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The Definitive Guide To Casino Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 19, 2023
May 29, 2024

Casino digital signage is a great way to improve the whole gambling experience. Screens bring more dynamics, more intensity, and more action. Also, digital signage at casinos can be successfully deployed both indoors and outdoors. Adding screens to the mix helps make it more sparkling and impressive. And many casinos around the world already actively using the technology. 

Here’s a definitive guide to casino signage with tips, tricks, and examples.

Why does casino digital signage work?

Casinos are very special among all the entertainment spaces. You can’t confuse them with anything else. It’s an experience that doesn’t really have any analogs. You step into the gaming hall, and immediately you’re engulfed by the sounds of the hundreds (or thousands) machines, the chatter of the players, and the music in the background. 

Also, it’s a highly visual place to visit. Casinos are full of light (that can be both dimmed and super bright, depending on the concept). And here’s where digital signage comes into play. Nowadays, screens are such an indispensable part of the casino experience, like chips or blackjack tables. 

There are several reasons why the casino and the digital signage screen are a perfect match:

A “wow” factor

With a variety of sizes, concepts, and approaches, screens can do marketing magic. You want your customers to be impressed. Use digital signage for that. Whether it’s a video wall, a single gigantic screen, or a DOOH installation, you have all the power to make it shine.

Keeping the vibe going

The more a person spends in the gaming hall the better. Screens ensure the right atmosphere. You can craft visual experiences, run mesmerizing videos, and make sure that the branding is duly represented.

Promoting better

Do you have a special slot machine you want to highlight? Use screens. A cool drink at the bar? Same. Whatever kind of promotion you would like to have, you can use the capabilities of digital signage for that.

Types of casino signage

It’s important to distinguish between outdoor casino digital signage and indoor one. They are both parts of the same system, but the approaches to doing them right differ. In other words, if you operate both indoor and outdoor casino digital signage, treat them separately and design the experience separately for each case.

Outdoor casino digital signage best practices

DOOH casino digital signage

Paul IJsendoorn з Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/photo/444964/

First of all, the objective of the outdoor signage is to lure visitors into the gambling hall. That’s why you should focus on this kind of content when making a strategy for this kind of marketing.

The DOOH should inspire people to come to your casino. It has to communicate the promotional message and motivate. 

In short, the more eye-catching it is the better. Casinos are not known for their modesty. You should go all in when designing the outdoor casino digital signage. 

The options you may consider include: 

- gigantic screens on the facade

- large roadside screens

- screens outside the facility where the casino is located (like a hotel or a shopping mall)

- window screens

Indoor casino digital signage best practices

If the outdoors is there to get people to come, the indoors is for getting them to stay. And feel great about it too. 

You see, the large variety of options for designing a digital signage experience at a casino means that you’re free to realize even the craziest content ideas. If your marketing is already established, you know your audience well. Use that information to craft the best screen-enabled time inside the gambling hall. 

Here’s one extremely important thing to remember about casino signage. It’s an integral part of casino design. The screens are not some standalone pieces of vigilante marketing, they form one system along with the other parts of your casino experience. That’s why you should use it to your full potential. 

Craft the signage experience along the lines of your already existing client path. Digitize the whole thing, and use screens from start to finish.

Designing perfect casino digital signage

Start from the very beginning. You can deploy the screens at the entrance. Preferably use the large ones to set the scene, the video wall will be perfect. The visitor should be wowed by your visuals and should be motivated to buy more chips, play on more machines, and order more drinks at the restaurant. 

Going further into the heart of your casino, the gambling hall, make sure to have a sparkling screen around the area. The content you run here shouldn’t be distracting, it should be non-intrusive to the gambling experience. It’s best to use repetitive patterns to keep it rhythmic and to blur the sensation of time and space. 

Now, you may or may not have a restaurant or a bar on-site. If you do, the screens are absolutely necessary there. Digital menus are the most effective tools for selling better and promoting the items you sell more effectively. So make sure to have them.

Another great application of screens at the casino is for wayfinding. Your gambling hall shouldn’t be confusing. Make sure that the customer knows where to go deploying the displays to guide the way. 

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