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8 Best Gym Instagrams for an Inspiration Boost

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 19, 2022
May 29, 2024

Get jacked marketing-wise with these best gym Instagrams. We love good content from a place where people get fit. That’s why we’ve decided to gather all the coolest gym Instagrams in one article. 

Not only it’s inspirational, but it’s also educational. If you run a gym you know the struggle to come up with new content for your socials. Well, here are some ideas. 

These accounts are not bleak, they are not boring. Each has its own social media spiel and each puts out the content that makes you want more. Also, this list features some of the gym content of the highest quality be it a video or a photo. That’s how it should be if you’re serious about winning the social media accounts.

So let’s explore these Instagram together with Kitcast and see what creative approaches gyms around the world have when it comes to their internet presence. Here are the best of the best.

1. Vital Brooklyn


Why: being people-oriented is never a bad idea. NYC-based Vital Brooklyn features mostly content highlighting the visitors and trainers and that’s why it earns a spot on our list of the best gym Instagrams. It’s all smiles, enjoying yourself, a feel-good attitude, and, well, exercises.

We love such an approach to content. It shows the human side and definitely sells. You are more likely to come to a place that promotes community than a venue with pre-fabricated stock photos. 

2. Blink Fitness


Why: combining different content types is a winner move. Blink Fitness doesn’t hold back with just that. Announcements, TikTok tutorials, special promotions, social awareness campaigns, and gym fun, there’s everything here. And that works, it feels like a very wholesome account and one of the best gym Instagrams out there.

3. Spiked Spin

Why: representing a new kind of gym concept, Spiked Spin is a fitness community with women of color in mind, and the way it treats Instagram is a pleasure to watch. All posts follow the brand colors, everything is well-curated, and always top-notch. There is a variety of post types here: videos, visuals, photos, and messages. This is how you do it properly. 

4. [solidcore]


Why: Miami-based Solidcore is a stylish affair. Their Instagram page might seem effortless but it’s a great piece of work. Their branding is on point, just look at the style of the highlight icons. And they possess something that’s very hard to come by on commercial Instagram accounts nowadays. Relatability that is.

Combining memes, user-generated content, tutorials, and visuals from the gym itself, Solidcore always wins. Also, it is refreshing to see the CEO-recorded videos reflecting the development of the brand. It makes the company well-connected to the visitors and we certainly love this approach.

5. Barry's


Why: one of the gym leaders in the US, Barry’s is winning big on Instagram too. 343K followers is not a joke and their engagement numbers are over the roof. But it’s all understandable, just look at the content Barry’s producing and you’ll understand the love. Highly visual, always differentiating, and very motivational, it’s the standard every gym should strive for when it comes to having an Instagram account. It’s also very creative, so another ball into Barry’s court. 

6. 1Rebel UK


Why: grab a pen and take notes, 1Rebel UK has a fabulous Instagram. Not only it is eye candy (same as the designs of the fitness center it’s for), the amount of creativity you encounter here is immense. Acing everywhere from the Highlights to Stories to Posts, the London-based gym is the one to follow straight away and keep waiting for new exciting content. 



Why: this one is more on a minimalist side of things. Clean, slick, attention-grabbing, just how a coolest gym Instagram should be. After browsing through their page for some time you can’t resist an urge to come there yourself.

8. CrossFit South Brooklyn


Why: put community first on your Instagram. This is the best way to grow, nurture trust and get great user-generated content. CrossFit South Brooklyn chooses that path and it works. Here it’s all about the people who come to exercise and the feed looks awesome. That’s why it’s among the best CrossFit gym Instagrams. 

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