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6 Best Super Bowl 2024 Commercials

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 13, 2024
May 29, 2024

Another Big Game is behind us and it means only one thing. It's time to have the list of the best Super Bowl 2024 commercials. And boy was it packed with celebrities this year. From Aubrey Plaza to Arnold Schwarzenegger, from Tom Brady to Bennifer (with the participation of pal Matt Damon), there was a lot of star power. We've seen some awesome, some really good, and some plain boring Super Bowl ads. Here's our take on the top of the tops.

1. 'Tom Has Won Enough' - BetMGM


Why: Vince Vaughn gives us his best Goodfellas-type persona for this feel-good Super Bowl 2024 commercial that seeks to get one important point through. Tom Brady has won enough awards. To do so, the ad for BetMGM goes to ordinary people who can't help but share their affection for the legendary quarterback. Then Wayne Gretzky makes an appearance too getting into an exchange with certain "Tim Birdie", seven-time pool champion. Plot twist: Birdie is just Tom Brady in disguise. Well, guys, it's definitely among the Super Bowl 2024 best commercials.

Top YouTube comment: "One of the most clever ads in a while. The man has won a lot." by @garrettkiger2599

2. Aubrey Plaza Having a Blast - Mountain Dew


Why: we were sold right from the opening "It's me, America's sweetheart." Aubrey Plaza shines in this Super Bowl ad for Mountain Dew. The commercial shows the "Parks & Rec" and "White Lotus" stars through various situations including being stuck in an elevator, being hammered by kids at a party, and "losing" the WWE-reminiscent match. What's common for every one of these situations? Aubrey is having a blast. The ad culminates with the appearance of her famous "Parks & Rec" alum Rick Offerman... on a dragon. Yes, that's how you do memorable and hilarious.

Top YouTube comment: a blank space since Mountain Dew disabled commenting.

3. Superior Beach - Michelob ULTRA


Why: while the plot here is really simplistic, it's the star pairing that does the magic and places this campaign by Michelob ULTRA on our list of the best ads of the 2024 Super Bowl. Leo Messi wants some beer with his friends in Miami Beach. The tap malfunctions and the girl at the bar has to make another one. Instead of waiting passionately at the bar, Messi decides to show his football chops and drags the ball through the beach.

Of course, doing tricks and sporting his skills along the way. Ted Lasso (or Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso) is there too saying "We go way back." But that's a Super Bowl commercial, remember? That's why Dan “The Man” Marino doing a hand assist to the Argentinian star. In the end, beer is ready, and Messi can finally chill.

Top YouTube comment: "Alright getting Messi impressed me, I might buy some now for the effort" by @chicken

4. Michael CeraVe - CeraVe


Why: now this is Super Bowl gold. Looking part like an SNL sketch, and part like some kind of a low-cost cult leader video, this commercial for CeraVe does everything right. Michael Cera is on top of his game here showing us the many ways CeraVe can moisturize your skin.

At some point, he even "hydrates" the mountain. There's also a sequence of Michael Cera talking to the dolphin by singing like one. Now that's a commitment. Also, we really love the slogan which says "CeraVe is developed with Dermatologists. Not Michael Cera." Well played.

Top YouTube comment: "As a Cera Ve user (toner, moisturizer), I approve of this commercial." by @DianaAmericaRivero

5. Like A Good Neighbaaa - State Farm


Why: State Farm confidently builds its Super Bowl 2024 commercial around one thing and one thing only. That being Arnold Schwarzenegger mispronouncing the word "neighbor" and sounding like "neighbaaa". And it works. We see the Terminator star constantly trying to convince his director and the crew that he's pronouncing "neighbaaa" right in various set configurations.

On a "choppah," with a woman in "labaaa," and during the "concealaaa" applications. It's fun to watch, it keeps you engaged at all times, and it also comes with a "to be continued" intrigue.

Top YouTube comment: "Arnie is a genius. He has such a distance that he can not only laugh at his European accent, which was once an obstacle for him, but also make money from it" by @ESTYMANAGRANIATV

6. Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe


Why: Dunkin' just won the Super Bowl yet again. Ben Affleck and Jenniffer Lopez power couple returns to your screens in 2024. But this time some friends are there to help too. So J Lo has made a drive-by at the Dunkin' Ben was working at (for some reason) last year. Now Affleck wants his "revenge" on his spouse by crashing her studio dressed up in Dunkin' clothes and naming himself a "Dunking."

He tells his plan to John Harlow in the car (the rapper doesn't sound impressed by the idea). Anyway, Ben proceeds and gathers a superstar team that includes Tom Brady (getting all the checks he can from Super Bowl ads) and Matt Damon. To maximize the celebrities in 1 video, Fat Joe makes an appearance too. You know what, it just feels wholesome to see Ben Affleck in a good mood, singing and all. So, enjoy this one of the best Super Bowl 2024 Commercials on YouTube.

Top YouTube comment: "Best Commercial of the SuperBowl HANDS DOWN. You put Ben and Matt on screen together, You always win." by @jessedrake-vf4xk

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