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Production studio m ss ng p eces wins Christmas with an epic AI campaign

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 20, 2023
May 29, 2024

Creativity (human and robot-powered) is flowing in the new AI campaign that serves both as a poignant holiday wrap-up, an ad for the studio itself, and the showcase of the capabilities of artificial intelligence content generator Runway.


What happened: NY and LA-based new wave production and entertainment studio with a slightly-hard-to-comprehend-at-first name m ss ng p eces (yes, it's "Missing pieces") has won Christmas this year with a highly creative "theholid.ai" project.

What the company names "last minute, just-for-fun holiday project", is, in fact, of of the smartest and most well-made AI campaigns of 2023. The studio has created a special website that comes with several videos that tell the childhood Christmas-related stories of the m ss ng p eces' team members.

There's a catch, though. All the animation for the videos was entirely done by AI. To be more precise, the studio used the content-generation capabilities of Runway, an "applied AI research company" that specializes in all kinds of artificial intelligence-driven content.

Then all the videos are narrated by the studio's people themselves. Artlist is used for sfx & music, and Adobe Premiere for Editing.

The result is, well, curiously interesting. AI-generated videos look just as you imagined AI videos to look like. A little bit of uncanny valley there, a little bit of creepy faceless figures there (that sometimes merge into each other). AI technology has its flaws, that's for sure.

But what's surprising in this particular project is the fact that m ss ng p eces somehow managed to make AI-generated content seem relatable, even heartwarming. The personal stories of real people are largely responsible for that. The narration is also a great move toward giving this whole visual project a humanity that artificial intelligence usually lacks.

Also, can we talk about the website design? It's everything we expect from a cutting-edge digital studio, there's no disappointment here.

Other important things to mention: m ss ng p eces is at the forefront of forward-thinking advertising. Their campaigns frequently become the prime topic of marketing discussion and always include the most "at-the-moment" features of the internet landscape.

Here's their (in collaboration with 72andSunny) Cannes Lions Grand Prix-winning Gen Z-oriented "Tinder Swipe Night" interactive experience:


Also, here's the Hannah Waddingham-led holiday ad for Bailey's the studio created:


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