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7 Best Tech Instagram Accounts That Kill It With Content

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 4, 2023
May 29, 2024

Reviewing the best tech Instagram accounts is a bit meta in itself. Like how can you rate Instagram’s Instagram account? Or Twitter being Twitter on Meta-owned Instagram. But top tech Instagram accounts know exactly what they’re doing, and they are putting the most amazing content out there. Something that other companies can learn and get inspiration from.

So we’d like to present the best tech Instagram accounts to you. It will be exciting.

​​1. Instagram


Followers count: 586M

Why: yes, we’re really including Instagram’s very own account in the rating of best tech Instagram accounts. Not because it’s a courtesy. It’s here because it’s genuinely amazing. Its main objective is to honor the many diverse creators of this massive, larger-than-life social media platform. That’s why you’re getting the coolest, the most “in the now”, and the most fabulous videos and photos here.

Cats, dogs, sports, travel, food, you name it. Instagram has it featured. The follower count speaks for itself (even though we’re sure many have subscribed thinking it will somehow help them to get the blue tick). Instagram knows its worth and it shows it visually. Follow it immediately.

2. Twitter


Followers count: 1.1M

Why: followers count says it all. Twitter is not the most popular page on Instagram. Also, it has not seen an update since July 29, 2022 BM (before Musk). Still, it’s worthy of your attention. The fact that a social media competitor gets on your platform and dares to use it to lure people to its own platform is pretty bald. Twitter chose the most straightforward and in-your-face approach possible, simply feeding users with screenshots of funny tweets. 

It’s super random, it feels like some kind of a weird museum, and it’s the Internet at its finest. Some of the tweets are really funny too, a ball in your court, Twitter.

3. TikTok


Followers count: 26.7M

Why: the audacity. As a prime competitor of Instagram and the tech company that in many ways ended the universal Meta’s reign, TikTok being on Instagram is poignant and interesting. But they do it very well. You’re looking at one of the best tech accounts on Instagram.

And it’s not only TikToks there, you’ve got a whole universe of different content with silly memes, posts highlighting the company, the digs at Instagram, and platform-specific videos. It’s just a merry place to be around. So definitely a follow from us.

4. Google


Followers count: 13.6M

Why: tech giant of giants Google gives everyone a beautiful lesson on how to lead a clean, moderately funny, and nice Instagram page. It has everything needed to take its place among the top tech Instagram accounts. There are celebrity features, inspirational content, videos showing how to use Google products, and Pixel phone promotions. 

But the thing that really makes it stand out is that there are types of content only Google could pull out. Like a digest of top hummed songs in the world, the most searched phrase of 2022, or a guide on cycling in France using Google Maps in a  search for the ingredients for a baguette. Uniqueness is wonderful, strive to be unique. Like Google.

5. Netflix


Followers count: 32M

Why: chill with Netflix while browsing their fantastic Instagram account. As a tech company with both feet confidently in the pop culture realm, it’s an expert in delivering entertaining social media content. And with the current bio (at the time of writing this article) standing at “every day is wednesday, amirite?????” you know that Netflix knows how to fool around, not take itself too seriously and be on the joke with everybody.

You simply want to laugh along with them and it’s quite an achievement considering that the subscription prices raised up recently.

6. Apple


Followers count: 29M

Why: Apple reminds everyone that Instagram is all about visual perfection and that iPhone is the best way to capture it. Their profile is basically a big advertisement for the #shotonIPhone hashtag and also a place you can’t resist scrolling and scrolling through. It’s a minimalist approach but it works. You have a stunning gallery of photos and videos that put both the company and the creators first.

7. Microsoft


Followers count: 4M

Why: while Microsoft is far from the most exciting tech company in the world, their Instagram is a very cozy place to be. It mixes nostalgia, motivation, funny, beautiful, and celebrities to create a slightly nerdy, very lighthearted, and absolutely amusing profile. We’re with you on this, Microsoft, you’ve got us on CDs and old PCs.

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