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8 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 27, 2023
May 29, 2024

With this article, you’ll discover the best real estate Instagram accounts at the moment. We believe that the real estate industry under uses the powers of social media. And it’s a sin as the domain is very visual and has a big content potential. Sure, the listings differ. Not everything is an ocean-facing penthouse in Miami. But with an understanding of the audience and a commitment to producing only top-notch content, real estate agencies can do magic on Instagram.

Thankfully, there are players to learn from when it comes to doing social media marketing right. These are the best real estate Instagram accounts 2023. Get inspired!



Followers count: 384K

Why: it is safe to say that currently, NYC-based Serhant is one of the top real estate Instagram accounts not only in the US but probably the world. Led by charismatic Ryan Serhant of million-views YouTube fame, this company just keeps going higher and higher. When it comes to engaging content on social media, few can rival. 

But it’s because they are really serious about digital. Serhant has a dedicated studio that is tasked with producing content in-house. That’s an innovative move that other real estate agencies should take note of. As for the content itself, it’s juicy, it’s diverse, and it’s sparkling with high quality. When you sell exclusive properties around NYC and other cities it pays off to be beautiful on Instagram. If you’re just starting out on Instagram, that’s the account you should carefully study.

2. Ryan Serhant


Followers count: 1.7M

Why: Ryan Serhant has gone a long way from being an ordinary New York agent to a founder of a top US agency. He was one of the early adepts of active YouTube vlogging in the industry and today you can’t imagine the city’s real estate landscape without his enthusiastic commentary. And he still kills it on Instagram, the grind doesn’t stop. 

If you’re a founder yourself, Ryan Serhant’s profile is a perfect example of the ways you can use social media to grow your business and what’s more important, grow your brand.

3. Coldwell Banker Real Estate


Followers count: 147K

Why: when you’re selling luxury properties it pays off to present them properly. Also, it means that you will always have stunning content to share. Coldwell Banker Real Estate utilizes that to the full force on their profile. That’s exactly why we’re placing them in our best real estate Instagram accounts 2023 list. You’ve got beautiful photos, amazing aerial shots, and a never-ending choice of upscale mansions, cabins, houses, and apartments. 

Also, take a look at how the company organizes the Highlights section. It is used for all industry-related recognitions, awards as well as employee appreciation.



Followers count: 183K

Why: RE/MAX is a big company. One of the biggest in real estate. They have a presence in more than 100 countries and 6800 offices worldwide. A big brand needs a fine Instagram account. That’s what we’re getting here. While it may not be super impressive or innovative, it shows brilliantly how a brand can use varied content to communicate with the audience and kill it on this social network. It’s really an eclectic place to be with posts about properties alongside some travel content, with listicle videos alongside motivational quotes. And we love it.

5. David Siddons Group


Followers count: 50.8K
Why: David Siddons is a king of Miami real estate. With the looks of a Hollywood Golden Age actor, a strong media presence, and an excellent understanding of how the internet works, everything he does on Instagram turns to gold. His company’s Instagram account is amazing. There you find superb footage from the properties, interviews with industry experts, and great love for Miami and the local rental market. David Siddons Group’s Instagram account is a study of how you use the charisma of the founder, mix it with quality content, and position yourself as a leader in the domain.

6. Douglas Elliman California


Followers count: 75.2K

Why: Douglas Elliman California’s Instagram is addicting. You can spend a lot of time just browsing through all the fantastic pictures of the houses they sell. They live by a simple yet effective social media rule - give people more stunning photos. Operating mostly photo carousel posts, the company makes all of them look irresistible. Sure, the Californian location helps. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the presentation and interaction with your followers. Douglas Elliman mastered it and that’s the reason why their profile is among the best real estate Instagram accounts.

7. The Eklund | Gomes Team


Followers count: 20K

Why: at a first glance The Eklund Gomes Team’s Instagram account looks like an ordinary example of great marketing. But there’s more to it. And that more is the star power of its founders. Swedish-born Fredrik Eklund, for instance, has 1.4M followers of his own. Julia Spillman-Gover posts to 41K and John Gomes to 15.9K. All this flow goes to their business page and that is why it’s a prime example of a founder-driven real estate company. And the page itself is utterly beautiful. It is filled with wonderful shots and footage of luxurious properties as it should be.

8. Sotheby's International Realty


Followers count: 364K

Why: Sotheby's is a global brand. That means that they have a wide range of various magnificent listings in all the corners of the world. Their real estate Instagram account is about that. You will find great videos and photos showcasing the best of the best of the offers the company has. And that’s alright too. It plays by the rules of Instagram and inspires potential buyers. 

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