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8 Biggest Screens In The World

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 26, 2023
May 29, 2024

Here are the biggest screens in the world. They impress, they take your breath away, and they are the most grande form of digital signage. The geography here is quite diverse too. United States, Indonesia, China, Poland. Signage technology has no borders, it’s on the quest to make visual communication stunning and unforgettable. So let’s see the biggest screens to understand what displays are capable of.

1. Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

Size: 130,000 square feet

Why: officially, the biggest screen in the world, Fremont Street Experince’s Viva Vision is a sight to behold. Located in Las Vegas, it’s an unmissable attraction in itself with almost unlimited visual capabilities.

Just look at the stats. 49 million energy-efficient LEDs, 220 speakers, 5,000 Nits brightness, and a slick canopied look. That’s a fantastic application of digital signage technology on a large scale. Also, it’s not your classic screen, it’s a creatively done “prolonged” display experience that allows a multitude of content combinations.

2. Resorts World Las Vegas

Size: 161,636 square feet

Why: unveiled in 2020, the Resorts World screen is a different kind of technological beast. Occupying almost all of the West Tower of the hotel complex, the screen in question is a gigantic installation capable of showing mind-blowing content. Moreover, it’s designed in an innovative way that allows the guests in the rooms to have a fully transparent window view. The display is 294 feet in height and 340 feet, has a brightness of 8,000nit, and is constructed to operate in high-temperature conditions.

3. Mall Taman Anggrek - Jakarta, Indonesia

Size: 93,380 square feet

Why: once leading the list of the biggest screens in the world, Jakarta’s Orchid Garden Mall boasts one of the most impressive display installations ever designed. Seriously, at some point, the mall’s long LED display has been recognized by Guinness World Records. Today it still runs pretty strong in the “impressing the passers-by” department and delivers a stunning visual experience with an immediately recognizable long facade.

4. The Place - Beijing, China

Size: 80,360 square feet

Why: another glorious representative of canopied mega screens, the display at The Place shopping mall in Beijing is nothing short of spectacular. You are guaranteed to be staring at it with mouth open. It is 250 meters long, placed 80 feet above the ground, and features thousands of LED lights to create a magnificent play of colors and patterns.

5. Infinity Screen by Samsung

Size: 70,000 square feet

Why: this is the definite screen hit from 2021. Samsung went above and beyond here to deliver a display that is ovular, double-sided, and absolutely irresistible. It comes with 80 million pixels and a weight of 2.2 million pounds. It’s quite a rare usage of a gigantic screen not for shopping gallery purposes, but for a stadium experience. Judging from the reviews and the overall looks of the installation, it’s safe to say that Infinity Screen is among the most stunning biggest screens in the world.

6. Citigroup Tower Shanghai

Size: 64,914 square feet

Why: it’s one thing to have a big screen, it’s another kind of experience when a whole skyscraper is a big screen. That’s the case of Shanghai’s Citigroup Tower. Illuminating in the evening, it’s a wonderful piece of digital signage engineering that is capable of showing 3D billboards and broadcasting a wide range of content. It’s also one of the icons of the city’s skyline, which is quite a cool thing in itself.

7. Tauron Arena - Krakow, Poland

Size: 54,896 square feet

Why: this amazing application of the big screen technology surprisingly comes from Central Europe. It’s in the Polish city of Krakow that you find one of the biggest screens in the world. The stunning LED display here is wrapped around the stadium making for a beautiful show of light. It’s also among the largest LED screen in Europe.

8. Mercedes-Benz Stadium Halo Board - Atlanta

Size: 62,350 square feet 

Why: we love to see an arena that fully embraces the powers of digital signage. Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is such a place. The centerpiece of technology here is the magnificent Halo Board. Deployed by Darktronics, it’s a 360-degree, 58 feet tall gargantuan video screen that has few rivals in the world when it comes to delivering an unforgettable show for the fans of the game. But it doesn’t stop with the Halo Board, there are also LED boards covering almost 20,000 square feet of the stadium so the visitors are getting a truly unique digital signage experience.

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