortune to get up there and then some more to maintain. It is obsolete and old-school. And, quite importantly, why use such a slow and heavy tool if you’ve got such a beautiful thing as digital signage advertising? 

You see, it’s not only about the billboards that we’re talking about here. It’s about the approach to advertising something. Static is limited no matter whether you’re printing your ad out for a mega billboard, or placing it on the stand in the window of your restaurant. It takes time, effort, and money to make it work, and then you have just 1 thing. 

Digital billboards work differently. They are broadcasted through screens. They don’t require any kind of printing costs. And you can change them and adapt them as much as you want, it’s a file, after all, something that is easily altered.

Engagement as the true power of digital signage advertising

Static can be original. Static can evoke emotions. Static can be cool and edgy. But static advertising won’t ever have the engagement rate of digital. 

It’s all about the attention span and the ability to interact with the audience. The rapid life rhythm of today and the overexposure to the ads make it extremely difficult to win the attention of people. As we said earlier static advertising is an obsolete one, the old-school one. Simply put, it’s not that interesting in 2022. 

Digital signage gives advertisers almost unlimited possibilities to stun and amaze. And the digital medium enhances the visual effect and makes sure that the attention is duly captured. In practice, it’s a game-changer. When you’re fighting not even for 10 seconds of attention but for 8.25 (the average according to the latest research) every tool that can give you a win here is worth it.

Better content delivery possibilities

Static advertising has enjoyed a long and steady run being used since the beginning of the 20th century. But what it really gives you in the 21st century? An option to choose a static image with text for the audience. 

Digital signage for advertising has exactly the same capability. You can still show a static image with text using the screen. But apart from that, it also opens up a whole new world of content possibilities, the one where only the sky is the limit.

With the advancement of technology, you’ve got an almost unlimited set of things you can show and ways to interact with your target audience. Starting from trivial and most popular things like images, videos, text, and animation to more elaborate and techie like AR billboards, VR experiences, AI-powered campaigns, social media-integrated content, etc. 

For advertising creatives, it means more chances to apply their imagination and create awesome campaigns that will ring close to home with the people. And it’s a definite advantage of the digital screen technology, the one static just can’t catch up with. 

Building better trust

When you’ve got static advertising it’s more dead than alive. Sure, you can include links to your socials, promote your website, and try to gather the feedback, but it will still look very cold and muted. 

With the screens, it’s a completely different story. You can literally talk to your audience in real time, ask them questions, gather answers more efficiently, and make sure that all their voices are heard. That gets you to a whole different level of trust.

People see that you actually care about them and your advertising is cautious toward their interests. And that’s a great way to build trusty relationships. 

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