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10 Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts to Inspire Yours

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 16, 2023
May 29, 2024

We’re here to deliver you a fresh list of the best restaurant Instagram accounts of 2023. Food is as Instagrammable as ever, the creativity flows, and the followers are regularly impressed by the audacity of the social media managers. That’s how we like it, anyway. Best restaurant Instagram accounts are ready to amaze and entertain you, they don’t settle for the ordinary.

Let’s celebrate it. Here are the best restaurant Instagrams in 2023.

1. Crown Shy


Why: it’s mouthwatering at NYC’s Crown Shy Instagram account. Extremely sexy, very well-run, and boasting diverse content, it’s among the best restaurant Instagram accounts of 2023 hands down. The visuals are crazy good and the food looks absolutely irresistible. Also, there’s a fair share of posts highlighting the staff, the chef's residences, and the visitors too.

2. DhaMaKa


Why: Instagram is very underrated as a communication tool. It’s not always about the beautiful pictures, it’s about letting people know where you stand in the conversation. DhaMaKa is mostly using the platform to highlight media appearances, accolades, and awards. And that’s a great approach if your restaurant is active in this regard. This way we’re not only assuming that this spot is among the best restaurants on Instagram, DhaMaKa lets others say that. 

3. Gage & Tollner


Why: there are many restaurants out there with rich stories from the past. Upscale New York eatery Gage & Tollner sets the scene on Instagram by telling those stories of the yesteryears mixing them with superbly done visuals of today. The result is a page that knows very well what the audience is interested in and that delivers just that. In other words, if you have a history or a unique location, use Instagram to showcase that. 

4. Rezdôra


Why: Rezdôra’s account is all about the beauty of the food it serves. When your cuisine specialty is Italy’s Emilia Romagna fare, it’s even easier. Their Instagram is filled with the love for meals they’re cooking. And you can see that in the variety of passionate posts with high-quality photography and videography. We would like to especially point out the awesome preparation content.

Because if you’re serving fantastic meals, people would be interested in behind-the-scenes. Instagram is the best place to show how it’s made. 

5. Oxomoco


Why: from the endorsements of Ryan Secrest to the traditional food pics, from the making-of videos to goofy posts celebrating the staff. There’s a lot going on here, NYC Michelin-starred Oxomoco is well-grounded in the community. Their Instagram is how you should do it when you have a status among food lovers but don’t want to be too self-pretentious to show it. That’s why it’s on our list of the best Instagram restaurants.

6. St. John 


Why: it’s all about wonderfully-photographed meals and the people who make them on account of the celebrated London institution St John. Followers ecstatically react to each post, you can really see the engagement here. And the number 239K of subscribers is no joke for a restaurant. You see, the secret of St John’s account is the high quality and a certain mastery of the interaction with the fans. This is how you make magic happen and become the best restaurant Instagram account. 

7. Sessions Arts Club


Why: Instagram of London-based Sessions Arts Club is an explosion of creativity and top-notch visuals. If it’s a meal photo, it’s always magnetic. If it’s an event announcement, it’s always tongue-in-cheek. This feels like a social media account of a culinary and arts venue that doesn’t need a social media account but still gives it its 100% to make the patrons feel good. We’re all in for such approaches. 

8. Brat


Why: don’t tell it, show it. Brat does. One of London’s finest Basque-inspired restaurants, it’s also an expert in social media. They are keen to show how their meals are made utilizing a variety of content, the best photography and videography, and highlighting the employees in the process. Also, 100K followers is no joke. 

9. The Freakin Rican


Why: there are restaurants that are driven by the charisma of the founder. If your is this kind of a place, have a look at The Freakin Rican’s Instagram because it’s an awesome case of the chef-highlighting social media account. Derick López regularly communicates with the audience, answers questions, and shows how the meals are prepared. All of it mixed with Latin atmosphere and colorful content. 

10. Via Carota

Why: we absolutely love when brands go custom on Instagram. Italian food hotspot Via Carota went there with the resolutions of the pics. The content on the page glorifies the delicious fare they’re serving. All of it is filled with outstanding aesthetics and an inspirational atmosphere. And this food photography, oh my. It’s exquisite. 

Our Previous List of 10 Irresistible Restaurant Instagram Accounts 2022

Instagram can make miracles when it comes to restaurant promotion. As food can be extra-Instagrammable and it’s one of the staples of this social media network’s content, you should use it to the full force. Like the institutions on this list. We have collected the 10 best restaurant Instagram accounts in 2022 that go an extra mile to deliver state-of-art content. Inspiring it is. 

If for some reason you’ve been living under the rock for the last few decades and your place doesn’t have an Instagram, let this list be the guiding light on how to do it properly. Because great marketing is looking at what the others are doing and doing it better. So, without further ado, here are the best restaurant Instagrams in 2022. 

