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Guide To Building Customer Loyalty With Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 23, 2023
May 29, 2024

Customer loyalty goes a long way. It’s one of the main reasons some businesses sell loads and others don’t. It’s a feature everyone is willing desperately to have, but not everyone has. We’ve got great news for you. With the power of digital signage, reaching customer loyalty is much easier. The screens allow you to establish a more effective marketing strategy and better communications. How? Let us walk you through it.

Customer life cycle and digital signage

Let’s go back to the very beginning. The theory, who doesn’t love it? There’s this beautiful thing called the customer life cycle. It’s essential to understand of the relationship between the business and the customers.

Of course, such a broad concept couldn’t be with only one approach. But we’ll use the theory comprised of 5 stages for the sake of this article. So, the customer life cycle looks like this: 

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Purchase

4. Retention

5. Loyalty

We won’t go through each of the stages, it’s crucial to see that loyalty is the final one. That’s what you should take into account.

That basically means that reaching loyalty is the direct result of everything you do before. This elusive thing doesn’t come on its own, it’s a product of your successful marketing, communication, and service. 

But our headline says “customer life cycle and digital signage” so what’s the role of screens in all of this? Well, signage technology can accompany every stage and make wonderful things happen. It’s extremely versatile and adaptable to any kind of strategy. That makes the displays a perfect tool to ameliorate the whole system.

Capabilities of digital signage at each stage of the customer cycle

Awareness and digital signage

- high visual value

- attention-grabbing content 

- immediate engagement

- various formats of interaction (screens, video walls, kiosks, mega billboards, etc.)

Consideration and digital signage

- effective promotional campaigns 

- social media marketing using displays

- excellent information campaigns 

- high interactivity

Purchase and digital signage

- amazing upselling potential 

- promotion of special propositions during the sale 

- informing about deals

Retention and digital signage

- branding to nurture trust

- supporting the existing clients using screens 

- encouraging sales via promotion

As you can see, the screens are indispensable for a more effective and rewarding customer experience. Now it’s time to take a closer look at loyalty and digital signage.

The definition of customer loyalty

Loyalty is firstly an ethical concept and then a marketing one. The simple definition of it will be through the concept of devotion. Devotion to something. Meaning that you’re fixed on this thing or person in a strong way. 

Now when we talk about customer loyalty, it’s a devotion to a brand or certain product. It’s the endgame of any customer life cycle, the most desired achievement for a business. 

Having a loyal customer means having an evangelist. The one who will tell everyone about your product, who will praise it, and recommend it. And who will not walk away from your business too.  

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to achieve? Absolutely. But it requires hard work and an excellent understanding of what your customer wants. Also, it can’t be achieved without the consistency. So keeping that in mind, let’s see how the screens will make the process of reaching customer loyalty easier for you.

Maximize benefits of customer loyalty program with screens

When you’ve got the devotees, it’s important to reward them. One of the basic ways of celebrating the customer loyalty is to create a special program. Digital signage will help you communicate it better and make sure that the members of the program are duly recognized. 

Recognition is very important to: 

a) show full attention to members of the loyalty program 

b) encourage others to become loyal to the business to have a reward in the form of membership and special deals

Psychologically, it’s a very powerful tool to incentivize the feeling of belonging. 

Screens are perfect for communication. That’s why when you promote the loyalty program or recognize the existing members it’s always seen and engaged with.

Make referral more straightforward

Referral programs are usually at the core of designing an effective word-of-mouth type of marketing for the business. With digital signage, you can get a more efficient application of the referrals. 

Run QR codes as an addition to referral-related content on the screens to maximize exposure. Incentivize customers to share. Introduce a special program of rewards for referrals. And, finally, promote it all using the power of the displays.

Brand ambassadorship

Use digital signage to cultivate the brand ambassadorship program. Talk to the customers using screens, and make sure that the communication is transparent and clear. Show that you care. 

The visual capabilities of the screens are ideal to communicate a message of brand ambassadorship and distinguish the members of your customer loyalty program. 

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