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From Concert Venues to Exibitions: Our Favourite Digital Signage Projects in Entertainment

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 18, 2019
May 29, 2024

The entertainment industry is on a perpetual mission to amaze and inspire. It has always had a strong visual component at its core and a need to apply the cutting-edge technology to grab attention. That's why casino digital signage and other entertainment solutions seem like a perfect fit for the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Screens are helping venues to astonish audiences and give them a more engaging and immersive experience. We have collected the most interesting digital signage projects from different entertainment niches to show you how the displays can be a game-changer of visual storytelling.

1. Digital signage for an amusement park: Disney World

Digital signage for an amusement park: Disney World - Kitcast Blog

Disney is one of the world's leaders when it comes to bringing joy and excitement for all demographics. Their screen technologies, used in Disney World, are the best examples of digital signage in the amusement parks. The park uses screens to facilitate wayfinding, broadcasting information, ensuring the hassle-free queue management and entertaining guests.

2. Digital signage for a zoo: Toronto Zoo

Digital signage for a zoo: Toronto Zoo - Kitcast Blog

Zoos combine digital signage solutions with the hundreds of entertainment objects in order to enhance the customer experience. Toronto Zoo is no stranger to adapting screens. They have created an effective digital signage network to make the visiting experience more comfortable and pleasant for the guests. One of the most prominent Canadian zoos has installed the displays above the main entrance to provide an instant informing for the visitors as well as to create a superb advertising space.

3. Digital signage for an exhibition: Space Needle in Seattle

Digital signage for an  exhibition: Space Needle in Seattle - Kitcast Blog

Space Needle is one of the most iconic buildings in the US. Also, it's one of the pioneers in using the new technologies to positively stun the visitors. We were particularly impressed by the immersive video wall called SkyPad that graces the Needle’s visitor’s center. This digital signage solution is a MultiTouch LCD video wall that tells the history of the famous landmark and gives the visitors a chance to add their own photo to the object’s story. It’s a brilliant project for tourism and one of the coolest tourist attractions in Seattle.

4. Casino Digital Signage: wayfinding at Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort

casino digital signage Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort - Kitcast Blog

Casinos of today are developed and large entertainment facilities. When you get there for the first time it's very easy to get lost in the labyrinths of games, bars and restaurants. Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort is a big venue and their clients often had a problem with finding the way. The resort wisely turned to casino digital signage and it has proven itself to be a perfect wayfinding solution for their casino.

5. Digital signage for a cinema: Reel Cinemas in Dubai

Digital signage for a cinema: Reel Cinemas in Dubai - Kitcast Blog

When you go to the cinema you often want to fully immerse yourself into new worlds and stories. Reel Cinemas took it literally, digitally revamping their flagship movie theatre complex with digital signage. The main reason behind this move was to give their customers a visual satisfaction by entering the biggest film theater in Dubai. They succeeded with it installing 307 square meters of LED screens of different shapes and sizes. As a result, we can witness a state-of-art digital technology execution.

6. Digital signage for a club: Tiger Nightclub in Phuket

Digital signage for a club - Tiger Nightclub in Phuket - Kitcast Blog

When you have a 13-foot statue of a tiger as a centerpiece of your club it is hard to think about something to top that. Nevertheless, one of Thailand's most notorious nightlife spots took their game to the next level with installing a video wall consisting of more than 40 displays. This case shows that digital signage in the club can take the guest experience to the next level providing a stunning visual backdrop to the dance-filled action.

7. Digital signage for a concert venue: The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

7. Digital signage for a concert venue: The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience - Kitcast Blog

Game of Thrones is definitely one of the most popular shows on the planet. Music plays an important part in the epic storytelling about the fictional world of Westeros. That's why it was a delight to see Ramin Djawadi, a man behind the series' tunes, turning to digital signage for his highly successful The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. In order to take fans to another world, the concerts used gigantic screens that were able to complement the fantastic musical performance from Djawadi and the orchestra adding to the overall ethereal experience. We absolutely love this duet between music and technology. Looks like the concert from the future to us.

8. Digital signage for bar: Boston Pizza digital revamp

8. Digital signage for bar: Boston Pizza digital revamp - Kitcast Blog

People go to the bar to have a good time: watching a favorite sports game, meeting up with friends or spending quality time with a family. Sometimes all the things mentioned are combined. All things digital are closely intertwined with "having a good time" of today. That's why the technological revamp done by Boston Pizza seems like an ideal depiction of a bar fit for the digital era. Digital menu boards, feature screens, high-quality LED displays create enhanced fan experience for the visitors.

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