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Why Apple TV is Still the Best Digital Signage Device in 2022

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 17, 2022
May 29, 2024

What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect digital signage device? For us, it’s definitely Apple TV. And it’s not only because we pride ourselves as one of the best software solutions for this media box on the market. It’s because we have made a decision to prioritize this device for a reason. Using Apple TV for digital signage is very easy and extremely powerful. Let’s get to the bottom of it and see why it’s so good.

Wait, how Apple TV is a digital signage device?

Yes, we get that a lot. When a business thinks about digital signage, it is almost always pictured as this hard-to-install stationary solution that requires lots of time and effort. Cables, IT folks, and all. It’s 2022 and we’re behind the technologically complicated 2000s. Today cloud-based solutions reign supreme.

Our application, Kitcast, is precisely that. An all-in-one tool that doesn’t require much. Only an Apple TV, a screen, and the installed app. 

And here’s how such a media box as Apple TV enters the chat. Its powerful specifications allow this streaming device to be an ideal bridge to link the software with the screen. 

Impeccable performance has been the primary reason why Kitcast chose to build its software around Apple TV. And years of successful deployment and numerous satisfied clients prove that this was the right choice. 

The versatility as an advantage

Do you know what unites a giant clothing retailer operating 1000+ screens and a small bakery in Miami with 3 displays? Kitcast software and Apple TV commitment. 

Our clients come from many different industries and have different sizes. But it’s always the same way of deployment. In order to have sparkling digital signage, you would only need a screen, an Apple TV, and a Kitcast app.

Don’t be tricked by the seeming commercial limitations of Apple TV, it’s actually among the most powerful and versatile digital signage devices on the market. That in turn means that it will work amazingly no matter the size of your network. Part of this performance is the software’s duty. But it’s still a wonderful digital signage device to use. 

Let’s see the specs

When we say Apple TV we mean Apple TV 4K, the latest (and best) streaming device coming from the famous Cupertino company. It has all the tech meat that is ideal for broadcasting a wide-ranging array of content. 

4K High Frame Rate HDR will give you a fantastic image and video quality, the fast A12 bionic chip makes it all smooth and fast, and the interface is very straightforward and clear. 

The design also matters and with Apple TV 4K you’re getting the best one the company offers. If you already use some of their devices you know the deal. Both the box itself and the updated Siri remote that comes with it are flawless in the style department.

How Kitcast makes digital signage magic with just Apple TV?

What you need to understand about the specifics of cloud-based digital signage is that the device itself doesn’t do much when it comes to content delivery. It’s a shell for the brain center with the brain center being the software. 

In the case of Apple TV, Kitcast is that software. From our beginnings, we created with this media box in mind and we’re still one of the leaders in this part of the market. Apple’s philosophy is close to ours and we’re happy to deliver a well-functioning solution specifically for Apple TV. 

We believe that digital signage shouldn’t be complicated. It should be accessible to every business and straightforward enough to master within a short period of time. 

Apple TV is a device that enables our “digital signage made easy” approach. We pair a high degree of understanding of the content needs of businesses worldwide with soft that delivers. And the device serves as a perfect tool for beautiful and seamless digital signage.

With the power of Kitcast, businesses of any size can efficiently use Apple TV as digital signage and a streaming device. We think it’s beautiful and it reflects a new, brighter future in screen technology. 

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