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Content Tips For a Clothing Store Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 25, 2022
May 29, 2024

Clothing store digital signage can be really exciting. Sparkling with colors, engaging with flashy images, and inspiring with magnificent videos, this part of display technology has long been one of the most well-known and visual. Here are some of the content tips on how you can level up your game in that department. 

Clothing store digital signage in 2022

Whether it’s inside the shopping mall or on the busy street, the clothing stores of today have to fight hard for the attention of a passer-by. Nowadays, marketing is no longer a static ad hanging on a central street for a month. It’s a combination of various tools such as branding, online presence, offline display, promotions, great content, and the ability to entertain. And this list is not exhaustive, the creativity is the king of marketing in 2022, and those who master it win big. 

Clothing store digital signage is at the very heart of this process. The screens allow businesses to enhance the power of their marketing, get more attention, boost sales, and realize more creative ideas. The clothing store displays are a must-have tool, something no respectable business can go on without. Seriously, it’s easier to say who doesn’t use it than to count every store that has clothing store displays.

When you have a screen to operate, the main thing is to figure out what kind of content to broadcast there. That’s why we’d like to share these tips with you. 

Use window screens as an invitation to come inside the store

Windows are extremely important when it comes to the physical store. Digital signage there can fulfill many objectives, and different businesses do it differently. And it’s beautiful. 

What we would suggest is to treat your store as some kind of a ride in an amusement park. When you’re entering the ride you are expecting an experience. That’s exactly what a visit to your clothing store should feel like, an experience. And the windows should set the scene of what awaits the potential customers. The content you’re showing using the window displays should intrigue, not give out everything.

Of course, the exact content you’re using would depend on the branding and the brand message you’d like to convey. But making it an invitation is a great way to capture the attention. 

Create an in-store experience

When it comes to clothing store displays in-store, it’s all about creativity. When you know who your audience is, it will be much easier to craft content that works particularly well for them. That’s why do that, research who your customers are and tailor your digital signage with them in mind.

Many businesses resort only to half-measures. Like, for example, doing only window digital signage or having only the screen over the counter. While the are various reasons for that (including a very sensitive one like budget), we would still recommend utilizing the clothing store digital signage to its full force by placing screens in all the locations where they can shine and bring results for your business.

Once a customer is inside the store, it means you’ve sparked the interest. Take that opportunity to build a relationship with the visitors by creating an in-store experience.

You can resort to beautiful videos featuring your brand, sensory content that channels your brand colors, and images showing highlighted products. This content shouldn’t take the attention away from the assortment on one hand, and amplify the shopping experience on the other. 

Don’t forget about the counter. You can either have an ordinary screen there or go with a beautiful video wall. In each case, make sure to use it right. It can either be a continuation of the other screen strategy in-store or can fulfill other goals like upselling and making sure that the customers follow you on social. It’s up to you to decide. Experiment and find the formula that works for you. 

Marketing ideas for clothing store

Here is a list of content ideas you can use for your screens in a clothing store: 

- photos and videos highlighting the special promotions and deals

- abstract photos and videos that create the atmosphere 

- ads with your brand

- call-to-action photos and videos promoting your social media channels

- asking for feedback 

- asking for engagement: challenges, special hashtag promotion, user-generated content promotion

- celebrity endorsements 

- try-on videos from social media influencers

And the list goes on. You can combine formats, introduce new ones, and experiment. The floor is all yours. Digital signage will help you get the message across. 

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