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Our 10 Favorite Arena Digital Signage Campaigns of 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 22, 2023
May 29, 2024

2023 has given us many examples of fantastic arena digital signage. Universities upgraded their scoreboards, Times Square got a new screen-powered stage, and stadiums across the US have introduced new exciting digital integrations. Now it’s time to celebrate that. Here are our 10 favorite arena digital signage campaigns of 2023.

1. Lamar University Scoreboard Upgrade

Credit: Lamar University

Why: we love it when universities turn to arena digital signage to improve the sports experience. That’s the case at Lamar University in Texas. The educational establishment partnered with SNA Displays to bring a new kind of visual spectacle to the pitch. The dynamic display was introduced and now the spectators can enjoy the games in a more engaging way. The new screen is comprised of 10mm pixels, has a 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution, measures 2205 square feet, and features a Point-Source audio system.

2. Digital makeover of USA Softball Hall Of Fame Stadium

Credit: Darktronics

Why: Oklahoma City’s USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium has been given a digital lift by Darktronics this year. First of all, the new big outfield screen was installed to provide game information, replays, and score. Then, the ribbon screens were deployed to provide even more informational content and sponsor messages. This technological change was long overdue for the 13,000-capacity arena that’s among the prime softball spots in the whole country. The main display measures 26.5 feet high by 36 feet wide while the ribbon screens are 3.5 feet high by 100 feet wide.

3. The First Academy’s brand-new LED display

Why: Kroy Crofoot Field, a stadium of The First Academy in Orlando, Florida, has changed its dated scoreboard to a sparkling new LED display. The project was implemented by SNA Displays and featured a 16'6" high by 27'4 wide scoreboard that measures 451 and can process up to 420,000 pixels. It’s a beautiful example of an upgrade on a college arena level that is future-oriented. 

4. Astros Team Store makeover at Minute Maid Park, Houston

Credit: Watchfire Signs

Why: one of the most exciting arena digital signage campaigns comes from Watchfire and their redo of Houston’s Minute Maid Park. The company has installed a dual-sided LED halo display on the ceiling of the Astros Team Store and it looks amazing. Halo displays are usually found above the pitch but here a more original application of the concept was implemented. Not only did the store become more attractive visually, but the whole range of digital signage content capabilities is now available to the team store’s marketing department. The screen is capable of showing live game feeds, social media posts, product promotions, and stitched-together videos of all kinds.

5. Samsung LED at Minute Maid Park

Credit: Samsung

Why: Minute Maid Park is one of the most iconic baseball fields in the US and a fixture of Houston’s sports life. In 2023 Samsung has given this arena with retractable roof a new beautiful 6,875-square-foot primary scoreboard. A centerpiece of the stadium, the screen with 5.3 million LEDs is among the most impressive examples of arena digital signage in the world. In addition to that, Samsung also added more than 45,000 square feet of ribbon boards and a 1,000-square-foot left-field LED display. 

6. Nationwide Arena’s new displays

Credit: SNA Displays

Why: it’s great to see the arena that’s fully committed to digital signage transformation. This year Nationwide Arena located in Columbus, OH has added not 1 or 2, but 50 new LED displays to its already impressive digital roster. The project was curated by SNA Displays and features new screen additions to the entrance areas, internal rooms, and corridors.

7. Kansas State University’s slick volleyball stadium upgrade

digital signage arena
Credit: Darktronics

Why: arena digital signage comes in different shapes and sizes. This is an example of a smaller-scale digital transformation done right. Darktronics has unveiled new screens for Kansas State University and its Morgan Family Arena. It looks very stylish and perfectly woven into the arena framework. A total of 14 new LED displays were installed including a big 14 feet high by 26.5 feet wide west main display and 10 feet high by 23 feet wide east main display. In addition to that, the auxiliary displays were deployed to enhance the digital immersion further.

8. TSX Broadway Venue

Why: not a sports arena, but an entertainment one, TSX Broadway Venue is one of the coolest arena digital signage projects of 2023 and deserves a special mention here. It was launched by a pop-up performance of Post Malone in July. The main screen is developed by SNA Displays. It’s nine stories tall and 18,000 square feet wide. In other words, it’s quite a feat of digital signage engineering. The resolution is 3,480-by-7,440 pixels and the display is capable of 8K UHD processing.

9. New Video Board of Gillette Stadium

Why: records are broken with the new Darktronics-curated makeover of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The arena now has the largest outdoor videoboard among the country’s sports venues. It’s a giant measuring 60 feet high by 370 feet wide and totaling 22,200 square feet. Also, it’s a curved stadium digital signage display, and that fact further enhances the visual appeal of the screen.

10. The largest collegiate basketball facility display at San José State Athletics

stadium digital signage
Credit: San José State University

Why: San José State is really determined to guarantee the best show in the country to the basketball fans. Their Provident Credit Union Event Center has unveiled a partnership with Darktronics in 2023. The result is a majestic 5.5 feet high by 75.5 feet wide main display that is also the largest LED video display in a collegiate basketball facility in the US. Now that’s a devotion to arena digital signage we love. 

