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“I Have No Faith or Interest in 3D”: Dave Haynes From Sixteen:Nine on Digital Signage Tech

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 28, 2019
May 29, 2024

We continue publishing excerpts from our set of DSSE interviews as a part of the digital signage podcast series. During our talk with Dave Haynes from Sixteen:Nine, we’ve covered a large number of topics on digital signage solutions and market prospects. In 2019 any retailer can improve their marketing communication with a large number of digital signage technologies: from video walls to interactive signage. We asked Dave Haynes, which technology will become a bigger game-changer in retail visual marketing: 3D holographic or AR.

“I have absolutely no faith or interest in 3D. To me, that’s a technology that’s come and gone. I still see to this day companies marketing that. But because the whole digital signage industry sends me press releases and case studies about what they’ve done, I can count on one hand the numbers I’ve seen a commercial deployment of 3D screens. When it comes to AR, I think that’s really interesting, but I don't see that so much as a digital signage platform. It’s kind of a parallel technology that’s doing its thing and has its applications in the same way that VR has its applications. 

What I think may be interesting down the road for certain applications, and you’re starting to hear about it, is companies that are working with voice technology. Like Alexa and the Google platform, and so on. I think it could be interesting when you come to, let’s say, an airport or a hospital where you have multiple languages coming through there and the ability to walk up and ask an interactive station, help you find something using your native language. I think it would be quite powerful.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Dave Haynes to keep your hand on the pulse of the digital signage market and learn valuable insights:

Kitcast Podcast feat Sixteen:Nine – Episode 9 – What About the Digital Signage Market?

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