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Apple billboards in the form of white bags take over streets worldwide

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 13, 2023
May 29, 2024

Cupertino company dominates Christmas conversation. First, there was the "Fuzzy feelings" video, and now this Apple billboards campaign featuring giant white bags.

What happened: Apple is getting ready for the holidays. What better way to remind us what the best Christmas present is than launching a worldwide campaign that features gigantic billboards in the form of branded white bags? And that's exactly what the company did.

Credit: Apple

The latest OOH activation created by Apple's in-house advertising agency put the white bag-shaped billboards with a trademark logo in its festive iteration on the streets of such cities as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Munich, and Paris.

The campaign is entitled "Wonder Awaits" and it is focused on the feelings of anticipation of the holiday and the joy that comes with finding out what's in the gift bag. It seems that Apple has doubled down on its Christmas advertising, it's yet another great example of a festive campaign done right.

We previously wrote about the company's Taika Waititi-directed short film "The Lost Voice" and a relatable holiday video stop-animation-meets-real-life masterpiece "Fuzzy Feelings".

And that's not all from Tim Cook-led brand. Apple has recently employed celebrated British artist David Hockney to create a holiday illumination for their London headquarters. The industrial architecture of the Battersea Power Station became a canvas for this fantastic Christmas projection project complete with a charming Christmas market next to the entrance.

Credit: Apple

The animation is fully drawn by Hockney using an Apple iPad. It has a duration of 10 minutes and takes over the gigantic 100-metre-high chimneys. By the way, Apple's UK headquarters are impressive in their own right. It is a modernized 500,000-square-foot six-story complex that entirely runs on renewable energy.

It seems that the spirit of the holidays is strong with Apple and we're all in.

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