1. Bestia - LA

best restaurant instagram accounts - Bestia - LA

Why: Mouthwatering. This would be a great description of the content this celebrated Italian LA joint puts out there. And it works. Just look at the number of excited comments and the engagement rates. They are crazy. This is exactly what your restaurant's Instagram page should evoke: a craziness for food. Make visitors your fans and treat them with high-quality pictures of your food. 

2. alfred - LA

best restaurant instagrams - alfred - LA

Why: A restaurant that has sneaker collaborations? We’re in. LA’s alfred definitely knows a thing or two about branding. And you should take notice of how it approaches Instagram to get its brand message through. The content here is diverse, the posts are regularly changed, the profile makes good use of stories and it’s very pleasant to look at. A perfect recipe for success. 

3. Bavel - LA

best restaurants on instagram - Bavel - LA

Why: One of the best restaurants on Instagram in LA, Bavel regularly delivers awesome content that is beautiful to look at and easy to consume. It’s never a bad idea to focus your Instagram entirely on food. But once you do that, think of creative ways how to present it to your existing visitors and potential ones so that it makes them want to run to your place to try new delicious things. 

4. Charles Pan Fried Chicken - NYC

Why: This is one of the best neighborhood restaurant Instagrams. Charles Pan Fried Chicken is royalty among the Harlem’s joints serving delicious meals and using social media right. Their branding is on point and so is the approach to Instagram. The feel-good vibes are real. 

5. Ci Siamo - NYC

Why: The whole idea of a restaurant Instagram account is being eye candy. Ci Siamo successfully fulfills this goal by creating a visually appealing experience through colorful content that represents the brand. Also, it uses social media as a channel to deliver news and announcements. 

6. Mena - NYC

Why: To be one of the best restaurant Instagram accounts, it’s also important to diversify. The hottest new Manhattan restaurant Mena understands that well and gives us an ideal social media presence. You’ve got various posts on different aspects of the restaurant. There are highlights of the chef’s accomplishments, interior shots, announcement posts, and food shots, of course. The last thing you want when you have an Instagram account is to be boring. That’s why diversifying content helps keep it fresh and always surprise your followers.

7. Shoma Bazaar - Miami

Why: Everything is how it should be on the Shoma Bazaar Instagram page. Photos of the highest quality? Check. Memes about Will Smith punch at the Oscars? Check. The smart use of Stories? Check. Take their Instagram as an example if you’re going to revamp your own. Shoma does branding expertly. 

8. Carousel Club - Miami

Why: Colors matter when it comes to Instagram marketing. The rule of thumb is that all the posts should follow a similar color scheme. You can see how it’s done on Carousel Club’s profile. Their Instagram is easy on the eye and pleasant to look at. The posts are organized in a beautiful way and the quality is top-notch. Exactly how your Instagram should be. 

9. The X Pot - Chicago

Why: If you’re offering an exquisite experience, you should promote it in the best way too. That’s why Chicago’s The X Pot is among the best restaurant Instagram accounts out there in 2022. Tasty is what it looks like. With great application of stories and influencer marketing, you’ve got a nice study of how the social media is done. As you can see, the restaurant uses multiple content types like photos, videos, announcements, and carousel posts. That’s how it is done. 

10. Kumiko - Chicago

Why: Standing out visually is a key to nailing Instagram marketing. Look at Chicago’s Japanese restaurant Kumiko. It’s hard to mistake it with anyone else, they are using different frames on different pics and are making the feed their own. Again, diversification of content is there as well as the superb quality of pics. These are essential rules for doing it right. 

Our Previous List of 10 Irresistible Restaurant Instagram Accounts

There are many great restaurants on our planet. Great restaurants with equally nice Instagrams... not that many, to be honest. We've collected 10 that definitely know how to post a good picture and promote it too.

No matter whether you're a food truck in the downtown or the Michelin-starred restaurant, your target audience in both cases is definitely using Instagram. Because in our present reality it is easier to count who is not on the Facebook-owned social media than who's there. With a whopping 1 billion active users, Instagram became one of the most important marketing tools for any business that wants to matter in the 21st century.

Of course one can argue that good marketing costs good money. And when it's definitely the case for buying, say, billboard spaces on the high-end street, it's not the case of Instagram. Because you can succeed on this social media network even without the astronomic ad budgets (we're not saying you can't with them). Consistency, creativity, word-of-mouth, community and you're at the top. The Instagram landscape changes every year, more and more new features being added but at the end of the day it stays true to its origins. It is still a place that favors those who invest time in creating great content and interact with others.

These 10 restaurants know to serve as great examples of restaurant social media marketing. Let's pay a visit to their profiles and get inspired.

1. Sketch

Regularly topping the rating of "most instagrammable places in London", Sketch knows a thing or two about esthetics. But most importantly for us, the team behind this quirky Conduit street venue knows how to use Instagram for the benefits of its marketing. 