Our previous list of the best arena digital signage campaigns of 2022

Arena digital signage can be absolutely spectacular. The stadiums are no strangers to giving visitors incredible audiovisual shows. With digital signage arena can obtain new colors and realize bolder, cooler ideas. Also, it can earn more money. Whether through the advertisement, or upselling, the arena digital signage is always a win. 

We’ve collected the best arena digital signage campaigns of recent years that are sure to inspire. Also, they give an idea of how far the stadium digital signage can take you creative-wise.

1. Arkansas Travelers Outfield Video Display

arena digital signage
Credit: Daktronics

Why: the baseball games are not only… baseball. It’s also the belonging, being at the arena, and having fun during breaks. And arena digital signage helps to make this time memorable. Daktronics recently installed a gigantic 2,100-square feet display for Arkansas Travelers Outfield enhancing the whole fan experience. 30 feet high by 71 feet wide, having a 15HD pixel layout it is state-of-the-art digital signage and we absolutely love this campaign. 

2. New arena digital signage at Children's Mercy Park

digital signage arena
Credit: Daktronics

Why: it’s awesome to see the stadiums wanting to upgrade their digital side. Children's Mercy Park, which is the home of Sporting Kansas City has opted for a new 10 mm LED technology to give a facelift to their videoboard. It looks amazing and it makes being there even more fun. This one is made for information and entertainment. 

3. Big Screen at Gillette Stadium

Credit: Daktronics

Why: go big or go home. The bold new screen at Gillette Stadium definitely goes grande. 11,595-square-foot, HDR-capable, it’s among the best arena digital signage projects in recent years. It has some records too, being the second-largest display in professional soccer as well as the seventh-largest main display in professional football. The digital signage allows the arena to broadcast the games live, do replays, engage with fans, and run sponsored content. 

4. SoFi Stadium’s 4K Samsung Infinity Display

Why: we can’t get enough of Samsung’s Infinity Display. It’s gorgeous. It’s mind-blowing. It defies all expectations. It is certainly not easy to beat such a feat of stadium digital signage. But it shows how to impress on the highest level. This 70,000-square foot and 80 million pixels two-sided display is the largest created for sports. Ever. A sight to behold, no less. 

5. John Euliano Park upgraded scoreboard

Credit: SNA Displays

Why: more and more arenas are trying to keep up with technology and upgrade their screens. This is a great process that shows the importance of digital signage nowadays for sports. 2022 sees the University of Central Florida Knights making a redo for their old scoreboard overseen by SNA Displays. The result is a sparkling 815-square-foot LED display that is among the coolest arena signage projects of 2022. 

6. SunTrust Park Screen

Credit: lhsigns.com

Why: big arenas need big solutions. Cobb County, Georgia-based SunTrust Park now has one. Home to Atlanta Braves got a gigantic LED screen that shines brighter than ever and guarantees the fans and players a fantastic experience inside the stadium. 

7. World's Largest Sportsbook in Las Vegas

Credit: Daktronics

Why: not quite an arena in a classical sense, but a venue where the betting is made and the sports events are watched. Daktronics pulled out something fantastic with their Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas project. They installed the world’s largest sportsbook and it’s the one for awing. A gargantuan video wall with 98 million pixels is magnificent digital signage. They’ve also created an outdoor display for Circa's Stadium Swim, another big digital win.

8. Menu boards at Tampa Bay stadium

Credit: Ping

Why: when the majority of attention-grabbing projects of arena digital signage are mostly on the pitch, it’s easy to forget about such an essential aspect of screen technology as the digital menus. Why does it matter? The stadium bars and cafes are the places frequented by thousands of fans and everyone deserves a great experience. Digital signage ensures that through a better visual medium. The latest cool project is what was done at Tampa Bay stadium. The ​​140 Samsung smart signage displays were installed across the arena to provide hassle-free ordering. 

9. National Stadium in Japan digital signage upgrade

Credit: Panasonic

Why: leading stadiums of the world turn to screen technology solutions. It’s a widespread trend and National Stadium in Japan proves it. In 2020 it has added 600 digital screens to the venue pumping up the engagement and upgrading the sponsorships delivery. Also, two big displays for the field were added. Overall, it’s a great case study for how to do a fantastic digital signage project for your stadium. 

10. Danville Area Community College's new scoreboard

Credit: Watchfire Signs

Why: college arenas shouldn’t be left out of digital signage solutions. Danville Area Community College’s basketball arena now has a sparkling new LED display by Watchfire Signs that takes the whole watching experience to the next level. Tied with college digital signage solutions, it’s an awesome way to level up the student’s experience. 

Here's our previous list of Our 10 Favourite Digital Signage Campaigns in Sports

Digital signage in sports is always grand and fascinating. Just like the game itself. Ranging from gigantic scoreboards to multiple small screens around the stadium premises, stadium digital signage can seriously boost up attendance and drastically improve the visiting experience for the fans. It is a universal way to make the game more interesting using top-notch technology and the possibilities of modern displays.

Why arena digital signage?

People come to the stadiums for new emotions. Whether its spending time with family, cheering up for their favorite team, going out for the thrills of the game, it's always a positive experience. It should be. In practice, ensuring a smooth visit requires strategic thinking from the venues.

