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What You Can Learn From These Digital Signage Projects for Churches

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 16, 2019
May 29, 2024

The house of worship is a community place. It gathers people and spreads a message. Digital signage for churches can enhance the message and make it more visible and clear. The screens can improve the overall church visiting experience. More and more houses of worship across the world turn to innovative digital solutions for improvement and better serving the congregations. We've collected 5 examples of successful digital signage for churches to analyze what makes them work and to show you the ways to use digital signage software for your place of worship.

1. Worship Signage at the First Pentecostal Church

 1. Worship Signage at the First Pentecostal Church - Kitcast Blog

What was done: the First Pentecostal Church has decided to digitally revamp its visual outlook and partnered with Watchfire. The result is impressive. Now one can witness two brand new superb LED displays hailing the awe-inspiring hall of the church. What can be learned: in order to take their worship service to the next level, the First Pentecostal Church didn't hold back when choosing a breathtaking digital signage solution. The two screens now are a great medium for following the Scripture passages, hymn lyrics and announcements. Such a revamp keeps the church up-to-date with technology as well as enhances the power of the service.

2. Video walls at Paya Lebar Methodist Church, Singapore

Video walls at Paya Lebar Methodist Church, Singapore - Kitcast Blog

What was done: To solve the problem of the unclear image from the video projectors, Paya Lebar Methodist Church in Singapore turned to digital signage for churches software. Teaming up with Liantronics, the church has introduced two spectacular video wall panels that adapt perfectly to the ambient light inside of the building and brought innovation to the sermons. What can be learned: this case is a great example of moving along with a pace of time. Paya Lebar Methodist Church was established back in 1932 and it's impressive how it was able to be in line with the new technologies firstly by introducing the video projectors and more recently completely applying digital signage solution for church. What matters as an outtake is an effective way Paya Lebar Methodist Church placed the screens as well as the fact that during installation the lighting and the overall design were taken into account.

3. Video wall at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids

 Video wall at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids - Kitcast Blog

What was done: you're instantly impressed by the scale and the quality of the new LED wall installed at the Calvary Church in Grand Rapids. The whole worship experience there is awe-inspiring and the high-end visual output from the gigantic screen is one of the reasons for that. Churches inspire people and evoke emotions. Digital signage in case of Calvary Church plays an important role in enhancing these feelings. What can be learned: the case of Calvary Church is a great example of taking into account when setting up a digital signage network at a sanctuary. As its director of technical services, Mark Kotlarczyk said in his interview for AV Interactive: “The LED wall vividly and dramatically impacts the congregation – even those who are 125 feet away”. The digital signage is used for showing sermon content, broadcasting the lyrics of the worship songs as well as providing imagery for Bible readings.

4. LED solutions at Perimeter Church is John Creeks

LED solutions at Perimeter Church is John Creeks - Kitcast Blog

What was done: 5,000-member church may be a challenging place for effective message delivery. Perimeter Church is John Creeks, Georgia found a solution in digital signage to make sure that the worship service is seen by every single member of the audience. The cooperated with NanoLumens to incorporate three magnificent displays into the building design, two on the sides of the stage and one behind the stage. What can be learned: it is a frequent problem among churches that there is either too much light coming through the windows or the light is too ambient when the windows are covered. As seen in the example of Perimeter Church, when it comes to big spaces, digital signage software for churches can be the ultimate solution to this problem. If the building scale is smaller, still the screens can improve the worship service by providing a clear image in various light conditions.

5. Digital signage network at First Baptist Greenville

Digital signage network at First Baptist Greenville - Kitcast Blog

What was done: the application of digital signage reaches more than a church hall. One of the best examples of it is the network of screens that was introduced on the premises of the First Baptist Greenville in a collaboration with Mvix. 11 displays around the campus, in the lobby, at the hallways and sports facilities created an amazing digital network that could be used effectively for broadcasting the engaging content, communicating with the congregation and asking for feedbackWhat can be learned: today the church is much more than a worship service. With a network of institutions, various educational, recreational and sports facilities, more and more churches are going digital. As more young members join the services, they expect tech solutions incorporated in their sanctuary experience. That's why digital signage for churches is a great solution to go hand in hand with the digital times.

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