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Checklist: Creating Digital Signage for Spa & Salon

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 13, 2018
May 29, 2024

The beauty industry is all about the visual perception. That's why digital signage seems to be a perfect match for boosting your beauty business showing the right content at the right time. However, it takes much more than streaming your ads on the screen – you should set up a digital signage system that works both for the benefit of your beauty business and your customer. While at first glance creating a digital signage system may seem cumbersome, don't worry, with this checklist you will be able to set it up in a hassle-free way and maximize your sales.

1. Goals and Content

a) Are you showing the right content?

Spa & salon industry can produce lots of great content. For example, if you own a hair salon, you can use screens to share the before and after images of your work, broadcast the social media feeds of trending beauty influencers, talk about the accomplishments of your business. One of the most important things to keep in mind is whether such content will be interesting for the clients of your hair salon and whether it will be engaging enough to motivate your client to come back.TOP TIP: Always test different kinds of content and analyze the results in order to maximize efficiency.

b) Are you familiar with the needs of your clients?

Knowledge of your audience is key to giving them what they need. That's why in order for your digital signage for spa & salon to be successful you should study your clients very well to use screens to entertain them, capture their attention and ultimately make their day brighter. Of course, don’t forget about the growth capabilities of the screens.TOP TIP: Survey your customers, regularly ask them to provide feedback about what they would love to see on the screens.

c) Do you keep your content sweet and short?

Timing matters in a short attention span world. That's a thing you should always keep in mind when adjusting your digital signage for spa & salon. Work with the lengths of your ads, try to keep them short and simple without losing focus on the power of your CTA. Always analyze the content determining what works best for your business.TOP TIP: Regularly experiment with lengths of the ads you're showing via digital signage to find the timing that performs best.

d) Do you have a consistent content strategy?

One thing is to show a great ad, the other is to establish an effective content system that drives sales. For achieving the best results from your digital signage, you should plan your content carefully beforehand and follow a strategic approach rather than relying on the sales-driving power of the separate ads. Use screens to captivate the attention of your customers and do it consistently to hold their interest in a long-term perspective.TOP TIP: Make a content plan and use the calendar tools to schedule what you'll show and when.

2. Network and software

Digital signage is much more than just displays. What matters the most is how you organize your network regarding your spa & salon location. Placement of the screens is crucial to make digital signage work for your business. You should aim for the places that will draw all the eyeballs of your customers. If you use the social media roll in a barbershop make sure it is seen by your clients and it is not interfering with the actual service they came there for. Another essential issue you should figure out is the digital software you use to bring the digital signage magic to your spa & salon venue.These are the 3 questions to answer regarding the digital signage network and software.

a) Is your software powerful enough to satisfy the goals of your business?

To use screens to drive sales you have to know for sure if your digital signage can handle the desired content. As the spa & salon industry is quite demanding to the quality of the visuals, the digital solution to choose should be able to meet your customer's expectations and be competitive needs. It is also important to opt for a software you can rely on in case there are problems with the internet connection or technological difficulties. Kitcast has all the necessary features to deliver the stunning digital signage experience. We have built a magnificent tool with captivating smart templates. They will make a creation process easy resulting in a beautiful content that will boost your business.

b) Is your software intuitive and easy-to-use?

No matter how big or small your spa & salon business is, setting up an effective digital signage network will take some time. To spend your time wisely go with a simple solution. This way you will keep your nerves and will be satisfied with creating content using templates and sharing it on the screens. Choose a software that is easy to maintain, has intuitive design features and can fulfill your content tasks flawlessly. We take pride in Kitcast design that is easy to understand and rewarding to use. It takes just 5 minutes to set it up. Once you enter our state-of-art dashboard the digital signage making process goes on naturally. From the very beginning, we aimed for the simplicity of our software and infinity of capabilities. We think we’ve achieved it.

c) Does your digital signage software provider care about you as a customer?

No program is insured against making mistakes. Be it minor bugs or serious UX problems, what matters the most is how the team behind the solution resolves the issue. That's why it is necessary to choose a software with a reliable customer support. This way you will be sure that when something needs to be fixed. Do your research, check out the reviews of the product you're going to use and go with the one that cares about you as a client.

3. Analyzing the effectiveness of your digital signage

In order to see whether the digital signage you've set up for your spa & salon business is effective, you would need to analyze its performance. While the screens can instantly boost the sales of your enterprise this is not a sole indicator that your system works. You should dig deeper and examine such factors as customer attention, engagement and feedback. Play the long-term game by carefully studying what works and what doesn't and multiply your positive results with even more high-quality content.

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