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We Absolutely Love These 7 Creative Gym Ads (+ 7 more)

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 6, 2023
May 29, 2024

People go to the gym for many reasons. Sometimes they do it because they saw a great gym ad. The commercial is motivating, visually appealing, and creative. That’s exactly what we’re for in this article. Here are the coolest gym ads of 2023 for some workout inspiration.

1. Make a New Day Resolution at LA Fitness

using the concept of a resolution and turning it from the “new year” to the “new day” one, LA Fitness crafts a superb gym ad that immediately makes you feel like you need to buy that club membership card ASAP. The structure here is the countdown, the video is very well done, and the editing is super dynamic. It doesn’t dare to be provocative or very original, but it’s a formula any gym can use to create a nice ad of its own. 

Also, simplicity definitely adds to the allure. Don’t forget that LA Fitness operates more than 700 clubs all over the US.

2. It's time for Big Fitness Energy! - Planet Fitness

Why: this is one of the best gym ads in 2023 even though it hasn’t gained much traction yet. The New Planet Fitness commercial feels refreshingly creative with its good old 80s ad vibes and curious plot.

Commercial introduces us to people who don't have Low E or low energy and can't perform even the easiest life tasks. Who's going to save these poor denizens? Of course, a new offer from Planet Gym. Special recognition goes to depicting the post-workout glow as a sort of halo around the body. This is how you do a good gym ad in 2023.

3. Talk to the hand - Crunch Fitness

Why: getting a little bit WTF certainly doesn't hurt. When you're doing a gym ad it is an interesting risk to take. Crunch Fitness decided to materialize its logo in real life. Let me remind you, their logo is just a hand holding the letters saying "Crunch". But here we are looking at one of the best gym commercials of 2023 where people literally talk to a gigantic hand that also happens to have a mouth (for the talking part that is). 

Not only does the company bring a WTF element to the gym ad game, it also uses a catchy jingle song to cement the success.

4. #TrainDays - Third Space London

Why: giving an ode to location is always a perfect way to set the scene. In the gym space, it works too. Third Space London accentuates its role in the life of Londoners by juxtapositioning the visuals of the city and the interiors of the workout experience. It works. 

Here you have a good formula for a simple yet powerful gym ad. Make it look amazing, include motivational copywriting, and show that workout time is an integral part of busy city life.

5. What Makes A Fitfluencer - GoodLife Fitness

Why: Canadian chain GoodLife Fitness takes the concept of the classic gym ad and turns it on its head. You know the deal, usually the gym commercials are about those ideal godly bodies. Not this one. It talks about being a fitfluencer and starts with setting up the stereotype. Being a fitfluencer is about followers, selfies six-pack abs. The usual gym traits. 

But GoodLife Fitness is smart. They know their target audience and they shatter the stereotypical image of a "fitfluencer" by sending out the message of body positivity and anti-grind. We think that the message here is simply beautiful. It goes beyond the regular gym ads, it proposes something completely different. "If you're looking for a fitfluencer, take a look in the mirror". Amen. 

6. Orangetheory X Steve Aoki

Why: Steve Aoki seems to be everywhere. If you don't know who that is, Steve is an internationally popular DJ that occasionally does cameos in TV shows and movies, collaborates with the likes of Linkin Park, Kid Cudi, and will.I.am, and funds regenerative medicine research. And here he is in a gym commercial. 

Canadian Orangetheory uses him only in 18 seconds of the ad time but we can't not applaud them for such a move. Employing celebrities in ads is a common practice. But you rarely see celebrities in gym ads. That's why automatically proclaiming Steve Aoki as a "chief musical officer" at Orangetheory makes the company's proposition stand out from the competition. Which is always an amazing thing when it's the marketing we're talking about.

7. Don't join a gym, join Planet Fitness

Why: there's a lot of anxiety about joining the gym for the first time. Intimidating pictures of judgmental demigods with perfect bodies come to mind and you just doubt this decision altogether. Planet Fitness expertly addresses this fear in their 2023 gym ad. The commercial is looks awesome, sends all the positive vibes, and is able to effectively dissipate the gym anxiety (or at least to actively research the possibility of joining the Planet Fitness membership). 

Here's our previous list of the best gym ads

Creative gym ads are what we really love. As a place where people work on themselves, improve their physical and mental health and reach new goals, the gym industry is very motivational and inspirational. That’s exactly what you find in gym commercials. But some are better than others. Our article is about that. Here are the best gym ads for you to take notice of and upgrade your advertising (or finally buy that club card). 

