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Why digital signage is important in the COVID-19 era

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 21, 2020
May 29, 2024

The pandemic of novel coronavirus COVID-19 has divided the world economy into before and after.

It took the virus a few months to overtake the economic distress of the Great Recession sending multiple businesses into bankruptcy, cutting jobs, bringing death and chaos. Even worse, analysts predict that we’re just beginning the fight and the new waves of the coronavirus can become more disastrous

The pandemic caught everybody, including our company, by surprise. However, life is all about adaptation and endurance so we have to go on looking at ways to minimize the negative impact of the virus crisis and adjust to the new normal. This is the only way to a better and more secure future. 

Digital signage and COVID-19 go hand in hand. Probably, the digital screen technology is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking about the fight against the virus and surviving it business-wise. But it occupies an important place in this battle and more people should look at it this way. Because screens are an extremely powerful tool both for the public and private sphere. And they can play a significant role in both preventing the spread of COVID-19, instant providing of the essential information and maximizing income for businesses during this hard time. 

So here are the reasons why digital signage is important in the COVID-19 era. 

Ultimate communication tool

Lots of things are uncertain in this pandemic but there is something that we can all agree upon: eventually, everything will open up. Every day we read news about quarantine measures being either lifted or re-imposed, every day there are new openings and new closings. However, it’s essential to understand that if the physical location opens it opens in a new virus-affected world where every preventive measure is vital. And this is where digital outdoor coronavirus signage comes into play. 

The fight against the novel coronavirus is all about speed of reaction. The earlier you warn people, the earlier protective measures are taken, the earlier the announcement is displayed, the lower will be the negative impact. Digital screen technology was made for that. And the facilities today need to implement it more than ever before. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of digital outdoor coronavirus signage usage for public awareness. 

COVID-19 digital signage in the airports

Stats show that the travel industry was one of the worst-hit by the effects of coronavirus lockdowns. Nevertheless, slowly airports start operating flights again. And digital signage should be a priority for them now. Because with the airborne virus it is important to keep people alert and informed at all times. Digital signage is a perfect announcement tool. It can provide effective wayfinding, manage queues and display alerts. It is indispensable in the present where social distancing is a norm. 

On the other hand, if an airport doesn’t use screen technology to organize people’s journeys through the premises, there is a higher risk of infection. Disorganization is the best friend of novel coronavirus and digital signage can minimize the risks. 

COVID-19 digital signage in the hospitals

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of the coronavirus battle. And as the pandemic brings more and more struggles, digital signage is there to make hospitals a safer and more efficient place. 

To protect healthcare workers and minimize the COVID-19 spread, it is important to provide effective and straightforward preventive measures inside. Displays per se surely cannot stop the coronavirus but they can give the hospital IT departments a powerful tool to raise the public awareness about the virus, to direct people more efficiently around the premises and to broadcast alerts. 

Also, screens can boost morals too and provide some good vibes in a stress-filled healthcare environment. Mental health is essential under constant pressure that medical professionals go through. The displays can be used to show the motivational message and share heartwarming content. 

COVID-19 digital signage in retail

Retail faces one of the most challenging periods of existence nowadays. For the shopping malls, the pandemic posed a question of survival with experts predicting that 25% of America’s malls would disappear within the next three to five years. This is a grim COVID-19 reality that retail operators find themselves in. 

Digital signage is there to help. The good news is that the majority of shopping malls already have display technology in place. So today they should just use it properly to fight coronavirus more effectively. 

Wayfinding becomes a priority shopping mall digital signage task to ensure that the customers are following the social distancing rules. Also, displays can be used for informational purposes. Here retail operators can take advantage of the swift nature of content distribution through screens and use it to prevent infections and to keep their premises law-observing. In the long run, it will help them to minimize coronavirus-induced hardships. 

Outdoor digital signage helps businesses sell during the pandemic

Although the world has changed, the business is still about competition. Coronavirus has altered reality but capitalism is still about selling and promoting. Because at the end of the day, business owners have to earn money, pay their workers and file tax forms. And commerce is digital signage’s favorite game. 

As many enterprises shift to outdoors, displays are there to make the process smoother. They are here to maximize sales. 

While it’s getting hard to imagine shopping inside the boutique brick-and-mortar store or dining without thinking about the virus inside the restaurant, the digital outdoor coronavirus signage can be used to promote and sell better. 

Restaurants can use outdoor digital displays to show the menu, promote special offers and catch the attention of the customers. In the age of social distancing, a screen is a great tool to draw eyeballs and sell better. What is essential is the great content that is shown. 

The brick-and-mortar stores can utilize the outdoors for the same reason. Screens are the best tool to advertise products, empathize on deals and promote the website or social media accounts. Also, displays can be an ultimate social interaction tool giving businesses a chance to directly communicate with customers and gather feedback. All while following the social distancing requirements. 

Digital signage is important during a pandemic

Both in the public and private sphere, digital signage technology can be effective in a fight against COVID-19. It helps to minimize the spread of the virus on one hand and can maximize the sales if done right on the other. It is a versatile tool that can be efficiently used in all the spheres of human life.

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