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Why Cloud Digital Signage Software Rules in 2024

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 22, 2024
May 29, 2024

It’s officially the age of cloud digital signage software. More and more businesses and organizations worldwide are turning to this kind of technology leaving the bulky, complicated, and expensive on-site digital signage software behind. Cloud is always the answer. It’s much better adapted to the challenges of our turbulent times and easily updated.

Let’s see why cloud-based digital signage software is a top solution for your company in 2024.

Cloud Digital Signage Software is Simple and Intuitive

Tech solutions vary in their complexity. Digital signage is not an exception. Its scale depends on the business or the organization that uses the screen technology. What is the rule, though, is the simplicity and intuitiveness of cloud digital signage software. 

But in order to understand why digital signage cloud software is simpler we need to juxtapose it to something. That something is the on-site digital signage. 

The main difference between the cloud-based digital signage software and the on-site is the way it is deployed.

For example, for such a cloud-based solution as our very own Kitcast, all you need is a TV, an Apple TV device, and our app installed. Once you have it, the system is ready to go, you don’t really need to do anything else. All the data is stored in the cloud (hence the name). You literally can deploy digital signage in minutes. 

On the other hand, the on-site solution requires you to buy a server and maintain it to store data. Also, it’s a much more time-consuming process and you’re basically on your own when dealing with all the shortcomings and technological problems.

2024 is for being more dynamic and less limited. That’s why simplicity and intuitiveness definitely rule. That’s why cloud digital signage software wins here.

No Need for a Separate IT Team

HR is hard. Having a specialized IT team just for digital signage is even harder. But that’s what you need with the on-site. As you’re managing everything in-house, you would need the specialists to organize the processes properly, ensure the maintenance of the server, and deal with content management. That requires time and money. Also, it makes things more complex and less adaptable. 

Now with the cloud digital signage software, it’s a different story. You need nobody to make it work, everything is managed by a third party. That leaves you more time to be occupied with the ideas for killer content you’re going to run on the screens and less time dealing with the HR troubles and IT team management.

But it doesn’t mean that you’re alone. Kitcast, for example, has dedicated support that will be happy to help you with any issue you might be having when using the software. That gives you peace of mind and saves money on employment payments.

Again, a ball in the cloud-based court.

Regular Updates

Everything changes. The cloud-based software makes sure that your solution is always up-to-date and that you’re getting the best experience. Kitcast is constantly improving its services according to new market trends and addressing current and future challenges. 

In the on-site case, you’re the one who should think about the updates. As you’re in full control of the software, that also means that you have to always monitor what’s new and adapt the software and the hardware that comes with it. It’s more time-consuming and can inflict additional charges on updating the hardware like a server, for example.

State-of-the-art Content Management System

CMS matters when you’re opting for digital signage software. Cloud-based solutions are the products of the new era and they usually have a more versatile and user-friendly approach to managing content. 

We can’t say for everyone, of course, but Kitcast has created a CMS that puts the user first and gives full control over what you’re showing. You have many awesome features such as customizable widgets, free icons, and shapes, hundreds of fonts, a custom template designer, a video editor, etc.

It’s a whole universe of superb content-making tools. But you don’t need to be an IT genius to start creating. As we stated in the beginning, it puts the user first and is very intuitive in its operation. 

With less than 5 minutes to deploy, an easy-to-use mentality, immense enterprise-level power, and versatility Kitcast is a cloud digital signage software that will fully satisfy all your digital signage needs.

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