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The Most Impressive Digital Signage Products in 2022

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 3, 2022
May 29, 2024

Although it’s been more than a month since InfoComm 2022 ended, we’ve decided to do a round-up of the coolest digital signage products we’ve seen at the show. Why it’s important? Because it’s what’s trending in the audiovisual industry at the moment, and it’s always better to keep your hand on the pulse of the latest advancements.

1. The Wall All-in-One, The Wall (IWB) and Flip Pro - Samsung

Why: who hasn’t heard about The Wall at this point? This Samsung-created display has led to rounds in the audiovisual community ever since its introduction. InfoComm 2022 digital signage section has seen the South Korean technological behemoth presenting a new generation of The Wall called All-in-One coming in three sizes (4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch, and 2K 110-inch). Apart from that, they came with The Wall IWB with the ridiculously slim pitch (.63 & 94mm) which is the industry slimmest at the moment. 

Finally, on the education front, Samsung came with The Flip Pro, an interactive whiteboard coming in 75 and 85-inch models. In other words, InfoComm 2022 saw Samsung proving once again who’s currently a leader in display technology. 

And we all remember the 1,000-ton Infinity Screen (one of the coolest digital signage products ever) at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California Samsung deployed ahead of Super Bowl LVI.

2. CLOi GuideBot - LG

Why: seeing LG’s booth at InfoComm 2022 digital signage wing it was easy to believe that we’re indeed living in that future world retro-futurists imagined in the sci-fi of the 70s. Although it may not be the case, what the company did by merging robotics and digital signage is nothing short of impressive. Welcome, CLOi GuideBot, a cute and friendly wayfinding robot who will be glad to show you where to go. With an android smile, of course. 

CLOi also has quite a tech. 9.2-inch LG LCD "face" display serves as the centerpiece of this creation. The robot uses a high-quality microphone, 3D camera, and 18 sensors to interact with us humans and navigate our world of mortals. Digital signage is done by the dual 27-inch LG touch screens that can show pretty much everything that any digital signage display would show. You can broadcast any kind of content, operate digital menus, gather feedback, and run videos about the robot apocalypse (maybe hold off on it for a while). 

In other words, it’s a step forward in audiovisual technology. Not only it’s interactive, but it also engages with the audience on a completely different level. If that’s not the future, what is?

3. VuePix InfiLED mini xR studio

Why: InfiLED came to InfoComm 2022 to impress and that’s exactly what effect their LED panels had on visitors. Just look at the video and you’ll understand everything.

That’s infinity panels that have fantastic resolution and can show wonderful content. Another amazing digital signage product of 2022. 

4. Planar XR Virtual Stage

Why: everyone knows the legendary green screen. It enables visual effect specialists to create any background or basically anything visual for any kind of production. We’ve all seen Chris Hemsworth with a plastic hammer standing in front of the green screen prepared to fight aliens in some Hollywood studio. But times are changing and virtual screens are rapidly taking the main stage in all kinds of visual productions. 

What connects “The Mandalorian”, “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, and the new Game of Thrones spinoff “The House of the Dragon”? All these shows were shot using virtual stages. That’s a new hot trend in videography and a kind of technology that warms our visually-oriented hearts.

Planar is one of the leaders of that movement and InfoComm 2022 saw the company presenting its extended reality (XR) LED stage. The gigantic screen in question is a 1.9-millimeter pixel pitch LED video wall and a 2.6-millimeter pixel pitch LED floor and it looked absolutely magnificent. But Planar didn’t come to InfoComm 2022 to talk about cinema, the stage is destined for corporate use to decrease costs of producing videos by employing a more versatile virtual stage. 

5. Engage displays - NanoLumens

Why: the way the Engage display handles indoors is fantastic. This year NanoLumens brought it to the InfoComm to the fanfare of industry insiders and simply everyone whole happened to be passing next to their booth.

Super-slim, sharp, and high-quality, these displays are indoor beasts that would be a great addition to any digital signage network. 

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