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10 Best Spa Instagram Accounts + beauty salons

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 15, 2020
May 29, 2024

Best spa Instagram accounts are visual-first. Best beauty salon Instagram accounts know how to put top-notch content out there and engage with their audience. This industry is one of those where social media thrives. Instagram for a spa is a lifeline, a primary channel, and the best guarantee of word-of-mouth. 

The stakes are quite high too. When you’ve got an engaged audience that looks for the beauty, one slip can give you reputational woes. That’s why it’s important to constantly improve, learn from the best and be on top of the trends. Here’s the list of the best spa Instagram accounts to serve as a reference and as inspiration for your social media endeavors. 

1. agua Spa London


Why: although it doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers and pretty quiet engagement, we love agua Spa London’s Instagram account. It’s just beautiful to look at. They do everything right content-wise too. A contest there, a video here, and many fantastic venue photo showcase everywhere. This is how you should treat your spa account too, with respect and devotion to the things you’re putting out there. 

2. Linnaean


Why: the colors matter. Linnaean knows that well and utilizes its Instagram account to enhance its branding game by delivering photos and videos in the company’s color scheme. The result is highly pleasant to look at. And one more thing. Dogs! Everyone loves them so it’s a wise decision to include the four-legged friends in your feed too. 

3. Tierra Santa Healing House


Why: every spa gives a promise of peace and relaxation. And Instagram is your ticket to the journey to the hearts and minds of potential visitors. Use it to the full force with powerful content. Like Tierra Santa Healing House does. This Miami-based holistic therapies powerhouse delivers a great variety of different posts and gets you into the right leisure mood immediately. 

4. AVEDA Lifestyle Salon Berlin


Why: don’t be afraid to post lots of close-ups when managing the Instagram account of a beauty salon. Aveda does it masterfully highlighting the hairstyles they create and the products they promote. The posts look amazing and follow diverse patterns. Definitely, one of the best spa Instagram accounts out there. 

5. MDC cosmetic


Why: MDC is a small cosmetics brand and salon found in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin. We love their Instagram for a minimalist approach, featuring different content types and the absolute winner of the Instagram Highlights. 

6. vabali spa Berlin


Why: surprisingly, the lesson in leading a fantastic spa Instagram page comes not from LA or Miami but from a complex in Berlin. Just look at these engagement rates, people definitely love this place and vabali capitalizes on this love. They work with every aspect of visual locations that are found around the spa, put out many Stories, and regularly organize competitions for the followers. 



Why: our list takes us to Copenhagen this time where you find Henri, a barber shop that impressed us with its cool use of Instagram. Just look at these Highlights, each separate icon features a person and a hairstyle. Creative? You bet. We love when creativity is involved in the hair salon's Instagram management. Because there are just so many things you can use for the page. Henri can be taken as an example of mastering the art of beauty content. So take note. 

8. HammamSpa


Why: combining different content types is never a bad idea. HammamSpa in Toronto posts photos, client testimonials, inspirational travel pics, and text posts. It’s on this list because such an approach works. It invokes emotions and gives you a desire to come and relax at their spa. 

9. Majesty’s Pleasure


Why: undoubtedly, one of the best spa Instagram accounts in Canada at the moment, Majesty’s Pleasure is what we’d like every other spa social media account to be. Creative, visually tasty, witty, high-quality, and positive. Use it as a reference for your own, it’s a great influence. 



Why: just look at these colors. Just look at these combinations. Oslo’s best spa Gaia provides you with a spectacle for your eyes by having an Instagram that not only serves as a great promotion of their venue but also would as easily be a part of some curated Pinterest board on spa beauty. And that’s a wonderful thing. 

Here is our previous list of 10 spa & salon Instagrams we absolutely love

How beautiful should the beauty salon Instagram be? The businesses in this article definitely know that with their spectacularly gorgeous profiles. And it's a pleasure to browse through such Instagrams.

When it comes to salon marketing the appearance is everything. The place that basically sells beauty should be on top of the visual game to resist the tough competition. And today social media is where you get visual so it is important for spa & salon industry players to know the rules of its functioning and ace them. As always there are the ones who have it all figured out and can teach others a thing or two in crafting a great Instagram profile.

We're here to review the best of the best of the salon advertising and inspire you to up your own.

What makes a good salon Instagram profile?

First of all, it's a proper visual strategy. It's not enough to post pretty pictures nowadays. In order to play around the ever-changing algorithms, you have to create great content and have a strategy behind your posting. The next thing is consistency, it is extremely important to always deliver the best material and do it regularly.  And while browsing through hundreds of salon Instagrams we've came to the conclusion that there is another ingredient to the social media success, - the uniqueness of your content. Use these three parts in your salon marketing and you're guaranteed to win big time.

Now, let's have a visual delight of enjoying 10 spa & salon Instagrams we love.

