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Airport digital signage in 2022: challenges and opportunities

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 12, 2022
May 29, 2024

Airport digital signage endured the COVID-19 pandemic and comes out much stronger in 2022. As many airports around the world turned to this solution to ensure the social distancing better, now they have a chance to turn the screens into a powerful marketing tool.

Still, we’re not where we were in before the virus took the world over. Nevertheless, the place of the airport industry is much better than, for example, in 2021 when the flights have basically shut down across the world. Little by little, the industry comes to terms with the new reality and that opens exciting new horizons for engagement with the audience. 

Airport digital signage solution as the primary solution

If there was anything good in the last few years, it’s that. Digital has become king and now it reigns. Remote work came for the physical one. Online services have taken the world by storm. And digital signage has become the main golden standard for how the marketing is done in the outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Airports are no exception. As places where millions of people pass through every day, they needed a solution that would be able to ensure the proper engagement with the content that they are putting up. The screens were this solution. And the airports around the world have seen the positive effects of turning to display technology.

With digital signage airport can put out marketing more effectively. In a world where digital is king, this is the first thing you need to capture attention. Let’s talk about the latter in the next part. 

Winning attention with digital signage

Some are slowly walking towards the counters, others are rushing to the gates, there are those who are sipping the cappuccinos at the cafes and those who wander aimlessly around the premises browsing for products in the stores. What is common for all those people? That’s right, they all will see your digital signage (if you have one). 

In such a dynamic space as the airport, the static signage becomes just a useless piece of paper that is expensive to produce and ineffective. When you’ve got less than a second of someone’s attention span, you’ve got to work hard to capture it. Digital signage technology gives airports the power to work with the visitors more directly and more efficiently. 

2022 is a year of change, a year of opportunity. The earlier you turn to the possibilities that the signage technology offers, the more results you’ll have in the future. Many airports have already done that, and others are following suit. 

The rise of original digital signage solutions

Let’s be honest, screens in the airport are far from the newest technology on the market. But it is so? The main advantage of digital signage is that it gets better with time. It easily adapts to new challenges in content delivery, it goes hand in hand with the latest advancements in the screens themselves. 

And one of the beautiful things about the displays is that they are customizable. Sure, you can operate a classic digital signage screen and have a great performance this way. But what about a gigantic videowall? Or asymmetrical screen figures? Or maybe an interactive screen box? It’s wonderful how far can technology take you. The key here is the imagination and the wish to experiment. 

That’s why 2022 is the year of a creative approach to digital signage. Impress visitors with new, never-before-seen solutions. Give them more in terms of excitement. Go an extra mile for customer satisfaction through operating the next-gen screens. Be different. Positively. 

Being sales-oriented

Although many airports use screens primarily for the wayfinding and broadcasting important information and it’s completely fine, there’s much, much more to it. And selling is one of these things. Digital signage is made for making your sales better. 

From duty-free areas to common halls, from restaurants to shops, all these places can sell better with the help of signage technology. Run promotions, bring color, create an atmosphere, broadcast ads, inspire with motivation, and deliver call-to-action messages. 

The possibilities that digital signage offers to airports are truly endless. So why not start using it all right now?

Kitcast would be glad to help you in this process with state-of-art digital signage software that is used by airports around the world.

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