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Christmas Ads as a Part of the Marketing Strategy

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 14, 2022
May 29, 2024

The big date is coming and it’s time to talk about Christmas ads as a part of the marketing strategy. Year after year companies win big and lose bigger with holiday season advertising. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the most effective methods of producing great Christmas ads, how to understand what the public wants, and what not to do when it comes to holiday marketing. Also, we’ll show how digital signage can help you achieve more. 

Why you should treat Christmas seriously marketing-wise

Not only is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also responsible for a sales boom. Numbers don’t lie, the holiday shopping stats show the importance of the holiday season and how it can account for a large chunk of your yearly sales. Let’s see. 

- It is estimated that holiday shopping can account for up to 30% of all retail sales according to Much Needed

- US shoppers spend $201.32 billion online during the holiday season according to Digital Commerce 360

- There will be an expected growth of 7.1% in holiday sales in the US during the expanded holiday season of 2022 according to Mastercard

- And a little curious one by Statista that 43% of US consumers start shopping for Christmas gifts before October

All of it shows that Christmas shopping matters and it should be an integral part of any marketing strategy. Also, holiday shopping isn’t exclusive to retail, it is an all-encompassing phenomenon that covers a wide range of industries.

Christmas marketing strategy should be at the core of your overall year plan. That's the best time to shoot and you've got the biggest chance of hitting the hearts and minds of the customers. But to get it right you should put out the best kind of content and apply creativity.

Preparation is key

There is a big mistake many businesses make when approaching Christmas marketing and it’s not preparing for the season. 

The ads are produced on the fly, there is no real game plan on how to engage with the audience, and there’s no research made. While surely impromptu advertising may work, the sad part here is wasted money. 

The Christmas season is a perfect time to sell more, sell better, and obtain new customers. But in order to do it properly you need to prepare carefully, line out your marketing steps and produce the best content possible. 

Also, it shouldn’t only be about the week before the holiday. The best way to approach the Christmas season is to aim for extended holidays.

Plan for before and after. Produce content that includes this, and be prepared to engage with the customers post-Christmas. Think offline and online, and apply all the tools that are available on the market for maximizing your reach.

Digital signage and Christmas ads

While online advertising it’s more or less clear, showing content offline is a little bit trickier in our day and age. That’s when digital signage comes into play and changes the game. 

When you’re advertising online, it’s hard to really see the reaction of the audience to your content. Sure, you’ve got all the stats, all the analytics, but it’s behind the screen and you don’t have the real picture. 

Digital signage is different. It exists in the real world. You can actually see the reaction from the audience, you can engage with people on a more personal level, and you can ask for feedback. That makes it a very powerful tool for business-to-human interaction. This fact is a big advantage when we’re talking about Christmas ads as a part of a marketing strategy. 

Screens give you a whole universe of possibilities. 

To put it simply, signage technology allows you to show images and videos in the most impressive and attention-grabbing way. 

To elaborate more, digital signage unties your hands when it comes to content delivery and gives you a chance to realize a multitude of marketing moves. 

Effective ways of doing Christmas marketing with digital signage

Forget about static signs and billboards, the screens take the cake when it comes to boosting sales and communicating with customers. 

The great advantage of signage technology is its visual versatility. You can show whatever you want, whenever you want, without any limitations and with full control over the content. Isn’t it a perfect quality for delivering amazing Christmas marketing? 

Here are the ways you can use digital signage for Christmas advertising: 

- show content indoors with screens and video walls

- deploy outdoor screens to improve window shopping

- create stunning campaigns using the potential of the displays

- realize experiential Christmas campaigns and employ VR and AR

- promote your social media channels, gather feedback, and interact better 

- save money on paper by going fully digital

Where to seek inspiration for your Christmas marketing strategy

The holiday season is one of the most creativity-packed periods of the year. That means that many things were already tried and you've got a large pool of inspiration to work with. From vintage Christmas ads to the more modern takes on the holiday, there are many things to learn and to learn from.

One of the best ways to get inspired is by rewatching the classic Christmas ads. We've recently written about the 7 best Christmas marketing campaigns of 2022 and we've got a separate list of the best holiday ads of all time.

Check them out and make your own marketing strategy for Christmas.

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