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“There’s a big problem in the market place in that”: Dave Haynes on standardization in digital signage.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 11, 2019
May 29, 2024

During our talk with Dave Haynes from Sixteen:Nine as a part of our set of DSSE interviews, we’ve covered many topics: from prominent companies to trends that will shape the industry in the forthcoming years. One of the hot discussions at DSSE was around the standardization in the digital signage industry. This has been a tough topic for already quite some time. We asked Dave Haynes what are the challenges and which segments might benefit the most.

“A lot of what goes on digital signage in terms of technology development is the result of other industries doing things: like video compression and so on. When video compression went from h.264 to h.265, all of a sudden moving 4K size files around on a digital signage network wasn't a terrifying thing and playback was easier.

For the end-user, it is very confusing and complicated. I think that would definitely benefit from it. There’s a lot of standardization in terms of how things are described in areas like computer vision – so video analytics. There’s a big problem in the market place in that. You have some companies marketing what they say they have as being facial recognition; another saying ‘No, no. It’s a face pattern detection.’ And the moment you say ‘facial recognition’, you’re freaking out a whole sector of consumers who think ‘OK, I’m being followed with a camera.’ When in fact the technology is doing nothing more than identifying the geometry of a face and saying ‘OK, that’s a face, and I think it’s male’.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Dave Haynes to keep your hand on the pulse of the digital signage market and learn valuable insights:

Kitcast Podcast feat Sixteen:Nine– Episode 9 – What About the Digital Signage Market?

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