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10 Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 23, 2022
May 29, 2024

Browsing through the best fashion brands on Instagram is a highly inspiring and visually pleasing experience. It allows you to see the diverse approaches that the best creative minds of the world are using to market their products. And it’s a great study of what’s en vogue today, what’s trending, and where the fashion industry stands.

In this list, we’ve gathered the top fashion brands on Instagram that defy expectations, redefine what’s normal, supply a daily dose of cute weirdness, and are just nice to look at. So let’s see what the creme-de-la-creme of the fashion Instagrams. 

1. Chanel


Why: pure simplicity. Pure perfection. You can afford that if you’re such a legendary brand as Chanel. But being well-known doesn’t mean that you should put aside your Instagram account. In fact, Chanel is one of the best fashion brands on Instagram. It regularly updates its aesthetics according to the product they’re promoting at the given moment. And the number 51M in the followers graph tells you a thing or two about their content popularity. 

But what they really teach others is the class. Every piece of content they put out there it top-notch. And you don’t have to be Chanel to do the same on your Instagram. 

2. Hermès


Why: the colors abound on this French luxury design house’s Instagram page. And it’s eye candy. They know perfectly the social media’s aesthetics and they use it to the full force with a combination of irresistible photos, beautiful footage, product ads, and model shots. Also, we really love their use of highlights to put focus on the new collections.

3. Louis Vuitton


Why: one of the most followed fashion brands on Instagram Louis Vuitton doesn’t hold back when it comes to immensely pretty content. Here it’s all about the visuals. Whether it’s a new bag collection photoshoot, a shot of a house with a new company’s gourmet experience in Saint-Tropez, or an ad featuring Lea Seydoux of James Bond’s fame, the imagery is on point.

They are trendsetters in fashion and their Instagram reflects that to the highest degree. Of course, you won’t be able to pull out all the tricks they are using, there’s only one Louis Vuitton in this world, but you definitely can take out the necessity of putting out only the highest quality content. And it will be fine too. 

4. Gucci


Why: Gucci goes all in. Celebrity power is what’s on display on Instagram here. 48.6M followers seem to approve and we can understand why. Sam Smith, Jessica Chastain, and Andrew Garfield grace their posts sporting Gucci products and it’s a perfect combination for Instagram perfection. But it’s not the sole reason why Gucci is among the best fashion brands on Instagram. Their profile is this social media’s royalty serving content that is guaranteed to come up on your Explore page and posting videos that end up in the recommendations for your Reels. And someone should do it, someone should lead the way. In the world of fashion Instagrams, it’s Gucci. 

5. Versace


Why: Versace’s Instagram is sparkling with beauty. After browsing their page you immediately would want to splurge, to buy yourself this golden dress, to wear that slick suit. Although you’re most likely going to H&M for that 19-dollar promotion, the images from Versace's Instagram are stuck in your head, they show how it’s done in the world of fashion luxury. And it’s a great achievement of their marketing making their page one of the icons on this social network. 

6. Pull&Bear


Why: when the luxury fashion brands' Instagrams feel more like galleries with unreachable art objects on display, Pull&Bear’s page is much more accessible and more real. It is a very feel-good place to be filled with warm colors, lots of fun, and great imagery. Also, it’s super interactive highlighting everything that the company does be it a new line of shorts or a sponsored festival in Spain. It’s a kind of a page that you regularly check out for updates because it is nice to belong to such a community. 

7. Crocs Shoes


Why: sure, Crocs is no Loui Vi or Balenciaga. But that’s the fun of it. The company could have an Instagram account filled with ideal models wearing their simple shoes. However, they went with another approach. It’s a little bit weird, a little bit bonkers, and filled with memes, and crazy images. But it works perfectly and you’ll love it. We loved it, Crocs Instagram account is a nice place to be. Very welcoming and fun. Isn’t it what a fashion brand’s Instagram should be about at the end of the day? 

8. Nike


Why: 224M followers is no joke. It indicates not only the brand’s popularity but also its social positioning. As the company has always been vocal about its stance on various social issues, such a crazy number of fans also shows that people are with the brand. And Nike’s Instagram is not just another page with nice photos (although the content is always on point). It’s a page of the movement. You are either here or you don’t support it. Followers, in the case of Nike, is a very cult-like thing (in a positive way). 

9. Moncler


Why: if we’re talking fashion photography, Moncler wins. Their photos are on point. Their aesthetic is magnificent. Love or hate the clothes they create, the Moncler’s Instagram is one of the best out there, regularly pushing the borders of visual perfection. 



Why: few fashion brands do creativity better than the French Jacquemus. Their page is in the league of its own with bombastic celebrity campaigns neighboring unfiltered photos neighboring weird fashion shows on deserted islands. It’s one of those pages where you actually look forward to a new post knowing that it will surprise you in some way. And this is amazing, we think that this ability (to amaze) has been lost somewhere along the way. 

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