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Burger King ad promises to test your hangover and give you a discount

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 21, 2023
May 29, 2024

Holiday hangover wasn't really featured in the 2023 Christmas campaigns of the top brands. The new Burger King ad aims to change that. The fast food company has announced an app experience that will determine the severity of your hangover. And even give discount coupons for that!


What happened: a new Burger King ad in Brazil puts a refreshing spin on the typically fluffy Christmas advertising. Ad agency DM9 has created a cool activation for the fast food brand that combines facial recognition with social media elements.

A dedicated app was announced that has a functionality to determine the level of your hangover. After that, you will be invited to share the results with your friend on socials (because who doesn't want to scream out loud about their holiday hangover scale, right?). But that won't be in vain. Burger King will give you a discount coupon "proportional" to your hangover for that.

You drink. You hangover. You share on Instagram. You eat cheaper. Win-win for everyone involved.

Extra info: it's a very smart way to get customers a fun personalized AI-driven experience on one hand, and make them talk about your brand on the other.

Icaro Doria, the co-president and chief creative officer at DM9 said that "the use of facial recognition technology combined with humor will generate another fun connection with consumers."

Also, the time-limited factor (the activation will only run until January, 2) is another factor of success for the campaign that is reminiscent of the flash sale tactic in marketing. Customers who'd like a discount will hurry to share their hangovers on socials. All of it will generate lots of content for Burger King and the virality will be guaranteed.

Sure, you can always say that alcohol consumption shouldn't be promoted this way and it may look like a silly-slash-slightly-irresponsible way to market a Whopper. But hey, we all know that fast food has been a favorite hangover food for many for like a thousand years, so why not get a little goofy about it?

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