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American Dream is getting a gigantic rotating shapeshifting LED statue

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 17, 2024
May 29, 2024

It seems like the world is in the mood for the Grande. It started with The Sphere in Las Vegas. Now American Dream Mall in New Jersey has partnered with The Giant Company to add a 54-foot-tall statue called "The Giant" to its attractions. But we're talking about the second-largest shopping mall in the US and this statue is planned to be entirely covered in LED and will be able to move and shapeshift. Intrigued? So are we.


What happened: American Dream Meadowlands is a giant in the world of shopping malls. Only Mall of America is bigger. That's why it's quite logical that it was chosen as the first place to inaugurate "The Giant" experience. On January, 16 a partnership between the mall and the Ireland-based The Giant Company Attractions Limited was announced.

According to the press release, the American Dream will get a 16.5 meters-high (54 feet/5 stories) statue that is planned to be the tallest moving statue in the world. While having a statue at a mall is far from an innovative event worth mentioning in this blog, with The Giant there's something unique in the package. Not only is the statue covered in custom-created LED, but it also comes with the volumetric scanning ability. Also, its hands and head are moving.

Basically, The Giant Company promised a whole new kind of engaging technology-driven experience where the visitor can get their face scanned for the creation of a unique holographic avatar. That's displayed on the "face" of the statue using the LED technology and know-how of the Dublin-based company (that's patented too). Also, the avatar will be available through the visitor's smartphone.

Moreover, there's also The Giant Exhibition, an interactive visitor experience, or "a futuristic environment with a themed immersive visitor experience, volumetric scanning pods, and other engaging elements."

“The Giant brilliantly represents American Dream’s commitment to deliver an innovative one-of-a-kind world class experience for all our visitors. It will be a unique and spectacular addition to the center, and we are looking forward to seeing our visitors become Giants,” said Don Ghermezian, CEO of Triple Five Group, owners, and operators of American Dream.

The planned date of the statue's unveiling is January 2025.

Here's how The Giant will look like inside American Dream:

Credit: The Giant Company
Credit: The Giant Company

Why we are excited: as The Sphere has shown, it pays off to use the wow factor in modern marketing. Also, the Las Vegas' LED structure is an irresistible digital signage.

That's why, a project like "The Giant" is a fresh, intriguing way to use digital signage capabilities (basically, a statue is one big screen), combine them with a futuristic immersive and interactive feature (custom holograms of visitors), and spicing it up with the wow factor that we mentioned earlier.

Not only does it have a great attention-grabbing potential for American Dream itself, but it's also an ultimate billboard that can be used for brand activations and innovative advertising.

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