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8 Best Hospital Ads

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 21, 2023
May 29, 2024

Hospital advertising treats one of the most complex subjects that exist: human health. While it always pays off to be creative in hospital ads, there should be some tact and understanding too. Best hospital ads have a class in them, they work on an emotional level, raise a certain awareness, have flawless storytelling, and don’t forget about putting the emphasis on well-being. Healthcare is a tricky subject and it requires a nuanced approach.

That’s why it’s always great to see hospital ads that strike the balance of being a perfect branding vehicle and not overdoing the promotion of services. Here are the best hospital ads of 2023 and 2022 that give a lesson in how the campaigns are done. They will provide you with inspiration for your own healthcare marketing.

1. Put Your Health First - Mayo Clinic Health System

Why: this is a powerful one. Mayo Clinic chose an indirect approach to marketing and told a story of a man that feels that his health is deteriorating. We see him playing with the dog and living day-to-day life. But the health issues simply should be addressed. And Mayo Clinic is a place to get this done. This is one of those hospital ads that could also work well as a PSA about the necessity of health checks and monitoring.

2. Life’s Mission to Defeat Cancer - Cedars-Sinai

Why: there’s nothing blockbustery or impressive about this hospital ad. Yet, it’s one of the most strong ones you’ll see. It’s just a single shot of an oncologist talking about his devotion to defeating cancer. Dr. Armando Giuliano is calm and focused as he describes how the cancer is treated at Cedars-Sinai. And that’s the best commercial for a hospital there can be.

3. #TheBestOutcomes Faster Stroke Care - NYU Langone Health

Why: cinematic videos are also found among the best hospital ads. Take this entry from NYU Langone Health. The ticking clock makes haunting background music, the camerawork is great, and the topic is extremely serious. It’s about the stroke care and the importance of the faster service. The commercial works because it’s memorable. The facts that are being displayed in between the footage of healthcare workers at the job are eye-opening. It’s simply a great hospital ad.

4. Forward. For all of us. - Johns Hopkins Medicine

Why: things get inspirational in the hospital ad of Johns Hopkins Medicine. The video has it all. The footage starts with the special effects-heavy Leonardo da Vinci painting and a trip through the human veins and blood cells. Then the commercial transports us to more familiar environments highlighting the achievements of Johns Hopkins Medicine and showcasing its values.

In a short runtime, the ad manages to both promote the innovative side of the college and establish an emotional connection with the potential patients. And that’s exactly how you do good digital marketing.

5. Through Our Doors - New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell

Why: it pays off to be confident in your advertising. This hospital ad from New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell utilizes a more rhythmic approach than the rest of this list. The music is uplifting and bluesy, the advantages are creatively outlined, and the pace is rapid. It looks slick, it conveys the right message, and it is gorgeously shot.

6. SickKids VS Limits: House of Legends

Why: the advertising game of Toronto-based SickKids is on another level. They are the royalty of a superb hotel ad, they have perfected this craft. House of Legends is among the best ones ever produced by the medical institution. The music choice here is an acoustic version of Coolio’s “Gangsta's Paradise” with the words changed to “They been spending most their lives living in a future paradise”. Given the poignant footage of children receiving hospital treatment, it’s a highly effective approach. 

What’s notable about how SickKids do things is its commitment to top-notch digital marketing. And it’s not only being done to promote the hospital, it mostly functions as the call-to-donate. Each video comes with a link to a certain donation campaign. Other hospitals can learn a lot from this strategy and incorporate similar approaches into their marketing efforts.

7. Help Ryan Help SickKids: A Word From His Holiday Sweater

Why: here’s another stroke of marketing genius from SickKids. Canadian hospital itself, the institution employs several Canadian icons to promote a donations campaigns. Yes, it’s one and only Ryan Reynolds and his… talking sweater. The voice behind the holiday garment is a fellow Canadian, the actor Seth Rogen. Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews also makes a cameo. The whole thing is full of positive chemistry and laughs. Is this an ideal call-to-action hospital ad? Definitely!

8. Spire Healthcare ad

Why: oh Boy, this commercial. The tears are guaranteed to be shed. Spire Healthcare masterfully uses the emotion in its video. It follows a half-real-half-day dream journey of a nurse to the patient that’s going to leave the hospital for his family. As she goes through the halls of the facility, each door she opens shows her a moment in the life of other patients.

It’s a powerful allegory to “being home with the loved ones”. Also, it’s very sentimental to see. The whole advertisement feels like a well-crafted short film. The music is on point, the camera work is exquisite and we’re transported to many various locations at once. In other words, it’s among the best hospital ads of the recent years.

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