Visiting their profile feels as unusual as visiting the restaurant itself. Pink color dominates the feed taking you on a journey through the many facets of what Sketch is giving you an idea of the cocktail evening you can have there, showcasing the art that will be on display, playing with the visitors. So hop on this fascinating visual journey and note something for your own restaurant Instagram along the way.

2. Bar Douro

If you've been to Lisbon you know how beautiful and visually rich it is. If you haven't been Bar Douro in London would give you a pretty glimpse into the Portuguese capital. Their Instagram profile will do the job too. Combining the richness of the Portuguese food their serve and the blue and white color scheme of iconic azulejo tiles, Bar Douro can easily teach others how to brand your place depending on the cultural background of the cuisine you serve. 

And it takes a lot of discipline to do what they do taking their branding really really seriously. Browse through Bar Douro's profile and the blue and white is everywhere from the feed to the Story highlights. 

Now that's a commitment to the style we immensely love. So take this for your restaurant Instagram too.

3. Sqirl

Sqirl may be a tiny joint but its Instagram marketing effectiveness is truly gigantic. For starters, it's minimalistic and beautiful, a formula that almost always works. But the true power here lies in the community role it plays. Just look at the numbers. Sure, likes are vanity metrics but in case of Sqirl likes and comments show that this place is loved in LA. 

People are tagging friends, engage in conversations and discuss their past and future visits. Instagram becomes a medium where Sqirl lovers basically communicate. And that is an extremely hard thing to achieve, so our hat's off to this small LA place. And their pies are quite something.

4. Nowon 

Nowon may be a new place on the expansive New York culinary landscape but we're already in love with their Instagram. Even though they've just started, they have started with a bang gracing many articles that talked about "best new openings". And they use Instagram to celebrate this where they profile basically serves as a PR board highlighting the media that wrote about Nowon. 

However, it's not just that capturing our attention, it's the vibe. Their feed posts and stories all let their followers be witnesses in the rise of a newcomer place to the heights of restaurant glory in the city that never sleeps.

5. Señor Sisig

What do you see when you visit Señor Sisig's Instagram? That's right, you see the pig and the bright orange and blue color scheme. That's how you do restaurant branding. The color scheme continues from post to post even when the pig logo is not there creating a united visual outlook. The quality is high too, it's hard to resist the craving to try out Señor Sisig's trademark Filipino street food fare. 

Their profile can also serve as a great example of how to utilize all the capabilities of the Instagram content to the full powers, keep an eye for Stories and learn from the way they organize the highlights. 

6. state bird provisions

One of the most essential parts of any restaurant is the team of people who work there. Instagram is a great place to celebrate it. That's exactly what San Francisco rustic food restaurant does focusing on creating content about its employees in combination with the regular shots of their extremely delicious meals. And that's a perfect content plan in our opinion because it shows the human faces behind the business.

7. Grill Royal

Sometimes Instagram is just a gallery of beautiful images. And that's ok too. Because it's so easy to lose yourself in a visual perfection of Berlin's premium Grill Royal's profile. An approach when you post multiple pictures to create a visual experience rather than playing by the typical Instagram marketing rules is risky (because let's say it, sometimes it just looks silly), this German upscale restaurant plays it safe and classy. That's one way to do a restaurant Instagram and we had to mention it too. 

8. Noma

If you are not yet familiar with Noma, it's a Copenhagen restaurant that is widely considered to be one of the best (usually just "the best") restaurants on Earth. It's not us, it's Michelin, Anthony Bourdain and hundreds of food critics from all over the world that said that Rene Redzepi's place took Scandinavian cuisine to the next level with innovative, nature-conscious approaches. 

Their Instagram is pure excellence too. Noma's marketing team takes you on a tour of day-to-day life at the iconic restaurant from showcasing the new meals to collecting berries, from interiors to highlighting the employees. It's a lesson in style and substance, something to get inspired by and apply in your restaurant marketing. 

9. Amass Restaurant

Copenhagen is really good at everything visual. Amass is one of the brightest stars of its culinary map with an Instagram that is exemplary in its esthetic perfection and on-point content choices. We are absolutely in love with the lengthy descriptions that accompany brilliant images of their meals. Also, as a very upscale restaurant, it's adorable to see how Amass always manages to stay down-to-earth valuing being responsible for being over-bragging. 

10. L'Oca d'Oro

You shouldn't always be a Michelin-starred New Nordic cuisine revolutionary restaurant to sport an inspiring Instagram profile. A heartfelt family Italian farm-to-table place will do too. L'Oca d'Oro in Austin, Texas is there for the community and their Instagram feels very local and cozy. Sometimes it's everything you need to stay relevant and loved in the area you're operating. 

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