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Car Dealership Digital Signage: What It Is and How To Do It Properly

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 26, 2022
May 29, 2024

Are you wondering what is the car dealership digital signage? We’ve got you covered. While many businesses around the world already apply the technology, there are also those who still haven’t caught up with this awesome tool. 2022 is high time to do that. And here’s how to do it properly.

Digital signage for car dealerships is a great way to take your marketing to new heights. This technology has been one of the greatest additions to business operations in the 21st century coming to help owners sell better. When it comes to the car dealership digital signage, it feels even more natural to apply screens here. 

Cars embody the feeling of freedom, top-notch design, and the future. As a product, it’s a very visual one. Also, this industry gives you many opportunities to produce great content. Use it to full force with the help of displays. Make car dealership digital signage work for you and give your customers a fresh perspective. Amaze and entertain them. Make it all about the engagement. 

Where to start with car dealership digital signage?

Every new tool follows a process of deployment. You have to start somewhere. With displays, the easiness of the process will depend on several factors. 

Car dealerships are different. They sell different cars, have different sizes, and work with different clientele. Digital signage per se will not do everything for you. It is a tool after all. And every tool requires knowledge on how to use it properly. 

Your first step would be to do the homework. While it may sound boring, it’s essential to understand the business, the audience, and the product. 

- Who are the people you’re selling to? 

- What do they expect from visiting your car dealership?

- What kind of content you can give them using screens to make the marketing better?

These are some of the most important questions to ask before going forward with any acquisitions. Be aware that digital signage technology is a long-term one so the more prepared you are the better the outcomes of its usage. 

For example, if you rush and subscribe to an expensive solution deploying multiple screens without doing the homework first, you risk ending up with inefficient technology and no (or even negative) effect on your overall business. Don’t do that. Take time to understand what your car dealership needs in terms of visual technology and shoot afterward.

You’ve done the homework, now comes the software and hardware

As with every technology, digital signage needs something to enable it. While the hardware part is easier and more straightforward, it’s the screens, the software is a stepping stone for many who embark on the screen technology journey for the first time. 

We can’t stress that enough: software matters! 

Good software can make magic and immediately boost your sales. Bad software can give you sleepless nights, stressful days, and loss of money. You don’t want that. You want everything to be as smooth as possible. 

So, let’s say you’ve decided to give digital signage a go. You Google “digital signage software” and there are endless solutions. You feel kinda lost. But it’s the reality, the more popular the solution is, the bigger the competition. 

We can’t tell you what to do, we can only suggest. Our solution, Kitcast was made with simplicity and power in mind. We are one of the best software solutions for Apple TV on the market. And we stick to this platform as we firmly believe that it has all the potential the business needs to stun with digital signage. 

That’s why we invite you to take a look at Kitcast and try our FREE TRIAL option to see if we can work together. 

Once the software is chosen, the content comes

You have the system in place. You have installed the screens around your premises. What comes next? How do you make all of it work? That’s when digital signage content for car dealerships comes into play.

There is no one recipe for producing top-notch content. It always depends on the audience. But there are content types that proved to be a success in the industry. We’d like to share them with you. 

So, for car dealership digital signage, you can use the following content types:

  • Promotional photos and videos motivating customers to make a purchase
  • car-related footage showing them in action and highlighting strong sides
  • branding visuals to create a special atmosphere at the car dealership store
  • interactive feedback gathering material
  • user-generated content calls, competitions, and special customer engagement contests
  • informational boards about the car specifications
  • stunning video walls

You can combine those types, employ one or every single one, and experiment with formats, but don’t forget one important thing. At all times, be sure to think about the quality. Don’t show content that’s bad. Always strive for the highest quality material.

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