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7 Celebrity Ads We Loved In 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 30, 2023
May 29, 2024

When it comes to celebrity ads, we’re hardcore fans. When you’ve got a star marketing your product it’s always a win-win. Celebrities in ads are a guarantee that there will be proper attention paid to whatever you’re promoting. And usually, such campaigns find brands on top of their creative game. So let’s see what 2023 gave us in terms of celebrity ads, shall we? 

1. Go Bigger - Bush’s Beans

Celebrity: Peyton Manning

Why: there’s quite nothing like an American former football quarterback Payton Manning stirring the pot with beans and talking to a talking golden retriever. But that’s the Super Bowl and Bush’s Beans wasted zero chances to deliver a memorable and charming celebrity endorsement. Very light-weight and funny, it conquered our bean-craving hearts.

2. 'Drive-Thru' Starring Ben - Dunkin'

Celebrity: Ben Affleck and J Lo

Why: it’s refreshing to see Ben Affleck playing around and not just smoking in the depressive state near the backdoor of some shady joint in NYC. Dunkin’ did what we all wanted but did not imagine that could be possible. The company put the Batman-playing actor behind the takeaway counter. The result is hilarious as the famous man is the last person you expect to do an ad stunt like that. But wait until the end when the Queen herself shows up in an SUV to take our hero home. J Lo adds a special charm to the campaign and proves that Dunkin’ comfortably swims the waters of pop culture. Definitely one of our favorite celebrity ads of 2023.

3. Jack's New Angle - Dorito’s

Celebrity: Jack Harlow (and Elton John)

Why: there’s a lot going on in Jack Harlow-starring Dorito’s commercial that rocked hard during the Super Bowl in 2023. That’s a clever take on the current social media-dominated landscape that features many memorable gags and even a cameo from Elton John. The premise is quite absurd, but we expected no less. Jack is trying to find the right sound for his next track. Inspired by the triangle-shaped Dorito chip he sees it. The triangle. Then things quickly go west. Triangle fever is spreading fast with triangle-shaped fashion shows, triangle cologne, and a triangle awards show. Talk about memorable symbolics, Dorito’s nailed it big time. Overall, one of the coolest celebrity endorsements in recent memory. 

4. Snoop Dogg Commercial - Skechers

Celebrity: Snoop Dogg (with appearances from Howie Long, Tony Romo, and Martha Stuart)

Why: Skechers are not Nike or Adidas. Rarely does this brand dominate the ad conversation. But it changed in 2023. The company decided to go all-in with its Snoop Dogg commercial, an ultra-colorful, funny, and good-natured showcase of shoes. The charisma of the famous rapper drives this ad forward and the cameos from a series of well-known guests make it a highly pleasant watch.

5. A Mountain of Entertainment - Paramount

Celebrity: Primary - Sylvester Stallone. Supporting - his daughters Sophia, Scarlet and Sistine, Dora the Explorer, Captain Pike, Ensign Mariner, Lieutenant Dangle, and Beavis and Butt-Head

Why: finally, the veil of secrecy is taken off one of the places from these introductory videos of big Hollywood production houses. Paramount shows us what the actual mountain looks like and what characters live there. We discover that it has three faces (narrated by Dora the Explorer herself) - the Northern, the Southern, and the “Stallone Face”. You see, the ad is for the promotion of Paramount + streaming and it gathers its top performers. Sylvester Stallone seems like the most treasured asset with his crime drama “Tulsa King” and the company puts focus on him climbing that “Stallone Face” mountain. The cameo from his three daughters makes this campaign even more hilarious.

6. Breaking Good - PopCorners

Celebrity: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Raymond Cruz

Why: the Breaking Bad gang has its reunion. Directed by the show’s creator Vince Gilligan and featuring a star squad comprised of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (with an appearance from Raymond Cruz), it’s a lesson of fantastic celebrity ads. Not only it’s perfectly assembled, but every outlet in the country and beyond has written about it. When you pair your product (in this case, the PopCorners) with such a beloved IP that never gets old, the marketing magic happens. The result is an exemplary placing of celebrities in ads that you simply cannot skip.

7. Who’s in the Fridge - Hellmann’s

Celebrity: John Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson

Why: surreal advertising at its finest, the famous mayonnaise brand’s Super Bowl ad has an electric chemistry between its stars and several light laughs. Hamm and Brie are in the fridge. Next to a Hellmann’s can. Whoever thought about this probably smoked beforehand but we’re not complaining. Just when our heroes accept their fridge-living fate, the door opens and Pete Davidson shows up “to eat you”. Josh Hamm confidently responds “you’re really everywhere” referring to a popular internet opinion that Pete Davidson is everywhere on the celebrity news with his highly publicized personal life. Probably, that was some hallucination as we see our celebrities in their out-of-the-fridge versions standing and enjoying the meal at the end of the ad. That was a hell of a ride, you guys. Mayonnaise rocks.

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