1. Welcome to Your Comeback - LA Fitness

Why: comeback is such an alluring ad concept to work with. It’s that moment after something happened that you find inner powers to overcome. LA Fitness may not give us the whole hero’s journey scenario arc here, but it makes their ad about the comeback.

We don’t quite get an idea where the comeback is from. But at the end of the day, it’s always individual. One thing is clear, LA Fitness is happy to assist you with your personal comeback by offering a great fitness experience. 

2. Start something that's Real AF - Anytime Fitness

Why: going with AF in your commercial tagline is bold, but Anytime Fitness pulls it off with grace. One of the most creative gym ads, it depicts a diverse roaster of gym people who each go through their gym struggles. The company wants you to know that Anytime Fitness is the place you can count on and that it will give you all the necessary tools to have the workout you deserve. 

3. Life is the Luxury - Equinox

Why: rarely do you see gym ads that are such a high level as Life is the Luxury. American luxury gym brand Equinox decided to go full-The Tree of Life Terrence Malick-level of visuals. The slick video follows several people doing some kind of activity. One is climbing the rock, the girl is running through the forest in a Twilight fashion, the other girl is standing on the water, and, finally, there’s a guy (probably, taking time off Burning Man) drawing circles around in the desert. 

The stories are supported by the narrator’s voice that takes usual gym motivation mantras to the next level by turning them into a kind of poetry. Overall, this ad is very poetic at the core, it’s very impressionist. And you can’t use that often for a commercial for a fitness center. So, undoubtedly, it’s among the best creative gym ads of 2022. 

4. What’s Gotten into Lindsay? -  Planet Fitness

Why: Planet Fitness went absolutely bonkers with their recent Lindsay Lohan ad. While it looks goofy and quite silly, it’s actually a fantastic piece of pop culture-heavy advertising craft, one that not everyone can master.

The ad is led by none other than Lindsey Lohan and follows her throughout the day as she plays “Jeopardy!” with Dennis Rodman, encrusts Danny Trejo’s ankle tag, crosses paths with Star Trek’s William Shatner at the gym, and makes paparazzi cry their eyes out (literally) by not showing for a night party. 

It’s more of a Lindsay Lohan being on the joke about her past struggles with fame than a regular gym ad. But what’s the connection with Planet Fitness you may ask? And here it gets really smart. The gym space is proclaimed a non-judgmental zone where your past doesn’t matter and you can simply focus on working on the better “you”. Quite an existential piece of advertising, isn’t it? Definitely one of the most creative gym ads. 

5. Just get here - Crunch Fitness

Why: oh, this one hits close to home. All creative gym ads love to show off, but here Crunch Fitness goes even further. It suggests that their fitness center is your place to escape from the woes of your ordinary life. The way ordinary life is depicted is quite brutal (but quite honest). 

The commercial starts with a girl walking down the street with literal baggage of her life hardships tied to her feet. That’s not a pretty package: there’s a useless boyfriend watching TV, breaking news saying that “everything sucks”, a Peloton (?) bike suggesting failed home exercises, and a disappointed mother (or landlord (or boss)) figure sighing in despair. That’s a tough combination to handle and it follows this poor girl around (and makes us realize that we, in fact, have something similar in our lives too). But there’s a way to relieve the depression. Tada. Crunch Fitness is there to make our lives better (even if for an hour or two). 

Is it a great life prospect? Definitely no. Is it one of the best gym ads out there? Hell yes!

6. Built By Gold's - Gold's Gym

Why: if you were looking for that classic, sweaty, pumping gym ad that is short, on point, and makes you think of getting ripped to the levels of Barbarian-era Arnold Schwarzenegger, here it is. Gold’s Gym won’t take much of your time to show what you’re getting by coming there to work out. In under a minute, the commercial shows a series of beautiful bodies working hard to get to even bigger levels of body beauty. Where to do it? Gold’s Gym is the answer.

While there are many similar creative gym ads around, we really love this one for an amazing level of execution where every element works. 

7. Barre Beginner? What To Expect At Pure Barre

Why: there’s always anxiety about going to the gym of trying out new fitness concepts for the first time. Pure Barre understands that and uses a commercial format to address these concerns and calm them down. This ad is very meditative, very slow, and peaceful. The main message here is “don’t worry, we’ve got you and we accept you”. 

Instead of going full motivation beast mode, Pure Barre chooses a soothing voice and welcoming vibe. The mission is the same, to sell. It’s just the way to that sell is different and caters to a specific audience. In the case of Pure Barre, they understand that their potential customers are not interested in screaming and loud commercials. So the company gives them what would work best. 

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