Stadium digital signage gives an unlimited power to impress, that's the main advantage. Creativity knows no bounds and screen technology is the best example of that. The way you use it for your venue depends on the budget you have and the goals you would like to achieve with that. Of course, it's good to go absolutely bonkers with installing gigantic screens broadcasting from the filled or getting grande with your scoreboards. But it's not only that, digital signage can be used for the menu boards, advertising, wayfinding, important alerts, announcements, feedback, social media promotion and much more.

We'd like to share our 10 favorite digital signage campaigns in sports in 2018.

1. Samsung’s 360° LED Screen in Atlanta

Stadium Digital Signage - State Farm Arena with NBA’s First 360° LED Screen

Basketball is a highly dynamic sport and it calls for dynamic stadium digital signage solutions. We were impressed by the new installment at the Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena. Samsung has equipped the basketball venue with the first continuous, 360-degree video screen with HD-quality, 6mm LED video display technology in NBA history. Apart from that, the company also integrated new videoboards at the arena, featuring 12,000 square feet of Samsung SMART LED signage. What a great way to better enjoy the basketball game!

2. LED screen at the Ricoh Arena

 LED screen at the Ricoh Arena - Kitcast Blog

Led by the gargantuan ambitions, Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK has deployed a gigantic scoreboard to enhance the fan experience at the stadium. One of the biggest in the country, 2,000 sq ft screen is an amazing feat of modern stadium digital signage engineering created by the LED technology leaders ADI. It creates a vivid visual immersion for the crowd and helps to digitally revamp the visiting of the arena.  

3. Hap Parker Arena screen

Hap Parker Arena screen - Kitcast Blog

Hap Parker Arena has recently introduced a new impressive LED screen to improve its stadium. It offers unlimited digital possibilities in the content to be shown as well as pumps up the visitor engagement. Also, it is an interesting case of using digital signage indoors for a hockey arena.

4. Giant LED screen at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

Giant LED screen at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia - Kitcast Blog

Although not particularly digital signage built for sports venues, the project is a remarkable example of how screens can be applied for big-scale stadium events. That's what was done at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur Sports City where a 40-meter x 17 meters LED screen was installed for the screening of The Lee Chong Wei Movie. Amazing case of epic digital signage.

5. Sams Memorial Stadium scoreboard

 Sams Memorial Stadium scoreboard - Kitcast Blog

Sams Memorial Stadium in Texas unveiled a state-of-art new scoreboard in August 2018 and we love it. The specs with 33 feet, 7 1/4 inches tall by 65 feet, 1 inch wide are impressive. The new stadium digital signage object is efficiently used for replays, promotional messages, live streaming, and creative advertising campaigns as well as interaction with fans.  

6. Nike’s Unlimited Stadium in Manila

Nike’s Unlimited Stadium in Manila - Kitcast Blog

One of the most inventive advertising campaigns of the recent years was with no doubt Nike's Unlimited Stadium in Manila. The company has partnered with BBH to create a unique eight-shaped running track where the athletes compete with... themselves. The stunning effect was made possible with the impressive LED screens that featured a running avatar competing against you. With this cutting-edge technology, Nike has managed to combine a fantastic digital signage project with a stunning AR experience.

7. Belfast stadium screen

Belfast stadium screen - Kitcast Blog

A good display can completely change the fan experience at a football stadium. One of the best examples of installing a LED screen that works in 2018 is the case of Belfast Stadium in Northern Ireland. 10mm pixel pitch, 6000cd/m² of brightness and a 120° horizontal viewing angle make the new digital signage at National Football Stadium at Windsor Park a perfect medium to provide live game updates, show commercials and communicate with the audience making a spectacle out of ordinary football matches.

8. Arlington Esports Stadium digital signage

Arlington Esports Stadium digital signage - Kitcast Blog

Esports has firmly placed itself on the map of competitive sports and this year it had a big celebration in the US. The grandiose Arlington Esports Stadium was opened to become the largest facility of its kind in the country. From the digital signage point, it is a masterpiece featuring a whopping variety of screens of all the shapes and sizes that create a unique gaming experience. They also serve as a perfect marketing medium.

9. Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium LED screen

Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium LED screen - Kitcast Blog

Having been named "the most sophisticated stadium in the world" and "blazing edge" by its senior director of game presentation Pete Soto, Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a mega-venue to behold. One of its most impressive feats is the one-of-a-kind huge 360-degree halo LED screen manufactured by Daktronics. 58 ft. high and 1,075 ft. around, 61,900 sq. ft. in size, this giant is one of the most striking digital signage in sports we know so far.

10. The Rockies’ new LED scoreboard

The Rockies’ new LED scoreboard - Kitcast Blog

We love when the arenas get creative with their scoreboards. That's why we have fallen for the 2018 edition of The Colorado Rockies’ new LED scoreboard in a shape of, well... a rocky mountain. How bold is that? Definitely one of the coolest applications of outdoor digital signage in sports as well as a highly original way to celebrate the team and its symbolism. Also, 8,369 sq ft, 6.8 million LEDs make this scoreboard a fantastic digital technology masterpiece.

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