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How to Make the Best Digital Signage for Gyms

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 24, 2022
May 1, 2024

Digital signage for gyms is a wonderful technological tool that allows for a better customer experience. Another awesome advantage is the myriad of selling opportunities for gyms themselves. Gym digital signage makes the workout space more modern and attractive and helps bring in more clients. This article will give you tips and tricks on how to make the best digital signage for gyms. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Basics of gym digital signage

If that’s the first time hearing about the display technology for you, here’s some basic knowledge about how this works. 

Digital signage for gym is a tool that allows you to show content through the screens. The screens are controlled by the software. The software is enabled by the streaming media device. 

You’re on the blog of Kitcast for a reason. We’re proud to be one of the trusted solutions. Our deal is state-of-the-art cloud-based digital signage for Apple TV. That means that content delivery when you’re choosing us will be ensured by the amazing capabilities of the Apple TV media box. 

By the way, we’ve got a whole article devoted to this streaming device. Here you can find out why Apple TV is still the best on the market. 

In order to deploy the digital signage to your gym, you would need a trio of things: 

1) the screens (Read about the best digital signage screens here)

2) the software (Discover why Kitcast is one of the most advanced solutions at the moment here)

3) the streaming device (Apple TV)

Once you’ve got the system up and running, it’s time to make content. With digital signage, your gym is transformed into a high-tech space, one that is a pleasure to be at and one that understands the current trends in technology.

Principles behind creating gym digital signage

The first rule is simple. Don’t overdo it. 

While it’s great to have the screens and show content, it’s also easy to turn it into noise instead of a cool additional feature. Be considerate of what you’re showing and how you’re showing it. 

The main thing to do when designing the signage content at your gym is to tailor it to the needs and expectations of your audience. Instead of bombarding them with upselling propositions, sew it organically into the experience. Be a friend and a counselor to the people that come in, don’t be an annoying salesman. 

What digital signage for gyms is amazing at is enhancing your branding. Use it to the full force putting your gym’s ethos first with the help of the visual medium.

Types of content to show

Here are the top kinds of visual content that you can employ at the gym in order to boost sales and improve the customer experience: 

1) better-looking lobby

It all starts at the lobby, so own it. You can install a shiny video wall showing inspiring brand-related content. You can deploy smaller screens to roll the promotions and highlight the new products at your bar. The lobby is the starting point for the customer journey, so make sure that the first impression is great. 

2) engage smartly with workout area signage 

Generally, there are two types of areas at gyms. The ones where people actively work out and the ones where they don’t. 

When it comes to the workout area, you should be really careful with the content you’re showing there. People come to the gym for personal reasons, they come to become better, and they are focused on that while working out. They don’t want to be distracted by the shiny ads and irrelevant content, it’s a major turnoff. 

That’s why the workout area digital signage should be accompanying the experience rather than actively promoting anything. Screens there should help create the right atmosphere, show inspirational content, and bring visual spectacle. 

3) digital menus at the bar

Many gyms have bars. A digital menu is a fantastic way to improve the experience there and sell better. We’ve written about the benefits of digital menus here. Check it out. 

4) social media promotion

Use screens in the lobby and non-workout areas to promote your socials and interact with customers online. 

5) gather feedback

People love when their voices are heard. Nurture trust by gathering feedback about the gym experience through screens.

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