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Looking at Allegiant Stadium screens ahead of the Super Bowl 2024

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 10, 2024
May 1, 2024

Las Vegas Riders' Arena is a sight to behold. We're taking a closer look at the Allegiant Stadium screens ahead of the Super Bowl match on February 11, 2024. Hint: the tech side of this structure is over-the-top. Take a look inside.


Why we love it: very soon the fans will have a chance to enter the mesmerizing Allegiant Stadium to see the Kansas City Chiefs clash with San Francisco 49ers. Apart from the thrill of the game itself, there will be something else to be excited about. We're talking about all the magnificent Allegiant Stadium screens. This arena is packed with some of the most impressive digital technology in the world.

Also, it's a kingdom of Samsung technology. Why? The South Korean company is responsible for its futuristic tech features. Nicknamed “The Death Star” for its rounded looks, Allegiant Stadium exemplifies the most advanced display integrations and takes your breath away with the many cool applications of the screens.

What are the stats: there are 2,550 displays in total.

Allegiant Arena comes with 41 LED digital videoboards.

Also, it features 3 4K HDR-capable videoboards and ribbon displays around the field perimeter.

But the most impressive screen welcomes the visitors and passers-by outside the arena. We're talking about the awesome 27,600-square-foot mesh panel that serves as the centerpiece of the digital signage of the stadium. It may not be The Sphere, but the panel is still officially the world’s largest outdoor display in professional football.

In total, Samsung screens cover 66,000 square feet of the arena.

What else: Las Vegas has become a poster child of spectacular mega digital signage projects in recent years. This city seems to fully embrace the possibilities that the screen technology gives and it goes all in with the integrations.

On Kitcast Blog we write extensively about Las Vegas projects. Of course, it's The Sphere. This superb LED structure has become a social media darling and righteously so. It's irresistible.

Check out our article about Las Vegas Sphere: 6 Best Ad Campaigns.

Then there's the Fremont Street Experience, we've written about it in the piece about the biggest screens of the world.

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