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How to Choose the Right Media Player for Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 30, 2017
May 29, 2024

Following the trends of the state-of-the-art technologies is not as simple as it seems. A variety of various high-tech solutions is widespread throughout different areas, spheres, and industries offering multiple solutions to optimize and improve either efficiency or performance. Digital signage holds a special niche among the modern innovations. In spite of its origin from a more extended meaning “signage”, the attribute “digital” assigns a tint of a compliance with the current flow of time.Nevertheless, digital signage is not a novice in the world of technological progress. The main idea of this technology has been used for several years in various industries like catering, healthcare, administrative services etc. To understand the essence of this magical combination of two words we should dig deeper and start with the core element namely a media player.

Definition of media player for digital signage

The main task of the technology is to show various content (videos, images, commercials etc.) and this task cannot be performed without a proper digital signage player hardware. The displays function only as the demonstrative devices while a player is a core or a heart of the entire system. Do you remember the videos shown on the screens in the stores, hotels, public establishments and other places? All these are powered by a digital sign player.

Why do you need a media player?

The simplest answer to this question is “To show content”. However, this a rather extended explanation consisting of the multiple smaller tasks and needs. In fact, the entire system is a way of communication with the target audience that may include the customers, patients, employees, and other users who are the recipients of a particular information. So, the implementation of such communication requires a signage media player in a combination with the displays. The other question is what benefits can be provided by the use of this communication.

The benefits of using a media player

If somebody says that you should not opt for the digital signage unless you deal with the sales, do not put trust in such statements. Indeed, the advantages of using a system consisting of a player and the multiple displays for a retail sale are numerous. Nevertheless, we should not neglect the other areas where the positive properties of a digital signage can be revealed.

1. Taking attention

Using this technology lets you take the attention of the audience. This advantage may include a promotion of a product, an introduction of useful data, a notification of a significant event etc. Regardless of the type of the content, a set of the displays and a media player are a great way to concentrate the audience’s attention.

2. Interacting with the audience

This technology offers not only a one-way comprehension of information but also a possibility to give a response and conduct a dialogue. This feature is widely used in the centers of administrative service, educational establishments, healthcare facilities etc. An installation of the several touchscreens with a properly customized interface allows increasing the interaction with the users and save a lot of resources.

3. Cost effectiveness

This point must have been stated in the very beginning because it explains the economic advantage of the digital signage technology. Some businesses have already taken advantage of this money saving innovation by assigning the multiple functions to the media player. We will not claim that this solution will replace a human labor in the future but it will definitely serve as a superb assistant tool.To make it more profound, each area of business can discover the certain benefits of using this system pro domo sua. At the same time, to provide the best performance of this technology you should consider some essential points related to the media player.


The type of content is like a language you use to deliver your mind or ideas. The more advanced the language - the more understandable your point of view. A simple text provides an information that may be comprehended in a narrow sense. A more sophisticated information and even a possibility to give an immediate response via the digital signage provide a profound uptake of the content.Another essential quality of a proper digital sign media player is the support of the various types or formats of content. The types of media may include the simple text messages, music and/or video files, various animations and all other things that can be demonstrated on the screens. If a bizarre animation is required for the promotion of your product, use it but make sure to have a relevant and not cheap digital signage player to implement all your ideas.If you opt for a video content, remember that a quality of what the users see is as important as a way of introduction of the content. The live colors and an attractive picture will be a magnet to the users’ eyes and grasp their attention before they even realize what kind of product is demonstrated.


In this case, the value of the content is higher because an insufficiently tailored scheme of interactivity can puzzle a user and cause a misunderstanding. From the other side, if everything is done properly such use of a media player can substitute at least one staffing position.

Displays and location

It is an essential factor if you implement the digital signage in retail. The goal orientation of a media player must be done in accordance with the location of the outcoming content. I.e., a user is unlikely to search for a lingerie in a grocery department and the demonstration of the improperly selected product will be useless. The number of the displays to be installed also varies due to the place and space of a location. The flow of users should also be taken into account in defining the number of screens for a demonstration of content.


Creating a network consisting of a media player and a range of the displays is the key to a successful communication with the customers. Such solution enables the multiple features to distribute a content including the cloud-based services.


The performance of a media player is directly linked to the expected output. For example, your aim is to promote a range of products in the territory of a huge mall or shopping center. Dozens of displays will be installed throughout the area and deliver a targeted content. Using an insufficiently powerful media player will cause an adverse scenario with the failure of the entire system. Big expectations require a profound approach to any detail of your system.

Content Management

Mobility is one of the main attributes of the modern life. Access to the management of a media player is a great option to optimize your digital signage experience. The sudden conditions may require changing a displayed content at any time, hence no restrictions must be met to implement any operation of a player.Automatization of a process is a great bonus to your content management. The option of scheduling content allows implementing a series of different types of media without an interference of a player operator. It is especially beneficial for a retail sale when some kinds of products are more in-demand in a certain time. Make a schedule of your content and enjoy the results.

Types of players

One can categorize the players by various factors including an operating system, purpose, set of functions, content support, price etc. For example, all the media players can be divided into the PC based and appliance based devices. The latter type is a new stream in the digital signage technology. In addition, this category falls into the other types including the players based on a customer software, a specific OS (iOS, Android, Windows), and the display embedded players. In one word, the types of the media players is a broad meaning that can offer different results.

Features when choosing a digital signage

In order to understand what features should be available in your player, you have to make a basis of the initial purpose. It means that content, hardware, and software are the decisive factors in choosing a proper solution for your needs. Both software and media may have the special requirements that narrow a choice of the media players.

For whom is it useful to use the player for digital signage activity?

In fact, any person who opts for a digital signage technology will experience the numerous benefits of using a player. Regardless of your scope of activities, a media player will always have an ace in the hole to offer. This very peculiarity has turned the digital signage into one of the leading and fast-developing technologies of the modern age.

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