1. Tomoko Japanese Spa

Being one of the best spas in LA is not an easy thing to achieve. Tomoko knows its worth and it definitely knows how to do social media to show it. Just browse through their profile and you'll plunge into an alluring world of Japanese spa. All the content is perfectly organized, Tomoko regularly experiments with different formats posting beautiful pictures, shooting various videos, highlighting employees and clients, using Instagram as PR-tool to communicate the milestones of the company's history. If you're just starting your spa Instagram journey take notes and use Tomoko as an exemplary piece of social media marketing. 

2. Benjamin

When you're a hair salon don't look far for Instagram content. Show hair, beautiful hair that you've done for your clients. We absolutely love how West Hollywood's Benjamin does it. Their Instagram has a distinct visual identity, each photo is framed in a way that you'll not confuse Benjamin's content with the others. Of course, you may not have St. Vincent as your hair model (Benjamin is in West Hollywood after all), still highlighting your work and cooperating with your clients while tagging them is a great tactic to ensure that you have an unlimited amount of content. So use this lesson for your hair salon and post lots of pictures of the coiffures you've done to the delight of hairstyle enthusiasts and your potential clients. 

3. Nine Zero One

Look at the bio, you find there #901girl hashtag. While it may look simple, the LA's hair salon Nine Zero One is acing Instagram creating its own rules of the game. Introducing a specific hashtag it, in fact, introduces a certain beauty movement, the community of 901 girls that sport the hairstyles of the salon and thus becoming its best brand ambassadors. Is this tactic paying off? Just look at the numbers and everything comes into focus, with a thousand likes and views, Nine Zero One benefits from non-stop client attention and creates a system where it's cool and trendy to be #901girl and make a post about it. Can you really ask for more when it comes to Instagram marketing? 

4. AIRE Ancient Baths

It's good when you're one of the top spas in the US. It's even better when you can easily show it on your Instagram. It is easy to lose yourself in the visual appeal of AIRE Ancient Baths' profile just as it's easy to relax in one of their spa procedures. If we analyze why it works, there are two things that you have to note. First of all, it's all in the colors. All content strictly follows one color scheme and that in turn creates a consistent visual experience. Secondly, it's the high quality of the material. Whether it's a photo, video or the quote, AIRE chooses the best ones they can offer and you can feel it. When combined these two elements create a perfect spa Instagram. 

5. Warren Tricomi Salons

When it comes to the luxury haircare, Warren Tricomi is a household name. With multiple locations around the world, stars like George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson among its fans, this hair salon is at the front row of the world's hairstyling. Why not show it through Instagram? And they do with countless shots of beautiful hair they've done for their clients, famous and not but at all times gorgeous. Also, the salon's profile is inextricably connected to one of its founder, a starred stylist Edward Tricomi that has been doing hairstyles for Hollywood people for a few decades now. While the hair salon's Instagram profile is not big by today's social media standards, it shouldn't be really, it's in the luxury segment of the market. 

6. David Mallett

Sometimes when you're running a hair salon it's not always important to focus your social media marketing of a place, you can focus on yourself as a driving force behind the business. If you decide to go with personal hairstyle branding, check out David Mallett's Instagram, a perfect example of doing it right. Mallett is one of New York's celebrated stylists and his Instagram reflects just that featuring many hairstyles he's done, showcasing his professional milestones and talking about the day-to-day work at the salon. 

7. SoJo Spa Club

When you're in the premium spa category in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, it's important to hold it proudly across all the communication mediums. New Jersey's finest SoJo Spa Club does it effortlessly, their Instagram is a delight to browse through. With diversified content that includes the highlighting of the spa facilities, showing fantastic infinity pool panoramas, occasionally posting inspirational travel photos, doing regular contests, SoJo is one of the best not only in the spa industry but in spa & salon marketing too. 

8. Urban Betty

The first thing that you notice when scrolling down Austin's Urban Betty Instagram is the fact that it is organized according to different colors. There are sections of the photos and videos in purple, then there will be orange, a bit later it's white and so on. While it may look like a simple thing to do, it takes a carefully curated strategy, beautiful content and consistency to create such a visual spectacle. That's why it's on our list. 


As its name suggests, it's all about the bleach. And hair bleach is a juicy material to work with, this London's famous shop + salon beauty giant's Instagram is the best proof of that. It's all about the bleached hair and the beautiful people. Do you need anything else to be successful in your hair salon Instagram marketing? The numbers don't lie, thousands vote that it may, in fact, be just enough. 

10. Cowshed

A spa is a place where you come to relax. Spa salon's Instagram can be a happy relaxing place too according to the celebrated chain Cowshed. Their Instagram is filled with stunning pastel-colored content that combines the photos from the company's spas all over the world with interesting information about various beauty-related things as well as some art and highlighting of the beauty products. Altogether it is a highly satisfying Instagram experience.

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