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7 Best Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Campaigns of 2022-2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 29, 2024

As it’s a new exciting year, we felt it would be great to have a recap of the best examples of digital out-of-home advertising campaigns. And there definitely were some amazing ones. DOOH advertising fully embraced the rise of AR, VR, and 3D billboards. The results are very engaging, juicy, and stunning. Let’s see the best digital out-of-home advertising campaigns of 2022-2023.

What is digital out-of-home advertising?

Okay, in order to get to the DOOH advertising, it’s important to define what it is first. Out-of-home advertising is a type of media distribution using screens. The delivery of content can be done both outdoors and indoors. It’s an alternative to static out-of-home advertising when the content is distributed in a physical form using printed materials.

Examples of digital out-of-home advertising are the big digital billboards on the streets, and the outdoor displays in restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, gas stations, etc. It’s a more adaptable, versatile, and powerful way to distribute content in the 21st century. 

Also, it gives advertisers almost unlimited creative freedom. The entries in this list can give you an idea of how DOOH advertising can be used. 

Okay, without further waiting we’re going straight to the best digital out-of-home advertising of 2022-2023.

1. "Find the date you’ve been watching for" - Bumble and Netflix

digital out-of-home advertising - Bumble and Netflix
Credit: Bumble

Why: Bumble partnered with Netflix to create one of the coolest DOOH campaigns of 2023 so far. It highlights the brand-new feature of the dating app that allows users to play an in-app game with trivia about their favorite Netflix shows. While that may or may not help to strike a date, the way the company chose to communicate the new update is an amazing one.

The advertising featured several tongue-in-cheek references to the most popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things, The House of Cards, and Squid Game.

2. La vie est belle - Lancôme

Why: French fragrance brand goes super visual with its latest "La vie est belle" campaign. Utilizing the stunning abilities of the 3D billboard at Picadilly Circus, the ad is an immersive journey and one of the best DOOHs of 2023. The experience is announcing the launch of the "La vie est belle" fragrance and choosing an impressive approach to do it. Now that's how you do promotion in the 21st century, you make it unforgettable.

3. Chippendales 3D billboards - Disney+

Why: male strippers take over Picadilly (and other locations around the world). Not in real life, though. It’s all part of the provocative new DOOH advertising campaign by Disney+ promoting the launch of their new drama “Welcome to Chippendales” about the rise of a male revue house founded by the Indian immigrant (played by Kumail Nanjiani). The delivery is ensured by Ocean Outdoor’s "Deepscreen" technique (the company owns the Piccadilly Lights board)

Having the new technology shine is a great way to do a campaign. Also, the surprise factor works. Who thought that the company that gave the world Micky Mouse, Pocahontas, and Snow White would have a huge billboard with male strippers in the heart of London? But that’s a new chapter for Disney and we’re all for it.

4. Quitter’s Day - Duolingo

Credit: Duolingo

Why: if you’ve ever been on Duolingo you know the drill. The language-learning website is used by millions around the world to ameliorate their skills. Over the years it has become a league of its own with the iconic step-by-step gamified learning process and omnipresent notifications. The latter gets full focus in the company’s latest Times Square stint. 

The combined DOOH and OOH campaign features the cute Duolingo bird character Duo reminding people to stick to their New Year Resolutions and keep on learning the languages. It’s brilliantly done, it’s cheerful, it’s motivational. That’s why it’s on our list of the best out-of-home digital advertising examples of 2022-2023. 

Also, the company enhanced the power of the campaign by creating a special ’Streak Repair Shop’ pop-up, placing stickers with motivational messages in the NYC subway, and placing company-related messages in fortune cookies. That’s how you do 360-degree marketing.

5. Digital lungs displaying the smog level - Polish Smog Alarm and Clean Poland Program Association

Why: it’s great to see DOOH become a tool for improving the lives of communities. That’s what’s happening in the latest project of the Polish Smog Alarm and Clean Poland Program Association in cooperation with Screen Network.

Displays around many Polish cities started showing the interactive human lungs that were getting blacker according to the smog pollution level at the time of the display. It’s a very visual and even unsettling way to bring attention to a serious environmental problem. And the power of digital signage is on full display here.

6. Samsung Z Flip 4’s Google Assistant ad - Google and Samsung

Why: sometimes all you need is a lighthearted campaign featuring a celebrity. Google teaches everyone a lesson in marketing with this superb Times Square 3D billboard DOOH. It highlights the Google Assistant selfie feature on Samsung Z Flip 4 and employs the avatars of Ludacris and his cute dog friend as the heroes. They are taking selfies using Google Assistant’s hands-free feature.

What’s interesting about this particular ad is that it’s surprisingly Google’s first-ever 3D anamorphic billboard. Android-using Samsung is a great partner for such a campaign.

7. TigerPig dance-off - Subway

Why: interactivity is one of the biggest digital out-of-home advertising trends and Subway utilizes it fully for their latest DOOH campaign called TigerPig dance-off. The company installed the augmented reality-drive Just Dance arcade in the middle of shopping malls across the UK inviting the on-goers to participate in a dance-off competition. It’s one of our favorite campaigns that connect the real and virtual worlds with the help of digital signage.

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